Monday, August 28, 2017

All That Glitters is Gold - Vivian Elise is One Year Old

Viv's precious onesie was custom created by Miss Lulus

I think it's safe to say that I've fully entered Girl Mom Mode. When we found out we were having a girl, I was so vested in the boy world that I refused to succumb to glitter and pink. So, what better way to contradict myself than throw a pink and gold party for Viv's first birthday??

I had so much fun spewing glitter all over the house and making it the girliest themed party in the whole world.  Viv was a fabulous little party girl. She happily was passed around from guest to guest and contently enjoyed all the fuss over her.

Instead of gifts, we asked for donations to Girls, Inc., which was hugely successful! We raised over $200 for this amazing organization.

I think the best way to talk about the party is in pictures. I am so happy that so many local vendors made this party come to life. I was determined to use local small businesses and turns out, most of them were within 2 miles of my house!

First - we had some portraits taken of Viv about a week before the party by the uber talented Lisa Van Akin, aka Peach Pine Photography. I met Lisa through my friend Stori and she's nothing short of perfect when it comes to capturing our family just being us.

Our little princess

She got some special shots of Vivy waking up from her nap

Viv and I (and Bentley) just reading some books

Wearing her onesie from Aunt Christie Arnold very proudly!

On to the party! We had another local photographer take pics. Rosemary Webb captured the entire party, which is great because I would have got one shot.
My favorite part of the whole party-- the dessert table! I had a lot of help from local vendors, but actually pulled out my very own glue gun for the pennant banner and I made the tutu skirt.

The traditional month banner. Banner created by Filled with Joy

Y'all. This smash cake could have fed the whole party. it was dusted with gold glitter, because why not? This masterpiece created by Sugarcoated in Prosper.
Some more table decor up close. The letters were a last-minute Hobby Lobby buy. 

Viv's party invite created by Filled with Joy.
As if the cake wasn't enough, these gorgeous cupcakes had gold pearls on them. Cupcakes by Sugarcoated and cupcake toppers by Filled with Joy

The months banner head on

Sugarcoated made these precious cake pops which were a huge hit. Who knew kids preferred cake pops to cupcakes!

A favorite vendor of mine: Sugar Fix. Not only are these cookies absolutely gorgeous, but they are so tasty too. We gave these out as favors. 

These crazy brothers couldn't be bothered to dress up for the party #pickyourbattles #campgilmer

Papa Ronni and 2 of her 11 (?) grandkids

Daddy and mommy with our little girl.

The start of pass-the-baby (Aunt Renee and Aunt Jen Green)

Twinning with Aunt KK

Vivy making eyes at her boyfriend, Knox

Our family of five, including Oscar who did NOT want to play along. He looks like we're about to send him to alternative school!

Girlfriend LOVED her cake (round 2). That massive cake was still shareable even after she got after it.

A large chunk of Papa Ronni's grand kids.

 This party was maybe the most fun yet. It's a little bittersweet that I won't be planning another 1st birthday, because they are my FAVORITE parties.  I'll just jot down my notes and hopefully remember them in 25 years (or so) when I have grandkids. :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Vivian is One

If you're looking for party pics from Vivian's first birthday, extravaganza, then head here.  This is an update on what Miss Viv is up to now that she's 12 months old!

She can't be bothered with these blocks!
Let's start with some stats:
Weight: 19lbs, 11 oz - 49%
Height: 29" - 45%
Head - 18.3" - 87%

Somehow, since her 9-month appointment, Vivian has skyrocketed her height in average territory. Since birth, both weight and height were dancing around the 10% mark.  After she started eating solid food, her weight made some progress, but not height.  The doctor was even surprised and asked us to measure again.  Despite her being "average", she's still so tiny to us. With boys who were 90%+ all the time, she's just a tiny little thing!

Vivian made it the entire first year as our easiest baby yet. She's so easy going, content, and all-round happy. She eats anything you put in front of her and sleeps like a total champ.  We have no complaints about the last year.

Vivian continues to try and communicate.  She's pointing at everything and babbles. She doesn't walk but will stand and let go of what she's holding on to for a few seconds. It's only a matter of time...

Viv's hair is also getting long! It's definitely not stick straight like Oscar's and it's easily the darkest of the 3 kids.  At day care, they love putting her hair in pigtails. I love it too.

We are so excited to see where this next year takes us! We're excited to hear her talk some more and start saying her brother's names :)

Monday, August 14, 2017

First Day of School

It's the middle of August, so it seems weird to be going back to school, but we've had some unseasonably mild weather for Texas that is helping with the transition.

We kicked off this school year in a new city: Prosper! Luckily, Walt had been going to his elementary in Prosper since we moved in March, so he's familiar with the school. He was tickled at Meet the Teacher to show us where to go, meet his teacher, and see a bunch of his buddies.

