Mother's Day 2017

Another Mother's Day in the books!  This year, I was so thankful to host my mom and sister (and family) at our house.  My mom has been through quite a year between hernia surgery (2x) and a replay of the vertigo she had a couple years ago.  My mom is a trooper and doesn't like to miss out on anything (I have no idea where I get that from). We had a nice, low-key brunch which included great conversation then watching all the kids hit baseballs in our backyard.

I love this throwback pic of my mom and my sisters. This is probably 1980. 

Jaelyn is a beast! She was launching baseballs into the neighbor's yard like nobody's business. 

All of us sitting around in our very fancy patio furniture just enjoying each other. My heart was full!

Kathy had this amazing window made for my mom that has all of the grandkids listed on it. She's amazing!

Miss Viv is so social and friendly. She even got Jameson to smile. How can you resist!?