Monday, February 29, 2016

Adios, Paci

Thanks to a new family member on the way, Oscar gets to fast track his "big boy" plans.  We have a number of things we'd love to happen before August including potty training (omg, does it ever end?), big boy bed (I'm certainly not buying a new crib now, and Oscar is the size of a freshman in high school), and stop using the paci.

Being honest, I really did not have a huge deal with the pacifier.  Oscar only uses it at night time (and weekend naps). He happens to be a super stud go-to-bed kid.  There's a bit of normal toddler negotiation, but once he's in bed with his stuffed animals (his "guys") and his paci, he's telling us "nite nite" and shooing us out the door. Not to mention, he likes to wake up slowly. He lies in bed for 30-45 minutes just contently waking up.  Not a bad gig, huh?

Of course our dentist has been encouraging us to wean him from the paci. We always had an excuse to, "try it next week." Most often it was someone was going out of town.  Most recently, our whole smoke detector system was wrought with malfunctions and all the beeping and alarms really freaked Oscar out.  But one day a couple of weeks ago, I didn't even give it much thought, and walked into Oscar's room, grabbed the paci, and clipped a small bit off the tip. Thank you, pregnancy hormones.

That night, we went through our normal routine, and when it came time to crawl into bed, Oscar grabbed his paci, looked at it and said, "Uh oh. It's broken." I tried to be as emotionless as possible and just kept saying, "it's ok.".  I wasn't worried about taking the paci physically away. As long as he wasn't sucking on it, he could hang on to it for as long as he liked.  After trying to figure out the malfunction, he looked at me and said, "Does it need batteries??"  I laughed and said no. Then he calmly tossed it to the end of his crib and said, "Ok!"

Was this it? Was this all it would take?

It wasn't quite THAT easy.  While he's completely forgotten about the paci, his nighttime and wake up routine aren't unaffected. He's definitely started fighting bedtime harder and has even cried for 10 minutes after we leave the room for the past several nights.  The worst was yesterday's name, which didn't happen. I'm not at all convinced he's done with naps. I think he's just working through this transition. In any event, we're not putting him in a big boy bed until this smooths itself out (and I hope it does).  I'm still very proud of Oscar for kicking the paci to the curb!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bruns: Party of 5

Now that I've broadcast our news to Facebook, I think the whole world knows.  We are so excited to be having another baby and that this time we are thinking pink! For anyone who is interested, here's our journey the past several months.

Chris and I decided about a year ago that we definitely wanted to try for a third baby. We weren't always on the Party-of-5 bandwagon. In fact, we weren't ever certain how many kids we wanted. But, we just kind of let life happen and knew when the times were right for us.  (As a quick and unnecessary aside, this is it for us. We're closing the doors after August!).

A couple days before Christmas (you know, when things are so calm and there's nothing on your to-do list #sarcasm), I thought I should take a pregnancy test. The truth is, I honestly did not think I was pregnant, but I was a couple days late. Not unusual. I'm usually pretty predictable, but it is not uncommon to have a weird month in there. (TMI?). So, I non-nonchalantly did my thing, perused Facebook, played some Candy Crush and looked down to see this:

My mouth literally dropped to the floor and I whispered, "oh. my. god."  Even when you are trying to have a baby (no matter your first or fifth), there is definitely an element of WTF when you find out. You think your ready, but about 7,457 things fly through your head when you see those words:
  • Am I fat?
  • I'm going to get fat.
  • Where will it sleep?
  • Do I need to puke?
  • I need to tell Chris.
  • I can't tell Chris.
  • Oh crap, I got pretty drunk 2 days ago.
  • I need to buy a new car right now!
  • I think I need a nap.
  • I need to go rearrange a closet.
After the initial shock, I considered making a nice little Christmas surprise for Chris, but I could NOT stand it. My heart was beating out of my chest!  So, I cleaned off the pregnancy test, and threw it in a Christmas gift bag and ran upstairs (perks of working at home together).  We both cried and were so happy!

