Friday, August 15, 2014

Swimming Update

I wrote about the boys' first swim lessons of the summer (Walt's 3rd round and Oscar's first ever), but I thought I should give an update. They both have done outstanding, but Walt has really impressed us.  For the first summer, he's really taken to real swimming. Underwater all the way!  True to Walt fashion, he still needs some warm up time each and every time we get in the pool (and we're at the pool 2+ times a weekend).  But once he gets going, he's great!

Here are two videos of his skills from my parents' house.

I'm so very proud of how brave my little cautious man has become! He finished the summer with being able to swim 10 seconds under water!

As for Oscar, it took him a couple weeks to get really warmed up to the idea of being in the pool, but now he absolutely loves it.  He can be under water for about 5 seconds. But, he's very, very, very comfortable and confident in the water.  We've even decided to keep him in swim lessons through the fall/winter so he doesn't lose this confidence when summer rolls around again.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Walt goes to Top Golf

We are so thankful that Chris has a flexible schedule, because it allows him to find some extra bonding time with the boys. Especially during the summer when I feel ultra guilty that they have to go to school every day.  One day, Chris decided to pick Walt up a little early and take him to Top Golf. I'll admit, I thought the activity seemed ambitious. Walt isn't even four years old yet.  He does have a couple real golf clubs (a putter and a driver), but we rarely have the chance to actually use them.

Much to my chagrin, Walt did really well! In fact, he probably made contact with the ball more than I usually do :) I'm not going to run out and buy him a golf bag and a full set of clubs anytime soon (although Chris might have a different opinion), but he definitely has the idea of golf down.

I'll also share a few short video clips so you can see his style. Not bad for 3.5 years, huh?