Monday, September 26, 2016

Vivian's Stats - 1 Month

Our appointment with the doc was a few days after her actual birthday, so here are her stats:

Weight - 8lbs 3 oz (14%)
Height - 21.5 inches (60%)
Head - 14.8 inches (70%)

She's tiny, ya'll! In fact, we need to try and get her gaining more and faster than her current rate. I think we can do it and she's still a happy baby, so onward we go!

Who ya callin' tiny?

Friday, September 23, 2016

Vivian Elise is 1 Month

  Slow blog month, but it's because this month has felt like the shortest month with the longest days.  That's not a complaint! We have so much to be happy about! Let me just tell you what a super star baby Vivian is! I'm not quite sure if it's because she's the third and she has no choice but to just roll with it, or if she is really that stellar of a baby.  Probably both :)

The first two weeks are a blur, as expected.  We fed every three hours, day and night, whether she wanted to or not. I'm starring at my little 7.5 lb baby and all I can think is, "we need to fatten you up!". Weighing 1-2 lbs smaller than her BIG brothers, I knew no better. Turns out, she's perfect Vivian size. By two weeks she was up to 7 lbs 15 oz.  5 oz over her birth weight. Doc was happy, but again, the boys blasted through their birth weights in like a day and a half.  Viv is still wearing newborn sized clothes (again, WTH!?) and while she can fit in a newborn diaper, I bumped her up to a size 1 to avoid an unexpected blowout.
Dr. G said I could stop waking her at night. I've been putting her down around 7pm but waking her at 10p for a dream feed. From there she would wake up anytime from 1:30-4:30a.  So, pretty sporadic, but she's always a champ about going right back to sleep. That is, until last Sunday when she stayed up from 2:30-4:30 a.m. and not happy. Immediately my new-mommy, sleep-deprived brain assumes this is the new normal.  Boy was I wrong.  Since that night, Viv has slept from 10p until 6:30-7:30 a.m.  That's four nights in a row! I hate even saying it because that can't be right, can it?? (Please be right. Please be right. Please be right.) We're enjoying these LONG stretches while we can!


  • Her hands. She loves them by her face and DEFINITELY not in a swaddle. (Again, she's busting all my newborn tricks. The boys LOVED their swaddles -- the tighter the better.  This one is already hands-free and loving it. *please refer to above paragraph where she is sleeping 8 hours at a time!*
  • Her tongue. Don't be offended if Viv sticks her tongue out at you. She's done it since the minute she was born. It means she likes you.
  • Her family. She is immediately drawn to any of our voices. She also loves the buzz of the boys being home. She either looks around at them, or snoozes right through it.
  • Bath - not the kind of hatred that makes her face turn purple, but more like an annoyance.  She does enjoy a good hair washing. She is my daughter after all.
  • Stop lights - whatever you do, if you take her for a ride. DO.NOT.STOP.
A moment that she's enjoying her paci

  • Paci - another infant curveball.  The boys took to their pacis pretty well. Viv will suck on it if she's tired, but really doesn't like deep sleep with one (she doesn't keep one at night).  When she's real irritated (like between 5-6:30 p.m.) she can't figure out if she wants it or not and that makes her even more agitated!
She's not smiling just yet (FYI - Oscar was smiling by 4 weeks and Walt took closer to 5-6 weeks), but she's close.  She's given us a few half smiles and definitely happy faces. We're ready for the full-face smile! Also, she has a this precious dimple on her left cheek that I'm ready to show off!

Here are some pics from our past month:

Here's a "happy, not smiling" face

My thoughts precisely on the Aggies! #unsure

Practicing some tummy time

Happy in mommy's lap

Our first big girl bath!

Her #1 protector
And, here is a pic of Walt (left) and Oscar (right) at one month. Who do YOU think she looks like?

Monday, September 19, 2016

House Update #2 - Framed!

Two stories framed!
I realize it's been almost two months since our previous house update, but their hasn't been much to say. But, now there is!  It was a slow start. We just watched a dirt pile each week, then one day it was staked and we blinked and it was framed. Recall that we actually aren't in a hurry to get the house done. In fact, the longer it takes the better (both for selling our current house and just trying to get past this newborn phase!)  However, we were anxious to see *some* progress. Now we can actually walk through it and see things we designed, which is SUPER exciting. There is a lot left to do and we're looking at a March completion.  Here are a few more pics...

When we saw the first story framed, we got really excited!

As of today, we have exterior walls
With everything else that's going on leading up until now, it's been hard to be excited about the house. Not because it's not exciting... there's just been a lot to think about. Plus, they make you shell out a LOT of money before you get started and that doesn't feel so great. I've never been real excited about writing big checks with nothing to show for it. NOW we have some proof and it's getting really fun!