Monday, June 29, 2015

Kicking Off Two in the Hospital

This is not at ALL how we thought two years old would start out.  In fact, since our horrendous winter where we couldn't stay well to save our lives, we thought we were on a great preventative plan.  As I've mentioned, Oscar is under close care of his pediatrician and a pulmonologist/allergist. He takes a load of preventative medications (inhalers, steroid nebulizers, singulair, etc).

Also, to our gratitude, our house has been relatively healthy since about March. That was until about a week ago. Oscar developed some cold symptoms. It was nothing alarming. In fact, he never even spiked a concerning fever. Just a little sniffly. We saw Dr. G last Tuesday for Oscar's two-year well-check visit and he agreed that Oscar seemed good. Lungs sounded good, etc.  I even thought Oscar was on the tail end of the snot and stuff.  Then things got worse. On Thursday he just sounded so wheezy, so I went right back to Dr. G. He barely blinked and put him on oral steroids. Not our favorite drug, but they definitely help.

By Friday afternoon he still wasn't improving (two days of steroids!), so I called the pediatrician office. They said to do breathing treatments every two hours and bring him in the morning.  Throughout all this, Oscar is still acting pretty good and sleeping ok.

My little Superman not looking so super
Saturday morning I brought him to the pediatrician and after numerous in-office treatments and monitoring pulse-ox, they just couldn't get him to improve. So, off to the hospital we went.  I was hopeful that it would be a situation where they monitored us in the ER for a few hours, then sent us home.  Not the case. After being there an hour, they said we'd be spending the night.
Strangely, Oscar puts up with a lot, but is not a fan of blood pressure.

Right when we got to the ER. A 45-minute breathing treatment coming right up!
He did finally start responding to the nebs when we got to our room and they switched to inhalers.  They gradually spaced them out overnight, and I'm surprised to say we actually got some sleep.  By the morning, we met with the ER doctor and I said I was confident I could administer round-the-clock inhalers in the comfort of our own home. She agreed he could be discharged. She also prescribed a stronger inhaled steroid (flovent).

Hey at least there are toys and bedside meals!
Oscar was a super champ through all of this. Through all the poking, listening, breathing treatments, he just took it all in stride and rarely got fussy.  We are hoping this the last time we see Children's for a very long time!
Enjoying extra PJ time and a paci whenever he wants :)

When we found out we got to leave!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Oscar at Two

I think if you read through all my posts about Oscar over the past two year, you'll find a recurring theme: Things happen so much faster with the second kid! What happens when you have three kids? Do you blink and they are in college??

So, what is that Oscar-man up to these days? Let's start with his physical stats (compare to Walt):

Height: 37.3" (99%)
Weight: 32 lbs 1 oz (94%)
Head: 20.8" (+99%)

Oscar is nearly an inch taller than Walt was at this age! Although, if you read my post about Walt at 2, I mention that I thought he was mis-measured.  However, Oscar has tracked consistently bigger than Walt.  He's just a big guy.

Oscar continues to be a fabulous eater. In some respects, having a non-picky eater is SO easy. He'll try everything and I'm never worried about going somewhere and him going hungry. On the flip side, we are always having to get creative. With Walt, I served the same meal twice a day for pretty much two years. Pretty easy not to think about it!

Oscar is also a major chatty cathy.  He's very articulate and has nailed his colors for several months now.  It took Walt a lot longer to grasp colors (he called everything "yellow" until nearly 2.5).  He likes to boss everyone around, especially Bentley. But, he will do almost anything that Walt asks him too (yikes!). Here's a video of Oscar NOT being articulate, but just blabbing away:

Oscar seems to be relatively easy going. He goes to bed willingly and still loves to take a nap. He'll usually hang out in his crib for 30-60 minutes after he wakes up, so we're enjoying this until he decides to Evil Knieval his way out of there. He also loves making everyone laugh and performing. Not sure at all where he got that from :)

Amid all his energy and boyishness, he remains a very sweet and snuggly guy. He loves to crawl in your lap and happily hands out kisses and hugs.  We sure love this little Oscar Man and are beyond blessed to have him in our lives!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Oscar's Beach Party

I always say I will NEVER do another party at my house, but this one was actually such a joy!  Since Oscar has a summer birthday, I thought we should celebrate with a "beach" party.  This was a risky theme considering late June in Texas could mean some sweltering temps. The party gods smiled happily on us, and we had a nice partly cloudy day that was so pleasant.

The birthday boy! 
We decorated the backyard like a beach, which everything but the sand (I hate sand unless it's actually on a beach. And even then I hate how it sticks with you We even had an inflatable water slide and a snocone truck!

Oscar had a blast, but I think Walt had the most fun ;) This is fine by me, considering his January birthday never allows for such parties.
If you squint your eyes, this really does make the backyard feel like a beach #fakesand
The water slide was easily the hit of the party.
Oscar with both his grandmas. Happy boy!

Oscar and Papa Chuck being super silly.

And a few quick videos to show how much fun was really had. Oscar dancing with Papa Chuck :)

Oscar slo-mo sliding down the water slide:

Walt and his friends, Dylan and Reese, who repeated this stunt hundreds of times:

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fireballs T-ball

This spring we embarked on a new sport that Walt was especially excited about: t-ball! Walt has been swinging a bat for years, so we were surprised to see that Frisco Baseball Association didn't start baseball until you are headed into Kindergarten.  So, we played this season with McKinney.

We properly coerced our soccer coach, Tony, into also coaching our t-ball team. It only took a couple beers.  The boys did pretty good for their first season. Our lessons learned is although baseball seems like a pretty straightforward sport, it's a LOT to explain to 4-year-olds.  Most of them knew about batting and throwing, but not so much on what to do AFTER you bat or where in the heck you throw it. We worked on those things. Chris helped assistant coach and I think truly loved it!

The biggest downside was the insanely wet spring we had. We had so many games cancelled, that we ended up playing something like 7 games in a 2.5 week time span in June.

Here are some pics from our season as Fireballs!
Such a sweet moment. Chris getting Walt ready for his very first at-bat.

A peek into the dugout! This is where the chaos happens!

Playing defense. Walt in ready position at first base.

Even mommy got to play assistant coach one game!
Good sportsmanship early!
Walt at his first at-bat!