Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Oscar is 12 Months

While I wrote an epic blog about Oscar's first birthday, I still need to document all the cool stuff Oscar is doing now that he's a full 12 months old. And, let's be honest, his first birthday party was more about me ;)
Hello, world! I'm a year old!

First and foremost, we got a clean bill of health from Dr. G.  Here are his stats:

  • Weight: 25lbs 14oz (96%)
  • Height: 31.8" (98%)
  • Head: 19.3" (99%)

(if you're interested, Walt's stats here)

Walt and Oscar are pretty much neck and neck in development. Right now, Oscar's got about a pound on where Walt was. Everything else is almost exactly the same.

Talking: Oscar is starting to formulate some semblance of words. But, he's very good at miming and signing what he wants. His best signs are (not all official sign language):
  • More
  • Bye Bye / Hi
  • Thank You
  • Eat (points to mouth)
  • Peek-a-boo (aka "Where's Oscar?")
  • Gives kisses
  • Vrrrrrrooom (for "car")
  • General pointing at everything
Words he sort of says are "da-da", "sssssss" (shoes), "mama" (rarely, but I'm counting it because I've heard it), "Bubba" (also rare, but it has happened). I feel like Walt was more articulate, but I really don't remember. Oscar is VERY vocal. He squeals and yells a lot more than I remember Walt doing.

Mobility: If there was any question that this kid can walk, there is none now. He's a master walker (he only crawls about 10% of the time) and even tries to kick the soccer ball. He's also very tough. The kid falls all.the.time, but could care less about it. He just stands back up and keeps on going.

Eating: Nothing new here, but we're trying to phase out bottles. He's all but dropped his daytime bottles. We don't offer them anymore, but he also doesn't really like milk in his sippy cup (he'll drink water all day long). We haven't really tried to get rid of his morning and nighttime bottle yet, but we've decrease the amount of milk. He's also drinking whole cow's milk now and no more formula. I look forward to the day I don't have to clean bottles anymore :)

Teeth: Just like big brother, this kid has a mouthful of teeth. Before he turned one, all of his molars came in, so he's officially got 12 chompers. Looks like all we have left are four canines and his secondary molars (which hopefully don't come in til closer to two). We could use a break from teeth!
Teething Chart

I really can't believe Oscar is already 12 months. He's going to start doing big-kid stuff soon and that's really weird to wrap my head around. Oscar and Walt continue to get along beautifully, which is a trait I know won't last forever, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts. 

This is Oscar's signature nose scrunch. He does it all the time :)
Get this off me. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Oscar's Home ONE 1st Birthday Party

*Warning: long post ensuing*

I'm not an expert. I only have two kids. But, in my experience with both of these kids, I can tell you that the first birthday is a special one. Of course it's special for the baby since it's the pinnacle of a year's worth of milestones. But, the real celebration is for the parents.  That first year in raising a kiddo is no joke. I know, I know... there's lots more trials and tribulations ahead, but when you think back to ALL the the stuff that gets jam packed into 12 months, you remember what hard work it is.  It's ok if you don't remember. Honestly, I had forgotten a bunch myself. The universe does this little trick to us to encourage further procreation.  Sleepless nights? Yeah yeah yeah, it's not so bad, right? WRONG. It's really NOT fun to feel hungover all the time and never drink.  Oh, and care for two kids under 3 at the same time... or go to work and act smart. (who am I kidding? I don't do that on a good day).

The first year is full of trial and error. Trying sleeping techniques, trying different foods, trying different clothes (I didn't realize you hated that onesie so much, buddy), trying different bottles, trying different pacis, trying different toys (so, the teddy bear scares you, but you love the dinosaur? okay...).  All of this with someone who can no more than scream at you to communicate. Sounds pretty miserable, huh? It's quite the contrary. It's amazing! You find rewards in little things like smiles and giggles and life is good.

So, to celebrate our survival of the first year, we threw a rager. Ok, fine. It was a super tame birthday, but we served adult beverages.  Our theme was baseball because our kids have sports written in their DNA and summer = baseball.

The best way to describe the party is in pictures, but first there are LOTS of thank yous...

  • To my mom for helping set up, entertain, and clean up. I wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly as much without her helping hands!
  • To Becky for challenging daring encouraging me that I can make my own cake pops :)
  • To Richard Z for being a last-minute photographer when I realized I forgot a VERY important detail! (and for Stori for brokering the deal)
  • To Heather at Design Roots for bringing the theme to life. It really wasn't a party until you got your hands on it!
  • To my amazing, wonderful husband for not only letting me plan this outrageous party for a 1-year-old, but stepping in to help with the details :) I love you!

A centerpiece for the party were the cake pops... all 60 of them.  Chris decorated ALL of them.
I made cake balls all.week.long.
dipping and dipping and dipping...

I had a custom baseball bat made with Oscar's birthday enscripted on it. Everyone signed it. 

Since I threw such a huge party, we decided to do donations to The Miracle League of Frisco in lieu of gifts

An anthology of Oscar over the past 12 months...

It's not a baseball party without popcorn!

And everyone likes a nice, hot pretzel, right?

And lastly, nothing says baseball like a ballpark frank!

Here are all the cake pops and Oscar's smash cake (which you'll see is a terrible name for this cake).

Someone's all ready for cake!

Oh boy! Everyone is singing and he's excited!

inspect the cake...

hate the cake.

Mom. I hate the cake!

He was totally miserable. I roughed it up for him. Even put some in his mouth and the more he got into it, the more he hated it.

That's ok. Reese and Walt liked it!

The Allen's enjoyed the sweets!

Kimmy and John Duncan wish the baby boy a happy day
Our friends Jeremy and Matt brought their precious baby, Audrey, to join the fun.
What a bustling party it was! 
I am so excited for the next year(s) to come, but it was really fun to top off an eventful past year. We had so many wonderful people there to join in the party and wouldn't have had it any other way. Happy Birthday, Oscar!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Swim Lessons 2014

Summer is upon us and one of our favorite activities is swimming. We've had Walt in swim lessons every year since he was 18 months old. He's been luke warm about swimming. At first he LOVED it, but then started to get burned out. Last summer he liked it one week and hated it the next.  We are curious how he'll be this year. Not to mention, Walt is Mr. Cautious. He really likes to have things figured out before he gives it a whirl.

Oscar, on the other hand, is more of a doer. He's got a very "I don't give a [what]" attitude :) He's also sort of a maniac in the bath. So, we'll see if he starts diving head first into the water.

Here they are -- all ready for swimming!
Daddy went in with Oscar the first week. Oscar has no idea what's about to happen #waltphotobomb

The recap of the first lesson was surprising.  Walt was a super champ. He was completely fearless. He jumped off anything, went underwater, laughed and generally had an amazing time.  Oscar, not so much. He on-and-off fussed the whole time. Never really crying, but mostly just letting us know that he wasn't feeling it. I think it will just take some getting used to.

Oscar in his "floaty boat" and he looks to be relaxed enough to take a nap

In the foreground is Walt and his teacher. He was ready to jump in. (Chris and Oscar in the background... Oscar clinging to Chris for dear life).

The one thing that Oscar really enjoyed was the backfloat. He likes to chillax :)
I'll write updates through out the summer, but I'm excited to take the kids swimming as it's probably my fondest memory of summer.