Sunday, October 18, 2015

Yamin' It Up

Fall is in the air and here we go, off to the Yamboree.  It was another fun year at the annual Yamboree in Gilmer.  Yet again, I double booked myself this weekend and had to leave after the parade to attend a Taylor Swift concert (is there always a concert this weekend??).

But, before I left, I got to enjoy a bit of the square on Friday with the boys and watch the parade, which is my favorite part.

Walt getting to run around with cousin Maddie (it was SO hot!)

Sporting his Camp Gilmer shirt!

Maybe his favorite - the motorcycles!

Mr. Stinks didn't care to ride on many rides, but was very content watching all the commotion from the stroller

Family ferris wheel ride!

High above East Texas selfie

Ready for the parade with Aunt Bernadette (poor Walt hates loud noises)

We had another fabulous time and always look forward to coming back!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Preston Trail Farm Pumpkin Patch

October usually proves to be a super awesome weather month in North Texas.  We try to get outside as much as possible, when it's not raining. (This year seems to be especially wet!)  I didn't want to miss a good opportunity to visit a pumpkin patch, so that's where we headed early Sunday morning.

This adorable little farm, Preston Trail Farms, is located about 30 minutes north of us in Gunter, TX.  They have everything from a petting zoo to a hay maze to a hay ride. We did it all!  The boys loved it. Walt was a little unsure about the animals (I don't blame him. The longhorns are ominous!).

I'll let the pics tell the story:

It's not complete without pumpkin pics

These boys are good sports :)

Everyone looking and smiling at the camera!

Oscar absolutely loved feeding the goats

Walt was a bit more cautious, but I caught him attempting to feed.

Protective brother helping Oscar through the hay maze

Mom and Walt on the hay ride (with a scary story!)

Daddy and Oscar on the hay ride.

A fun ride in a mini-"train".  (It was SO bright!)
I also learned that this farm is open year round. When it's not pumpkin patch season, there is no admission fee and you can feed the animals! We'll definitely be visiting again.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bulls T-Ball

Sports, sports, and more sports!

A couple of weeks ago we started our second t-ball season (right after we started soccer). This season we switched from city of McKinney to Frisco. We were lucky enough to maintain a good portion of our spring team.

The boys were really good! Call me biased, but I really enjoy t-ball, probably because we're such fans of baseball.  The boys really improved their throwing and catching skills and had a few hot bat moments.

Because we were doing double sports, plus Oscar has gymnastics on Saturdays (and still take a solid two hour nap), I ended up missing quite a few t-ball games. For this reason, my pics are few and far between.

We have decided that starting in the spring (2016), we'll commit to one team sport for the season. If it means Walt won't make a select team by the time he's 7, or won't be drafted as a freshman in high school, I guess it's a worthy sacrifice to keep our sanity.

So happy to be on a ball field!

Our little slugger sure loves batting. I think he's ready to lose the tee!