All That Glitters is Gold - Vivian Elise is One Year Old

Viv's precious onesie was custom created by Miss Lulus

I think it's safe to say that I've fully entered Girl Mom Mode. When we found out we were having a girl, I was so vested in the boy world that I refused to succumb to glitter and pink. So, what better way to contradict myself than throw a pink and gold party for Viv's first birthday??

I had so much fun spewing glitter all over the house and making it the girliest themed party in the whole world.  Viv was a fabulous little party girl. She happily was passed around from guest to guest and contently enjoyed all the fuss over her.

Instead of gifts, we asked for donations to Girls, Inc., which was hugely successful! We raised over $200 for this amazing organization.

I think the best way to talk about the party is in pictures. I am so happy that so many local vendors made this party come to life. I was determined to use local small businesses and turns out, most of them were within 2 miles of my house!

First - we had some portraits taken of Viv about a week before the party by the uber talented Lisa Van Akin, aka Peach Pine Photography. I met Lisa through my friend Stori and she's nothing short of perfect when it comes to capturing our family just being us.

Our little princess

She got some special shots of Vivy waking up from her nap

Viv and I (and Bentley) just reading some books

Wearing her onesie from Aunt Christie Arnold very proudly!

On to the party! We had another local photographer take pics. Rosemary Webb captured the entire party, which is great because I would have got one shot.
My favorite part of the whole party-- the dessert table! I had a lot of help from local vendors, but actually pulled out my very own glue gun for the pennant banner and I made the tutu skirt.

The traditional month banner. Banner created by Filled with Joy

Y'all. This smash cake could have fed the whole party. it was dusted with gold glitter, because why not? This masterpiece created by Sugarcoated in Prosper.
Some more table decor up close. The letters were a last-minute Hobby Lobby buy. 

Viv's party invite created by Filled with Joy.
As if the cake wasn't enough, these gorgeous cupcakes had gold pearls on them. Cupcakes by Sugarcoated and cupcake toppers by Filled with Joy

The months banner head on

Sugarcoated made these precious cake pops which were a huge hit. Who knew kids preferred cake pops to cupcakes!

A favorite vendor of mine: Sugar Fix. Not only are these cookies absolutely gorgeous, but they are so tasty too. We gave these out as favors. 

These crazy brothers couldn't be bothered to dress up for the party #pickyourbattles #campgilmer

Papa Ronni and 2 of her 11 (?) grandkids

Daddy and mommy with our little girl.

The start of pass-the-baby (Aunt Renee and Aunt Jen Green)

Twinning with Aunt KK

Vivy making eyes at her boyfriend, Knox

Our family of five, including Oscar who did NOT want to play along. He looks like we're about to send him to alternative school!

Girlfriend LOVED her cake (round 2). That massive cake was still shareable even after she got after it.

A large chunk of Papa Ronni's grand kids.

 This party was maybe the most fun yet. It's a little bittersweet that I won't be planning another 1st birthday, because they are my FAVORITE parties.  I'll just jot down my notes and hopefully remember them in 25 years (or so) when I have grandkids. :)