Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Viv's 4-month Stats

Vivy's 4-month well check was a few days after her 4-month birthday, so here goes...

Weight: 12lbs 8oz (14th percentile)
Height: 23.5" (12th percentile)
Head: 16.5" (82nd percentile)

A few observations... we got a petite little nugget here!  Oscar at four months was 5 whole pounds bigger at 17lbs 5 oz.  That's more than 25% bigger than Viv! The stat that has me scratching my head is her height. I'm 5'6" and Chris is 6'2".  That said, there's a lot of Italian in my blood and if you've ever met my sister, Kathy, or my mom then you know that tiny people do exist in my family. Also, this teeny little body of her has to hold up a pretty good sized head! I guess some things are consistent from kid to kid.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

Another Christmas in the books but this time as a family of five.  Chris and I agree that this was one of the best Christmas's in our lives together. High praise! I am so lucky to work somewhere that shuts down from Christmas Eve through the New Year. That's not to say that the days leading up to Christmas still aren't insanity. But once we got to Christmas Eve, things were marching along nicely.

I took the boys with me to Christmas Eve service at my parent's church (and the church I attended growing up). We aren't church-goers normally (insert Satan emoji), but that doesn't mean we aren't spiritual and grateful people. All that said, I thought it was important to expose the boys to some pretty basic church concepts. They were really awesome!  Then we headed to Papa Ronni and Papa Chuck's for Christmas Eve dinner.

All dressed up!
Daddy's Girl
Before she went down for bed. She was obsessed with this dress (atta girl!). She kept grabbing the tulle a staring at it in awe.

The boys were so exhausted when we got home that it was maybe one of the easiest bedtimes yet. Fast forward to Christmas morning. Walt was such a stud and stayed upstairs until his brother woke up and then this happened...

Baby girl in her festive PJs

Even she got a new toy!

Walt loved every single gift he opened and did a great job passing out gifts. He only struggled with things labeled in cursive :)
After our little family Christmas, my sister's family and parents came over for round two!

What's Christmas morning without some alcohol!?
While we made it out of PJs, I don't think we left the house for almost two days. We had tons of new things to play with and just enjoyed the company of each other. We have SO much to be thankful for (so so so much) and this down time really allowed us to reflect on that!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Vivian Elise is 4 Months Old!

Little miss is four months old! This last month was really fun (as things typically are between 3-8 months...juuuuust in time to go back to work). Lucky for us (me), I've had the luxury of having Vivian home with me during my first month back at work. We had so many wonderful helpers for her including my mom; my mother in law; an incredibly generous neighbor, Kari; our very first Bruns sitter, Maddie;  and my niece, Abby. Vivian was loved on a LOT this past month!

Our big girl has settled in to a very nice routine. It sure makes it easy to plan the day, but it does not make it easy to leave the house. Viv is still eating every three hours during the day. She takes 3 solid naps around 9a, 12p, and 3p.  Most of the time her naps are an hour, but she definitely does whatever she wants. She is napping almost always in her bassinet (which is still in our closet), but has tried out her crib a few times and did perfectly. In a pinch, we let her nap while we are out an about (pretty much every weekend day), but those naps are short then make for a crabby baby later in the afternoon.

We go to the doctor on Tuesday for an official check up, but look at her little round face! I think she's packing on the pounds. She's still in 3 month clothes, but I think she's super close to transitioning to 6 month. Something else she's super close to doing is rolling over. She arches her head all the way back around. She just needs to throw an arm over and she's there.  This girl is in no hurry to break any records like the boys were. I'm totally ok with that!

Viv continues to be a champion sleeper, which has made this whole "3 kids" thing a lot easier. She feeds around 6:30/6:45 and we don't see her again until 7 or 7:30a.  

Other things Vivian is into are her hands, grabbing things and attempting a full on assault with her mouth, giggling for her brothers, talking and cooing, taking walks, sucking her thumb.  Things Viv could do without are long car rides, being left alone, reaching the end of her bottle.

I'll do another update after we see the doctor, but Vivian seems to be growing just perfectly!  One last thing: her eyes are still very blue. Will they change??

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Celebrations

This weekend we really got in the holiday spirit.  Not just because the temps dropped to arctic levels (that's enough out of you, Mr. 9 degree windchill), but we had holiday programs and Santa visits galore!

First, on Friday, both Chris and I got to visit Walt's classroom for his Winter party. The volunteer parents did an outstanding job with great activities.  Despite the insanity of our personal lives, we are both so lucky to be able to step away from work to enjoy these moments.

Are biggest guy cheesing it up

"Egg" races (ps, this cutie girl smoked Walt. He was leading the whole time, but got careless at the end and dropped it).

Making a penguin 
Mom helping Walt make an igloo

Dad helping with the penguin

The hit activity was dressing each other up as snowmen...

I think Walt makes a pretty good frosty guy
On Saturday, we got to see our little performer, Oscar, sing in his school's holiday program. Last year he was a bit intimidated by the crowd (he was 2.5 years old), but this year he waved emphatically at us and sung his little heart out.
The guy in the green hat with maroon pants near the end is pretty cute :)

Doing all the hand motions like a boss

Posing with our friends afterwards. Notice Oscar.

Two very sweet friends (Makayla) from a school we love so much!

Look at this handsome guy!
And finally, we made our annual trip to see The Big Guy this weekend. We told the boys that Dub (the Elf) won't come until we go see Santa (hey, we needed to buy some time during all those showings). So, Oscar told Santa he poops in the potty and wants trains, while Walt asked for a video game and for Santa to send his elf.  Vivy didn't cry, so she was great. And just like that, we have three little people sitting on Santa's lap...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

Monday, December 12, 2016

House Update #3 - SOLD!

It's been a while since I've done a house update, but truthfully, there hasn't been much to report. Since September, we've pretty much just watched the exterior come together. But, in the last several weeks we've listed our current house for sale, SOLD our current house, and seen lots of progress on the new house.

Let's start with the current house. We listed it for sale the week I went back to work. No, that wasn't hectic at all.  I had spent free moments of my maternity leave purging stuff in our house, but there was a bunch that we couldn't (didn't want) to do until the last minute. So the Great Purge 2016 happened. To show off our hard work, here are some pics...
Exterior shot (which we took back in October before things got really brown)
It doesn't look like 3 kids live here, huh!?

The kitchen I will be sad to leave behind

Master freshly vacuumed.
 The short story is we sold the house in 7 days. We were SO thankful because keeping the house this spic and span with the kiddos (and dog) was not easy. Also not easy was getting everyone out of the house for showings.  The best part of the sale is we are leasing back our house until March and shouldn't have to move twice (fingers crossed).

Now, on to the new house! I'll let the pictures do the talking:
There have been lots of overcast days, so this is one of the last pics we have with a blue sky. Being prepped for stucco.

Stucco done and shutters up! (Shutters will be painted gray)

A different angle on the exterior.
The kitchen in work....
Cabinets being painted

As of 12/22 (I cheated this post date), we have all cabinets in, hardwood floors in (not stained), countertops, and stone work on the outside is probably halfway done. Biggest things left (I think) are floor/wall tile, carpet, electrical (like lights).  Our target time frame is early March!