Tuesday, April 28, 2015

RoughRiders Baseball

Spring has sprung! But what a wet one it has been. Luckily it's kept the temps down, but we're ready for some sunshine! We are also ready for some baseball! Baseball is a sport the entire Bruns' family can get behind.  We absolutely love having a minor league team we can go watch and the game-time experience never disappoints. The only downer is there aren't many day games because it gets hot quickly in Texas, and the night games usually start at 7 p.m. which is still a hair too late for us.

So, I was happy to see a Sunday afternoon game on the RoughRider's schedule. We invited some friends and we were off to play ball!  Both outfields are general admission seats. This is perfect for families with young kids because they can run around like crazy and you know you're not annoying the people next to you. This is the first time that Walt actually paid attention to some of the ball playing. 

The Sutton Dr. rugrats.  Jackson, Oscar, Austin and Walt.  Such good buddies.

My little sluggers

The two littlest guys taking a hot dog break. Oscar is trying to watch his carb belly.

Oscar thought the players were so cool!

Reese and Ruby joined us too! I'm not sure how much Reese enjoyed the actual game, but she liked hanging with these two studs and they ALL enjoyed ice cream.
Even though the skies looked ominous for the first hour, we skated by with only a few drops of rain and some distant thunder.  It was great times!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Allergy Test for Mr. Oscar

Since last October, we've been regulars in the doctors' offices and hospitals with Oscar. He literally could not stay well for more than a week. He wasn't really alone in that, either. I think I was sick every time he was sick, which is not like me. But, this post isn't about me :)

We have been under close care of our pediatrician (Dr. G!) and our pulmonologist/allergist (Dr. Moore).  Dr. Moore wants to make sure we are fully aware of all of Oscar's allergies to see if there is something else triggering the failure of his immune system.  I'm not going to lie, I'm a little worried to see these results and see that Oscar is allergic to dogs... 

Instead of having Oscar's back scraped in 20 some-odd places, we opted to have blood drawn.  In the end, we thought it would be quicker and less painful.  I was worried when they tied the tourniquet on, but Oscar was such a champ. We kept him distracted and they were able to get 2 big vials of blood from him with no tears!
Bribery with stickers... done!

Champion with a sucker!

**UPDATE: We got his results back.  To our HUGE relief he only has a super tiny trace of allergies to dogs. He is highly allergic to eggs and PEANUTS. That was new to us, but not really a surprise given Walt's allergy. We avoid peanuts as a family, so we would have never known. He does have some pollen, tree, and grass allergies, but nothing that is concerning at all. Good news is he does not have severe allergies (except for the two food allergies), the bad news his susceptibility to illness is likely tied to asthma.**

Friday, April 24, 2015

Chris Retires from Radio

I asked Chris if he wanted to "guest blog" about this milestone, but he diverted to me.  This is actually much better because he would be way too humble about this entire experience.

Three years ago (almost exactly), Chris made a decision that it was time to transition out of radio and into voice acting. It's something he's always been interested in, but starting from scratch is a scary and uneasy step to take.  So, he worked on a plan to dip his toes in the water, take some coaching lessons, and just figure out how to navigate the voice acting industry.  All I did was jump up and down with pom poms from the side lines.

For those of you who don't know, Chris started in radio at the ripe ol' age of 19. He was working at Dairy Queen in Gilmer and a gentleman working in Mount Pleasant told him he should come work at his radio station. That's how it all began.  Plain and simple. If you have every heard Chris say as much as "hello" you'll know what that man heard.

Chris worked his way from Mount Pleasant to Tyler and eventually moved to Dallas in 1993 to be a production director at The Edge, then started overnights at The Eagle in 1994. Chris really became the voice of rock radio in Dallas. He created the Local Show and met/introduced dozens (hundreds?) of bands.  Here's a fun montage of throwback pics.

The Eagle took a brief hiatus to explore other formats (easy listening and latino), but returned in 2007 as THE Classic Rock station. Chris was back on board.  As radio continued to evolve (satellite radio, Internet radio, digital music), Chris began to think about his (our?) future.  So, quietly in 2012 he began building Chris Ryan Voice.

For three years he's been honing his craft, but it became apparent about six months ago that things were hitting a new trajectory.  We knew it was time to focus on one or the other.  Chris has infinite gratitude for his radio experience. He got to work a job that many people dream of and, for him, it was all about the music.  You can hear his humility and gratitude in his very last break at The Eagle.

To say we are proud of him is a huge understatement. We are so excited to see where this next chapter takes us! Congrats, Chris!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cavett-Scarborough Wedding

What a happy day! My college bestie married her lobster! As you might recall, I helped with her amazing engagement scavenger hunt.  She and Shawn wasted no time planning a wedding and getting hitched. Can you blame them?  This weekend was their gorgeous wedding ceremony at the breathtaking Rancho Loma in west Texas.  It was an unbelievable setting.  Another fun fact: Chris was the officiant! By the power of the Internet, he legally wed these two love birds!

Here is the weekend in pictures:

On our way to Brownwood, TX!

This beautiful friend of mine. We've been through everything near and far. I love her!

I also love this handsome man :)

Getting ready in this stunning lace dress.
Final touches!
This is it folks. Just a little platform with God's decorations as the backdrop.

What a special ceremony it was!

Of course, they had to recreate it after a few drinks and it was all said and done.  Obviously Chris is headed for greatness.

The stunning bride! She looked so perfect!

And a quick shot of us. Beautiful weather. Beautiful place. Beautiful day.

Congrats, Shawn and Jess!