Bliss lasted a bit. It was fun to tell close family at Christmas (even though it was SO early and not really my MO, but the no drinking thing is a dead giveaway for me). But, the first trimester ickys kicked in pretty quickly. Normal stuff like being run down and exhausted, but I was definitely the most nauseous this time. Not puking, but food was a huge enemy. I needed to eat to feel better, but did not want to eat anything but lettuce and three bites at that.  For those of you who know me, I am NOT a dainty eater. I love food and a good meal.  I think I would have been happy with chicken broth and lettuce.

I mustered my way through two work trips, keeping my secret as quiet as could be.  I started sllllooooowly feeling more functional around 10 weeks, but it wasn't until 12 or 13 weeks that I really felt back to normal (and, I'm SO thankful for this. I know many women suffer through morning sickness well beyond the first trimester). At our 12 week appointment, we knew we were getting a genetic screen (blood test) to test for any abnormalities, but it also would tell us gender. To say we were curious was an understatement! I begged the sonogram tech to see if she could tell anything. She gave it a valiant effort, but baby's bottom was just too tiny (even though she was being super cooperative!). 

12 weeks, heart beat was 165 and measuring perfectly on course (unlike her big bro,Oscar who was always 6-7 days ahead).

Doctor said everything looked good and the results of the blood work would take a good 7-10 days. She advised me to expect it to take the full 10. So, I circled Thursday Feb 25 on my calendar as the first possible day.  You can imagine my surprise when I saw my cell phone light up this Monday!  I was on a conference call, on which I was presenting. I calmly interrupted myself midsentence and said "I need to take a call, guys. I'll be right back." (Yes, I was THAT guy). As soon as I heard the nurse's voice I said "Please tell me everything is ok!" She said, "everything is perfect!"  We decided to have her email Chris the gender so he could tell me. I wrapped up my conference call and flew like lightning upstairs.

The rest is history, expect that I jumped up and down and cried my eyes out when he said, "It's a girl!".  When I've told anyone recently that we are pregnant (or trying), the most popular question is "Do you hope it's a girl". It's a fair question!  Here's the honest to goodness truth. I absolutely LOVE being a boy mom. I feel so comfortable in this role and truly love all the things that come with little boys. To have a third boy would have been an amazing and welcomed blessing. I would be lying, however, if I said I didn't want a girl. Not just because it would be a GIRL, but because it completely changes how I look at this our third (and probably final) pregnancy. I know how to do boy stuff. I would have coasted along knowing what to expect (as far as I knew) and having all the gear.  Now I am sort of starting over (in a very good way). My nursery ideas have a whole new meaning. I have lots and lots of clothes shopping to do. And, names. Oh my goodness, names!  So, we are beyond thrilled that we are having a girl, but that does not mean I did not want a boy :)

The official due date is August 27 (but we all know how well those due dates work). Both boys were 6 days early on their own, and I'd be ok with that trend.  We're just excited that she's healthy so far!

It took me 24 hours to find my way to the little girl's section at Target. I mean, we have ZERO girls things! I "needed" this!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Showering Baby Knox

Today, we got to celebrate Baby Knox Cavett Scarborough, the first baby for my friend soulmate, Jess.  Jess married her lobster last April and the two wasted no time growing their family to five!  I couldn't be more excited that Jess is going to be a #boymom. I have a little bit of experience in this department and have just LOVED how fun and sweet boys can be.   

We had a seriously fabulous group of hostesses who put together a stunning, classy and fabulous shower for Jess and Baby Knox.  Knox's nursery will be gray and navy with little elephant accents (perfectly boy!), so we ran with that for our theme.

A beautiful display table with Knox's adorable name and fun little activities.
So many pretty fresh flowers everywhere! And the invite because it was precious. From Etsy: Sparkling Confetti.

A fun little activity - decorate blocks that Knox can play with! (Bag o blocks from Amazon)

These cookies. I mean, they do not get any cuter. Not to mention, they were so tasty! (Cookies: Sugar by Lyndsie)
The spread! It was a brunch so we had everything from sausage balls to donuts to chicken and waffles (shut it up). It was delightful! (Chickan and Waffles inspiration)
Even though it's brunch, you still need dessert. A lovely Nothing Bundt Cake and more yummy donuts. 

