Sunday, June 25, 2017

Oscar is FOUR

Our crazy Oscar Man is four years old! Holy cow!  This one has his own unique and perfect personality. He's insanely lovable, yet very strong willed. He loves to do things independently, unless he doesn't.  He's amazingly friendly. We cannot go anywhere without him stopping strangers and saying, "My name is Oscar. What's your name??"  He loves meeting people and chatting with them. Walt is also a good little friend. He even wanted to invite his teacher to his birthday party :)

Things Oscar is into these days:

  • All things Power Rangers
  • Reading books (via mom or dad) and writing his letters
  • Keeping up with Walt doing whatever he's doing
  • Throwing and hitting a baseball
  • Kicking a soccer ball
  • Lately, hitting a golf ball (thanks, Camp Gilmer!)
  • Picking out his own clothes
  • Trying lots and lots of foods (but really only eating about 10 things)

Perhaps I'm overcompensating a bit for fearing that Oscar will get less attention than his big brother, Walt. As such, Oscar's birthday celebration lasted a whole week and then some.

We started with his actual birthday -- going to Mi Cocina for some crunchy tacos (his request). We opened presents at home, which included a karaoke machine and walkie talkies. Even though Oscar can't read, he picked up on the karaoke concept instantly. I foresee lots of fun karaoke parties in our future!
Walkie Talkie and Miles, the Broncos mascot
Mommy and the bday boy!

Daddy and Walt being goofy at dinner

It's not Oscar, it's the newest Broncos draft pick!

Then, on Saturday, we had a fun morning rearranging his birthday party. Thanks to some very welcome, but very unexpected rain (and thunder), we had to make some quick decisions to move his party from a splash/water park to somewhere indoors. The party basically ended up being in a rec room with a ton of sports balls and limbo and the kids loved it. Oscar loved having his friends there.

Walt shooting hoops (of course) at Oscar's party

Even Vivy had a friend there. Her and Knox are besties.

In our Dino-themed rec room with limbo and blow up dinos

Oscar instigated this adorable game of "roll the ball"

Oscar's happy place: Surrounded by friends
Sunday we had a mini family party at our neighborhood pool. Nana and Papa and our friends, The Allen's, came to join us.

Flash forward to the following Friday and Oscar got to do his Celebration of Life at school. We always look forward to these ceremonies. Oscar gets to walk around the sun four times and tell cool things that happened each year.
Taking a walk around the sun!
Showing off some momentous moments from the last four years...
Oscar is such a joy in our family. He keeps us all entertained and has lots of love to share too. We love you, Oscar!
Enjoying our stomp rocket on a rare pleasant morning in June!

Sharing. Walt doesn't mess around.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Vivian Elise is 10 Months

Double digit months?!? ACK! Can't she just stay a baby forever??

It was a BIG milestone month for Little Miss Sassy Britches. Here's all the amazing things our 10-month old can do:
  • Wave "bye bye" and "hi"
  • Throw her hands in the air when you say "up!"
  • Waves her finger at you when you say "no no" (typically followed by giggles)
  • She crawls AND pulls up!
When we went to Cabo, Viv was moments away from crawling. Thank goodness she saved that for our return. She started crawling and literallly figured out how to pull herself up in the same moment.

Vivian's favorite things are crawling around and inspecting things, reading "Dada" at bedtime, getting attention from her brothers, pulling Bentley's hair, and being thrown in the air.  Daredevil Vivian also likes to hurl herself backwards when you are holding her. The faster she goes, the happier she is.

Viv continues to explore new foods. Her favorite is still avocado, but she's gnawed on rotisserie chicken, French fries #sorrynotsorry, pasta, green beans, ravioli, carrots, strawberries, bananas, mangos, and of course Daddy's pancakes.

Our little sleeping beauty still takes 2 naps a day. Usually around 9:00a and 1:00p.  She has no problem sleeping for 2 hours at a time.  While the breaks are nice, it will also be nice when we can split our day in half, instead of thirds.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Viv is such a happy little girl. She's such a content little baby. Maybe because she's #3? But she's such a little joy and doesn't fuss about much. I'm sure she's planning something for about 12 years from now...

I can't believe we're already thinking about celebrating this girl's first birthday. Until then, we'll enjoy these last two months before she's 1.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Stori is 40 - in Cabo!

