Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Vivian Elise is 3 Months

Our little princess is 3 months old already! I know things won't slow down (in fact, they will probably speed up)! This also marks the end of my maternity leave. I go back to work on Monday after Thanksgiving. So, this is also the end of a very well-defined piece of my life. More on the end of this chapter later.

Let's talk about Vivian!  Her little personality continues to come through each day.  I stand beside my statement that she's a very easy baby. That being said, she's still a baby and she definitely has opinions about things. Don't let her get too sleepy or she will definitely let you know.  She's settled into a pretty predictable schedule.  She wakes up around 7:30a, eats every 3 hours and takes 3 solid naps with a fourth cat nap while we eat dinner.  Her naps are usually only about an hour long, but a couple days ago I woke her from one that surpasses two hours!

The most impressive thing about her schedule is she continues to dominate at night. She started sleeping through the night (from 10p) at 4 weeks. I kept the 10p dream feed until this week. Dr, G advised we continue it because Viv is still a tiny nugget.  Last week she could barely stay awake for 10 minutes during the dream feed so I made an executive decision to drop it.  Not only did she power through and never look back, she is sleeping even later in the mornings! A+,  Baby Viv!

Vivian's newest trick is she's capable of giggling.  I got her to give me a few giggles doing random things, but she truly belly laughed at Oscar last week.  We haven't completely unlocked her giggle triggers, but I absolutely love hearing her tiny chuckles.

Our other latest development is we think we have a thumbsucker! Since the day she was born, Viv has always been obsessed with her hands. She's my only baby that refused a swaddle and was totally content with it.  She's always had her hands by her face.  I've caught her with her thumb on occasion, but recently she's made the connection with her thumb and her mouth and is so happy about it!

Viv is also really watching things. She loves sitting in her play seats or on the floor and following her toys. She coos and goos at them, kicks her legs, and has begun to try and hit them.

One last thing I have to make sure gets documented.  We get so many compliments on Vivian's beautiful blue eyes (and they ARE beautiful!) Both the boys were born with blue eyes.  Walt's turned brown pretty quickly, but Oscar's took 9 months to change. There was a period of time when his eyes were green and I hoped they would stay!  It is nearly impossible to tell from pics of the boys when they were infants that their eyes were that light.  I am realizing you can't really see Viv's either. If someday they turn brown, I want to remember that she had pretty blue eyes at one time in her life.

Our sweet, smiley sister
 We just love this little girl so much!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Walt Soccer - Fall 2016

We wrapped up another great season of fall soccer with Walt's team: Team Chaos.  These boys have been together since they were 3 and now they are all turning 6.  It seems crazy to say, but they have truly come SO far.  All us moms were commenting at the last game how much fun they are to watch. We are all sideline parents, yelling at our kids, and cheering them to victory. We truly have lucked out with one amazing group of little boys. Here is a quick video of our favorite #8

Walt continues to tell us that soccer is his favorite sport (but truthfully it changes daily).  I will say that he improved noticeably this year. He's gained some speed (for being a stocky guy, that's a big accomplishment) and he's super skilled at defense. He can boot the ball halfway down the field!

Chris and I continue to learn a lot about the sport and we know why it's so popular. Lots of energy and athleticism! We look forward to watching more futbol games in our future!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Oscar Soccer - Fall 2016

Oscar first organized sport is in the books... thank goodness. Phew - that did not go as we expected. Granted, when we started Walt in soccer, he was six months older, but this experience should have been marketed as 3-Year-Old Cat Herding.  Talk about wheels off! If someone wasn't crying, screaming, yelling or dancing, then someone was pushing, pouting or generally NOT kicking a soccer ball.  Kudos to our coach for powering through this.

All that said, the boys really did have a good time and I do think something was learned. Oscar loved running up and down the field, so there was that. #burnenergy

Here's the group of rugrats. Note: Oscar was the youngest player on the team, He's also the biggest.

Despite the shenanagans, this little buddy sure is cute in a soccer uniform.  We're going to try again in the spring and see what happens.