This little print was used as a guestbook. Everyone signed a heart (Etsy: Lily's Nursery Shop)

This is how the magic happened. 6 wonderful friends and a super happy mommy-to-be. These friends span Jess's life from hometown to college to Denver to  Dallas. 

Of course the Grammy Girls had to get some special Knox love. 

Aunt Jayne and Jess - two sisters ready to meet this baby!

 It was so fun getting to shower Jess and Baby Knox with lots of essentials (and lots of cute non-essentials, that end up being essential in my eyes... you really do need everything monogrammed). Now she just needs to move into her new house and then we can all meet the precious bundle in April. Congrats!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Cake

I don't like missing out on things. "Things" is a broad spectrum.  I don't like it when I'm out of town and miss Book Club. I barely slept in the hospital when Oscar was born because I didn't want to miss him being awake (why this happened on baby #2 is beyond me. They are awake basically the rest of their lives!) I don't like missing a text message! I like to be on top of it all!

I REALLY don't like missing moments in the kids' lives because I'm working, but this is definitely a choice I made.  A choice, I might add, I am very happy with and want to continue to pursue.  I'm a better mommy when I'm working. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be the CMO or work 60 hour work weeks. No siree. I have boundaries.  Which is why missing things is terrible for me.  But, since this is my personal choice, I also have the choice to create alternate moments! Which is exactly what I did this weekend.

I was out of town all week and missed Walt's Valentine's dance (but, my mom was his stand-in date and it couldn't have been more perfect. They both had a lovely time and my mom walked away with a custom bookmark). They had a school party on Friday, but it's not the type that parents come to. Still, I ordered the Valentine's on Amazon and did not have custom printed tags or homemade anything to hand out. I refused to label myself a failure. Walt was so happy to assemble his AirHead Valentine's with me when I got back into town on Thursday night.  Moment made!

I decided that we would have our own Valentine's party at home, complete with a homemade cake!  I'm still on a baking adventure when it comes to making things egg-free, so this was risky. I had made cake balls with applesauce substitute and they weren't exactly the same. I was hoping a cake would be a different story.

I don't have pics of the actual cake making because Chris was there and I needed all of my hands. Imagine little hands in a stand mixer and a bit of taste-testing along the way (huge bonus when you're cooking without raw eggs!)
First we started with some icing.
Then they spread the icing!
Then we try the icing :)

Mommy touched up the work a bit

Adding a bit of Valentine's flare

Just waiting for the Food Network to call my cell phone...

And, you must top it off with sprinkles!

Finished product! Walt insisted we needed blue sprinkles in addition to red. Perhaps he had the poem "Roses are red, violets are blue" in his head?

And then we eat!
The boys were so excited to try their own creation and I was proud that the cake didn't fall apart in the pan.  I think we made a pretty awesome Valentine's memory!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Young Chef's Cooking Academy

We've been in between sports since November. I'm not going to lie, the break from 2 practices a week and insane weekends of games has been very welcome.  We've even decided to break up our sports a little and not do two at a time (for now). So, until t-ball starts in the spring, we're left with filling our weekends with some fun activities.

When the Allen's suggested we take the boys to a cooking class, I immediately tensed up. I can't help but get anxious over the allergy factor. I've gotten a lot better, but it's still something that haunts me when we try something new.  To my relief, The Young Chef's Academy in Frisco doesn't even keep nuts on their property! I guess I'm not the only one! It's a different story for Oscar who has to avoid eggs (along with peanuts), but I think his allergy to eggs is less severe. But, we decided he was too young anyways. So, off we went to cooking school!

This little academy could not have been cuter.  The kids were all given a turn to help with preparing the meal. 

On the menu was apple berry salsa with cinnamon chips. Here, Walt and a friend are cutting strawberries (something Walt will eat!)

Walt was chosen to be a helper in juicing an orange. He loved it!
Peanut allergy aside, I didn't know how interested Walt would be because he's not exactly a foodie. Turns out, he loves the process of preparing food - just less concern for actually eating it. But, to my surprise, he did try it!  He ate a few of the strawberries in the "salsa" and ate the chips.  I was proud and would totally take him back!