Saturday, April 29, 2017

Morris Crawfish Boil

Every year, my sister, Michelle, and her husband, Rusty, host a fabulous crawfish boil in Houston.  Every year, for the past 6 years (it feels like), I've been pregnant or had a small child (or was overrun with sports). As luck would have it, the stars aligned this year and I took the boys down for some fun with their Aunt Big and Uncle Rusty.
Four hours is a long time for little boys in the car, so we took a silly break at DQ

We got to see the live crawfish before they met their boiling destiny. Walt was not about it.

Uncle showed Oscar how to hold them and not get pinched...

And Oscar picked up on it very quickly!

The Morris Pool was open which was great for the boys and terrible for this mama. The pool was way too cold and I was a nervous wreck trying to keep an eye out for drowning.

The World's Pickiest Eater decided he would try a cooked crawfish (insert wide-eyed emoji). I was SO proud of him for peeling it and actually putting it in his mouth. That was good enough for him. 

The boys also got to see their cousin, Louie.  
After dinner, I got roped into some crazy game with my nieces and nephew and their friends called Secret Hitler. Yes, it was just as messed up as the name implies.

 The boys were so excited to sleep in a hotel room. Walt was so overly tired that he kept waking up thinking crawfish were pinching him. Yikes!  But they were super troopers and I got to see what amazing buddies these two are. They are built-in best friends when there isn't always someone to play with. My only regret was not getting more pics of the boys with their Aunt and Uncle and cousins. Next year!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Vivian Elise is 8 Months Old

Our sweet, chunky baby sister is 8 months old!  Here's what the little lady is up to these days.

 Eating: Don't let her size fool you.  Mama likes to eat.  I nurse her in the morning and she's doing 3 bottles (6 oz) the rest of the day. We are closing the breastfeeding chapter as we speak. I actually thought I had cut the cord a couple days ago, but needed to let some air out of the tires, so I foresee a couple more random nursing sessions.  Am I sad? Not really :) I'm sad that this part of the book is done and we certainly had moments that we enjoyed. Will I miss being tied to a clock or a pump all the time? NOPE!

Viv is also a big fan of baby food. She likes everything from fruits to veggies and even the nasty pureed meats.  We're trying to give her some more chunky stuff. She only has two teeth, so we have to practice. She does love her some puffs, though!

Sleeping: She's a champ. The end.  Nothing much has changed, though I think she's settling into a 2-nap routine. She still naps all over the place at school (usually 3 shorter naps), but at home, she gives us two 90+ minute naps.  Night time is still a cinch.  She only cries in the middle of the night if she's not feeling well, and only on rare occasions do we need to get her out of the crib.

Playing: Vivian learned how to wave AND clap this month! If you see her wave, it's bound to make you smile. She waves at you like she hasn't seen you in months.  A very big and vibrant "hello!"  Her clapping is very dainty. More like a golf clap. 

Loves: This one loves her brothers. She constantly follows them around with her eyes and giggles.  Walt is a great big brother and lets her do anything she wants to him. She loves to pull his hair and smack his face.

 Hates: Being sleepy. She'll let you know. Also, hungry. Don't dare eat something in her presence without planning on sharing or at least giving her her own food. She's also not a fan of being alone for too long. I can't blame her.

We took some family pics today, so we're really excited to have some updated family portraits. The last ones we did were when Viv was a newborn and I'd say she's changed a bit since then.

Viv is such a fun, social and playful little baby.  She's happy in a stroller, outside, carseat, being held and generally where the action is. Her brothers love, love, love to make her laugh and Bentley loves to give her kisses.  We are so lucky to have our Vivian Elise!

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Happy spring, everyone! By happy, I mean terrifying.  I've lived in North Texas my entire life and have become very accustomed to the stormy spring.  I'm not above grabbing a bottle of wine and waiting it out in the bathtub.  Tornadoes and hail are our biggest threat, however despite countless tornado sirens, we've never come close enough to one to really cause damage. Thank goodness!  Don't worry, I still act like a tornado is coming anytime I see a wall cloud. And don't get me wrong, it doesn't have to be a full-fledged tornado to be damaging. Straight-line winds will take a full-grown oak tree down, no problem!

On Friday night, we had a typical storm... just kidding, this storm was the weather apocalypse.  It started out with wind and lightening and thunder. #typical.  Then the hail started.  Also, not atypical. But what started as a cute little peppering of funny little ice pellets, quickly turned into a full onslaught of frozen baseballs ALL OVER OUR NEW HOUSE.

Anyone who has experienced hail knows it's pretty short lived.  We're talking 3-4 minutes.  Much like a tornado - it comes, destroys, and leaves.  This little ambush lasted well over 10 minutes.  I just kept waiting for a window to crack.

After examining the damage this morning, we were extremely fortunate not to have a broken window. Turns out, every single house around us had one. What we do have are several cracked and shattered roof tiles, chipped stucco, beat up gutters and one patio table victim.  For your viewing pleasure:

Covered in hail

A sampling of the ammunition

Chipped stucco (and a spider friend)

Just some cracked clay tile - NBD

A direct hit!

and bye, bye conversation table
I have to say, we are SO grateful to all be safe a sound. Just a little rattled and cringing at the home insurance claim.  Until next spring....

Friday, April 7, 2017

Walt Gets Glasses

I'll be honest. I saw this day coming from a mile away. How's that for a near-sighted joke?! It seems I have passed along some pretty amazing genes to my kids. First the asthma and allergies, and now terrible eyesight!  I started wearing glasses at the age of six.  My mom and my sister's eyesight is so bad. Like, what you think is bad, but way worse than that.  My current contact prescription is a -8.00 and I think I have the best eyes in the family. It's not good!

So, when the school nurse said Walt was having trouble with the eye test, I booked him an appointment stat.  Walt was actually super excited about it. Glasses have made a pretty awesome comeback in the last several years, so the notion of having glasses was cool, rather than terrifying.  Walt did amazing at the doctor and we learned what was causing his blurred vision was a slight astigmatism (no near-sightedness yet!)

Getting super space-aged pics taken of his eyes

3-D vision test

Ready to see the doc!

Option 1 or 2.... A or B...

Here are the specs he chose! Ray Bans like daddy :)