Saturday, January 31, 2015

Showering a Little Man

I love babies. I really do. But, I REALLY love celebrating babies. I have really come to love a good baby shower. So, when my dear friend, Renee, told me she was expecting her 2nd baby boy, I immediately started planning her baby shower.  I called up my pal, Stori, and two of Renee's former law school buds, Kim and Ashley, and we got to planning.

Look at that precious mommy-to-be!
This whole process was so much fun for me. Not only did I get to help plan a baby shower, but I got to spend some time with girls I don't see as much as I'd like. When Renee was in law school, I lived with her and we often pretended that I, too, was in law school. So, planning with Ashley and Kimmy was a true delight.

We had a brunch for 20 some odd ladies at a favorite restaurant of ours, Jaspers. The meal was delicious (maytag blue cheese chips, yes please!) and the company was even better. And, the mimosas didn't hurt either.

Here are some pics we snapped...

Renee and her MIL and momma

Lots of mustaches and bow ties everywhere. It's what little boys are made of!

And props. You have to have props
Renee got lots of goodies for the new baby, who's name is a secret, but big brother, Dylan, has already named him Chocolate... so Chocolate is what we call him :)

Here is the whole bunch:

I mustache you a question...

Thursday, January 29, 2015

This is Walt at 4

We took Walt for his four-year well check today. I was not looking forward to this. I had a ton of anxiety over the shots. I'm not even sure Walt remembers shots! But more on this in a sec.

This well check was actually very interesting. In addition to standard height and weight, they tested Walt's vision, hearing and blood pressure. When Dr. G did his exam, he checked his reflexes (which Walt thought was hilarious) and made him do some tricks (stand on one leg, stand on the other leg...)

Here are Walt's stats:

Weight: 41.8lbs .... 85%
Height:  42"............82%
BP: 103/60
Vision: 20/30 in both eyes

Things that stood out to me:

  • This is the first time in I can't remember that Walt isn't in the 90th percentile. It's probably because he stopped eating chicken :)
  • I'm unrealistically worried about his vision. I got glasses at 6 years old and my mom and sisters were all about same. We all have horrendous vision. I think mine is the "best" at -8.00 in both eyes.
  • They also start tracking body mass index (BMI) and it's the first visit they have talked about nutrition in the sense of low fat, low sodium, etc. We need to work on more veggies!
All in all - Walt got an A+. Then come the shots. Luckily they combine the vaccines into two shots (I think it used to be four), so that was a good start. The nurse says, "Have you talked to Walt about these?"  In my head I answer, "Hell no, lady!"  But it's the truth. I didn't know how to approach it. So we told him about 3 minutes before it happened. The secret weapon: a pinwheel. The nurse gave him the pinwheel and told him to blow on it as HARD as he could when she told him. 

Lickity split and few light-headed minutes later we were done and Walt didn't shed a tear. In fact,  he didn't even flinch! He was so brave.  Bravery deems ice cream, and that's what we did. 
So so so so proud!
Oh, and Oscar got to benefit a bit too :) This kid and his food.

Friday, January 16, 2015

The McClure's come to Frisco

We have great friends. We're blessed to have friends all over the world! The problem with that is we don't get to see all of them as much as we want.  The McClure's live in Tyler, TX. Jeff was Chris's running buddy forever and was the best man in our wedding. Through Chris and Jeff's relationship, I've had the honor of getting to know Janna and now their sweet kiddos, Cash (7) and Blake (4).

In an semi-impromtu manner, Jeff and Janna packed up the kids and headed west to spend some time with us.  So, we ditched work early and kidnapped the kids' from school and headed to Top Golf.  To say Walt was excited is such an understatement.
Cash and Walt ready to play some links!

Oscar couldn't wait to give this a try. He immediately figured out how to make the balls come out and only needed a little guidance from Daddy to swing the club.
 Then Janna had a brilliant idea to get a sitter, so we could have some adult time. So, after some McDonald's (yay guests!), we set the kids up with a super fun baby sitter and off we went to enjoy a nice adult dinner at Perrys.
Janna and I enjoying our adult beverages

Jeff looking all blue steel per usual, and I don't know the other guy.
It was such a fun night, then we were able to take the kids to Hope Park (here's to awesome weather in January) and let the kiddos run around some more. I'm so happy we can pick up friendships like this right where we leave off, even if we can't see them all the time. You're welcome back anytime, McClure's!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Walt is FOUR

Year after year, it's becoming more and more apparent what a whirlwind the holiday season is. And, it doesn't end with New Year's for us. We open a new year and skate right into Walt's birthday.  I always feel bad (emotion used very lightly) because Walt get a crapload of Christmas gifts, followed by an even larger crapload of birthday gifts, and then it's crickets for the rest of the year. I've thought about combining the two gift-giving occasions, but my mom is a Christmas baby and my sister is a New Year's baby and I know that it's very important to acknowledge their birthdays as individual celebrations.

So, let's celebrate Walt! On his actual birthday, we were able to join in his "Celebration of Life" at school. I really love what they do. The birthday kiddo walks around the sun times (get it?) and after each circle, they talk about what they did at each age. You're supposed to make a poster with pictures, but please see above paragraph to understand why I didn't :)

Walt with his super amazing teacher, Ms. Farah

Making a lap around the sun
 Then we had a BIG birthday celebration at JumpStreet trampoline park in Allen. I got a little out of control with invites, but I have to admit that Walt has lots of buddies! There were so many kiddos running around that I was only able to snap pics of them stationary. Read: eating.

Getting ready for some pizza! (Everyone, except Walt, that is)

He was saving room for cake :)
Now that we know Oscar has an egg allergy, I didn't want him to miss the fun, so I made him eggless cupcakes. They look normal, right??

And since Walt is a big fan of s'mores, we gave everyone a little s'more's kit to do at home.

Each day, Walt's personality gets more and more developed. What a special little egg this one is. He is super energetic (yay, boys!!) but loves using that energy outside and playing sports. He has played organized soccer and we're about to give t-ball a go.  The things he gravitates to in the backyard is either the baseball bat or the golf club.  I really, really love this about him! 

While Walt is rambunctious, he's also very methodical and very sweet natured. He truly loves all his friends and really loves laughing and being silly with them. Walt is an AMAZING big brother.  This is when his patience shines (not a trait he gets from his mother). He is always helping Oscar, talking to him, interpreting for him, feeding him, and being a super studly sibling.

Walt is doing some pretty awesome stuff in school. It amazes me what sponges they are. He talks about the water cycle and things evaporating (not a word even I use very often...or ever). He also has several of his books memorized and reads them to Chris and I at night. This is a special moment for me.

I love our oldest boy and love the little man he's becoming. Happy 4th Birthday, Walt!