Friday, July 29, 2016

36 Weeks

How far along: 36 Weeks

Total weight gain: 33-ish pounds? I kind of stopped paying attention. 

Maternity clothes: See above pic for my uniform. A maxi dress. Not always flattering, but definitely comfy and cool.

Sleep:  I hate to even admit this, but it's still ok.  It's rare I go the entire night without waking up, but I think I'm far less uncomfortable than I was with Oscar. 

Best moment this month: My sprinkle was pretty freaking fun!

Miss Anything: 
Not peeing when I sneeze? Walks. It's so flipping hot.

Movement: Yes! She's running out of room, which means we feel her more and SEE it more. Walt is the master of feeling her kick. 

Food cravings: Still fruit. Everything else tastes pretty normal, though my tummy is running out of room, so I need to eat less, but more often. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Gender prediction: What a shock if she's not a girl! We have a sono on Tues so we'll just oooonnnnee last time. 

Labor signs: Some Braxton Hicks and a few fleeting cramps. Nothing worrisome. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: Feeling pretty happy after surviving June!

Looking forward to: We still don't have a nursery - but I have the 3rd baby "I Don't Cares". As if anticipating a baby in the next four weeks wasn't enough, we've got a lot of fun stuff for Walt this month as he gets ready for Kindergarten. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

House Update #1: Designing and Ground Breaking

I obviously have a lot of catch up on regarding this topic. We have been hesitant to announce this news mostly because it's terrifying! I think we expected at every juncture that something was going to fall apart and this new house of ours would just be a dream, not a reality.

Our hesitation is not unfounded.  Let me start from the beginning and talk about what prompted this whole search.  Clearly we are expanding our family, which seems like a perfectly good reason to start house hunting. It definitely is, however, it was more of a 5-year plan for us.  We have room in our current house (it's 4 bedrooms, so we just lose a dedicated guestroom #firstworldproblems), but it's not just the number of rooms that we're unhappy with.  We have always said that if we had designed our current house, we would have done a lot of things differently. It's not about more square feet - in fact, we specifically didn't want a lot more square feet. It's things like our bedrooms are enormous but the living areas leave much to be desired.  Our kids don't play in their rooms and we literally only sleep in ours. I'd gladly give up square feet in bedrooms to have a bigger playroom.  We also would love a bigger backyard that doesn't face west. File that under things I didn't know when we were house hunting 5 years ago.  Our backyard gets BOILING and not just in the summer. In the cooler months, while more bearable, it's just super bright. No more east-west facing houses!  Even if we built out a gorgeous covered patio, it would still be blazing hot (and we'd lose a lot of green space, which we need for these active boys).

We casually started looking with a Realtor friend of ours -- just seeing what was out in the market. There is a LOT.  Since this was always a 3-5 year plan, we found ourselves really critiquing the houses coming up. Not to mention, we just remodeled our kitchen and were immediately turned off by kitchens favoring our our old style.

So, then we get this crazy idea to start looking outside of Frisco. I'll be the first to admit, this was not my most favorite idea. I love Frisco, but I also love being in the heart of activity. The idea of having to drive three kids 15-20 minutes to get anywhere was not sitting well with me. But, we found a builder in Prosper that was going to build us a completely custom (drawn from scratch) house on nearly an acre (!) for under our budget.  What!? Too good to be true! If I could have my perfect house, then I'd be willing to move to Prosper!  Turns out, it was too good to be true. After hours of designing a pretty fabulous floor plan, what was delivered to us was $50k over budget and short a bedroom. A major miscommunication and one that couldn't be fixed (without serious compromise).

I was so defeated. I did not want to look anymore. But, as luck would have it, we ended up in the neighborhood across the street (Fairways at Gentle Creek), randomly looking at a Darling Homes floorplan some of our friends have. While that floorplan wouldn't work for us, the sales rep showed us another plan that was pretty incredible. It met most of our major criteria plus we had options to customize it (e.g. adding in a custom studio space for Chris). This happened in March.

Over the next several months we jumped through all financial hoops (SCARY) to start building this house. We spent most of the month of June in the design center picking out everything from floors to the color of hinges we wanted on our doors. My Pinterest and Houzz accounts haven't seen this much activity ... ever!

In short, the house is 5 bedrooms, downstairs guest room (must!), huge open kitchen/family room, no dining room (something we loved about our would-be custom home. It's wasted space for us!), enormous playroom upstairs (must!) which opens into a media room (we decided not to close this off to maximize the openness), a slightly bigger backyard with much more usable space, and finally -- it faces north-south!

So, today July 27, we "officially" broke ground. We're looking at a Feb/March 2017 move-in date, so we have some time to get Vivian here and hopefully get a little settled before uprooting everything. Hoping to share some great updates along the way!

Here's our lot (technically on 7/22)

A view from the side. It's a corner lot with a little retaining wall

All of the kids on the lot!

The whole family, super excited!  Did I mention it's on a golf course? Walt can't contain his excitement!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Baby Vivian Elise Sprinkle

My friends are awesome. I know I gush about this amazing set of girlfriends that I have, but seriously...they are the best.  This being our 3rd baby, I definitely didn't expect any celebration (and we certainly don't *need* anything...except girl clothes!...but, they were insistent on celebrating our upcoming baby girl.

I'm finally starting to see how fun it is to relish in the girliness. The feminine colors, the bows, the ruffles. It's all so much fun!  The girls did a great job hosting an intimate brunch at one of our favorite places: Jasper's.  The decor was perfectly girly and matched Vivian's nursery colors (peach, mint, gold).  I loved it!

Look at this beautiful table!

This menu is drool-worthy! How do I pick?? The flowers are so on point!

This amazing group of girls I love so much

There are way too many pics of adorable gifts, but think ruffles, bows, and general adorable-ness.  This particular outfit from my sister Kathy is so out of this world. Vivian will be so ready for football when she arrives (just in time for season kickoff!)

My gorgeous hostesses: Renee, Jen Green, Jess, Jenny, and Stori. Friends for life!

On top of the ymmy Jaspers menu, we have this delicious cake to devour. 

(Most of) My incredible family. Mothers I idolize!

The sprinkle group! Thanks for a great celebration!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

32 Weeks

How far along: 32 Weeks

Total weight gain: I'll say it - 30lbs and counting. I do not make small babies !

Maternity clothes: All the time and usually a maxi dress.

Sleep:  Still doing pretty good with sleep. Some nights are better than others and starting to wake to pee on some nights. But in terms of getting comfortable, I'm hanging in there.

Best moment this month: June was a big month! We had a great family vacation and Oscar's birthday!

Miss Anything: 
Being able to take my walks. It's so damn hot, even at 7 a.m. 

Movement: Yes! All the boys have felt her, which is super fun. 

Food cravings: Mostly fruit, but not really craving anything horrible. I eat more sweets, just because I know I can. :)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Gender prediction: She's still a girl as far as we know!

Labor signs: Not really. Had a few Braxton Hicks contractions which is a fun reminder of what's ahead in the next 6 weeks.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy but June was a trying month. Work was tough. LOTS of house decisions made, which is extremely exciting, but very overwhelming. Lots of changes with Oscar this month, too. 

Looking forward to: We are getting Viv's room up and running! As of now, it's just a room with furniture strewn about and a disassembled crib in the corner. But at least the room is devoid of the old furniture.