How do you celebrate 40 years of fabulousness? Get all your closest friends to fly to Cabo and rent an ridiculous mansion built into the side of a mountain overlooking where the ocean meets the sea. Oh, and stock it full of the best Mexican service you can find to serve out-of-this-world food and whip up whatever adult beverage you want (or didn't even know you wanted) to make 48 hours of luxury seem like the new normal.

Every day consisted of pool time, a sing along (or several), copious amounts of food, even more amounts of alcohol, dancing, laughing, and snacks.

That pretty much sums up the greatest, fastest trip to Mexico ever. While it was only 2.5 days, it's probably best for our egos and our wallets that it wasn't any longer. There's no way we could sustain that lifestyle, but boy was it fun to indulge while we could!

Stori and Richard put together this amazing trip and it's best told in pictures..
It's early, but someone is excited to celebrate!
This house. Apparently I only have exterior pics (because omg). This view can be seen from about 437 places inside the house.

Same view as above. One is late afternoon and one is early morning

The first morning. I had a coffee in my hand. A cool ocean breeze. And, this view. I never want to leave

Some much needed adult time with this handsome man!
Brunching at the Office
Stori had never been parasailing and was a tiny bit apprehensive. Nothing some tequila and a pushy BFF couldn't conquer

Away we go - holding hands
High in the sky!!

All the girls - enjoying the pool and the view

Friday, June 9, 2017

Summer is Here

I don't think I have the discipline (or time) to make a separate post for all the amazing things that are happening this summer. So, I'll start with my "Tales of Summer, Part 1" post.  School was out on June 2, but we really kicked things off Memorial Day weekend (who doesn't).  We tried out our new neighborhood pool and invited the Zicchino's over to play.

These buds make my heart swell! They've been friends since before they knew it!  Reese (6) and Ruby (3) are the peanut butter to Walt and Oscar's jelly
Fascination with a roly poly

Little Miss Viv was in LOVE with the water! (even though it was pretty chilly this day)

Splishing and Splashing

Oscar does whatever he wants :)

Not the neighborhood pool, but definitely showing off his skills at Papa Ronni's pool #divingboard
Walt is the camp king! I might regret over-scheduling him, but during the school year it is so hard for us to let Walt do all the millions of things he wants to do.  So, during the summer, why not let him try things for a week. Yes, Chris and I have turned into chauffeur's. Yes, our Outlook calendars are completely over-taken by color coding. But, alas, we both have flexible jobs, so why not take advantage of it? Someday Walt will just want to sit in his room and talk via hologram to his girlfriend...
Taking some practice shots at basketball camp!

What a baller!

Dressed just right for golf!

Morning warm up at golf camp

We ended golf camp with a bit of a bang. The boys got to play 3 real holes.  It seems there was a shortage of adults so there were 3-4 kids piled in the golf carts. Walt was a stander (a hanger-on, if you will). He apparently wasn't hanging on so well and was thrown from the cart. He got pretty back road rash on his knee and his chin, but I think he'll be just fine. So much for the "Safe" sport!

Amidst all of this, Viv is trying to crawl, both boys are playing indoor soccer, and Walt is enjoying some weeks at AlphaBest where he gets to do cool field trips like Amazing Jakes and Adventure landing!

Oscar Man practicing

Friday, June 2, 2017

Last Day of School 2017

Wowee, that sure was a fast year! They all keep getting faster. I can't believe we now have a first grader on our hands.

Walt went from wanting to be a super hero (or a "fighter") to being a teacher. I love this!
Walt had an outstanding year. He started kindergarten in August and during the course of the year, added a sibling (on Day 2 of school), moved houses, AND changed schools. I know kids are resilient and Walt's personality is very laid back and adaptable, but even I was starting to question how much change this kid could handle. Apparently, he's like a chameleon.  Walt impressed us every turn along the way. He's so mature and such a big boy. We are forever thankful to the teachers he had this year (Ms McBride and Mrs. Land) for helping him navigate these transitions.

Also, Prosper schools don't mess around when it comes to celebrating the last day of school. Holy smokes!
Walt's official Kindergarten certificate. He also won the "Math Whiz" award in his class. I don't exactly know what that means, but I know he likes math :)

Walt's fantastic teacher, Mrs. Land. Sadly, she won't be coming back to Prosper ISD next year. Also, the partying gift was an aluminum water bottle #fancy

End of Year party was equipped with a bottle flipping station #cheapthrills

The smile on his face says it all. He was so excited to be playing with his friends and even more excited that SCHOOL'S OUT!