Oscar and Viv will continue to go to their current Montessori in Frisco until a new daycare/preschool opens close to our new house (hoping just another month or so!) One of these years, we'll make it all the way through a school year without some sort of change :)

Walt at Meet the Teacher! He was such an awesome sport and let me take lots of pics

He found a buddy of his, Ryne, in the cafeteria
Dads doing dad stuff

Mrs. Meyers had a great selfie spot. After we put away all our new supplies, we took some silly pics

Flash forward to the first day!  My little handsome guy, who I bargained HARD with to wear something that wasn't athletic clothes.  He's still aspiring to be a boxer (a sport he's never seen).

Walt and his teacher, Mrs. Meyers. It's going to be a great year!

It's unbelievable that it's RAINING in August. We needed to prove it. 
We are so excited for all the cool things Walt will learn this year!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Summer 2017 - Part Two

This summer was intense. That juggling act of being amazing working parents, while still doing fun stuff was a tough one. Through all the scheduling intricacies, I think Walt ended up with a pretty killer summer. He did an insane number of camps and came out of it all happy and healthy.

Summer wasn't just for Walt, either! Oscar and Viv had fun times too! 
Walt headed to RoughRiders camp

Our little baseball stud (it was incredibly hot this week)
Getting to practice ON the RoughRider field was pretty cool

Walt also got to do the camp with buddies, so that always makes it more enjoyable!
The last week before school was science camp! (read: indoors!) Walt had a "blast" exploring new things, learning about the solar system and seeing how big Dirk's arms are

During the weeks that we had half day camps, we were lucky enough to have our dear sitter, Maddie, come play with Walt. They did SO much fun stuff together, including a tour of the Railroad Train Museum in Frisco

As a family, we celebrated the end of summer with a tour of the Cowboy's training facility. This is also where the Frisco High School teams play. The place was increcible
The boys look so tiny on the big star!

Squishing in for a family selfie
And, it wouldn't be summer without swimming. We swam til we floated away. Viv LOVES the water. She splashes and giggles at her brothers

Walt is basically an independent swimmer and Oscar isn't far behind. Next summer should do it for him! Oscar's downfall is he's totally fearless. Jumping in whenever he pleases!

It's always good times at Papa Ronni and Papa Chuck's pool!
 I was genuinely sad for summer to come to an end. As completely cheesy as it is, I could practically see the memories being made. I know many of my fondest and clearest memories are during the summer, and I know Walt is getting there too.  I didn't mention that Walt and Oscar both had fun outings with Papa Ronni and Papa Chuck too, which are special memories we all cherish.

So, now it's time for back to school and thinking about pumpkins!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Vivian Elise is 11 Months!

I'll spare everyone my sappy nostalgia, but I cannot believe our little baby is already 11 months old! They say time flies...

Our little sister shows us incredible amounts of joy and we just love her so.  

Here are some of her new tricks:
  • Standing without holding on (YIKES)
  • Touching her head when asked, "Where's your head?"
  • She shakes her head no (both for yes and no)
  • She loves being chased and playing hide and seek
  • I'm officially retiring the 9 month clothes for 12 month
  • She now realizes when mommy or daddy leave the room and usually cries

Vivian has a quiet curiosity about her. She loves exploring, but also likes to sit with what she's found and examine it, taste it, shake it, then move onto the next thing. While she doesn't seem as "busy" as the boys were at this age, she's still on the go most of the time. She also is completely content being held. Oscar was too, but Walt was never ok with that.

Other differences between her and her brothers is Vivian often doesn't finish her bottle. And, she only drinks 6 oz bottles. Her brothers were both drinking 8 oz bottles by the time they were four months old, and never once left a drop behind. Viv finishes 1 out of every 4 bottles. Others she either leaves an ounce or two or just refuses it all together. She also continues to be a pretty stellar solid food eater, so maybe that's related.

A few observations about Viv -- I think we have finally admitted that she has blue eyes and they are here to stay. It's still crazy to think this! Both Chris and I have brown eyes, so we really never saw this one coming. Also, Vivian's hair is the darkest of all the kids.  Walt had super blonde hair until he was 2 and Oscar was born with really dark hair, but it fell out and came back golden brown.  Viv's is closer to Oscar's, but leans more brown than golden. Speaking of her hair, it's now getting long enough to see some texture. I do not think she has the stick straight hair that belongs to Oscar. You can see her little wings sticking out. The ends of her hair are definitely wavy.

Here is Vivian's best friend, Bentley.  That dog would crawl in her crib if we let him. He follows her everywhere and often licks her along the way.  Vivian loves it. She happily returns kisses to him. She also has no problem crawling on B, pulling his tail, or grabbing his beard.  Bentley never even whimpers. He usually just licks her.

Some of Viv's FAVORITE toys are cars and balls. She will roll a car all over the floor. She also is fully entertained by watching her brothers throw a ball around. You can tell this girl has brothers :)

I know there are even bigger milestones on Vivian's horizon (walking, talking...), but I just LOVE where she is right now. I am thankful I can memorialize these moments, because I'll blink my eye and she'll be grown.  

Now, off to find more glitter tulle for a very special day next month...