Monday, May 26, 2014

Oscar is 11 months

Daddy makin' him laugh.
11 months was a really big one in the Bruns' house. As you may have read, we have a walker. It certainly makes for few dull moments!

See, I'm walking. I think it's awesome.
Oscar is marching (walking, toddling, waddling) his way towards a year and is not even looking back. Here's what's up with Mr. Stinks:

Eating: Everything. He'll try it all. Hamburgers, cinnamon toast, cereal, lemonade, etc. But Oscar truly loves fruit. His most favorite is blueberries, which he would eat at every single meal if we let him.

Teeth: Our little monster continues to make pearly whites. He's cutting two molars now and I have a feeling the other two aren't far behind. This brings his total teeth count to 10 (I'm not counting the last two molars yet).  Oscar continues to be bothered by teething much more than Walt was. He's just a sensitive little guy.

Playing: Oscar is ALL boy. He plays like a monster. He grunts, knocks things down, then laughs maniacally at his feat. He is still obsessive over balls. He understands the concept of catching and throwing, though he's not very good at either one. Walt will be excited when he has a little sports buddy!

Talking:  Oscar loves to point at things. He still only babbles, but he definitely recognizes Daddy and Walt. He chooses to acknowledge me depending on his mood (but usually if Daddy's not around).  He has a few tricks he does such as "up and down" with his arms, he can show you his tongue, and he knows where his head is (frankly, it's not hard to find...).  He also does a very realistic sneezing impression.

Here is my head.

ahh, ahh, ahh....CHOO
 The personality on Oscar is a big one. He loves to flirt, laugh, entertain, and is also not afraid to fuss when he's not getting his way. I have no idea where he gets that from.

Chubby cheeks and some 70s hair

Look at me, mama, I'm cute!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Oscar can walk!

What an exciting weekend we had! For starters, it was a long weekend, which is always welcome. We headed out to Gilmer for some Nana and Papa time and apparently that's all Oscar needed to entice him to get off all fours.

Admittedly, the very first time this happened was two weeks ago. At Walt's end-of-year program, Oscar was getting antsy so Chris stood with him in the back of the auditorium.  He casually set him down (because that kid is a heffer!) and Oscar just took off. He took 5-6 steps like it was nobody's business. No dry run, no hesitation. Just steps.

Naturally, I considered this a massive fluke, but he did it two or three more times right then. But, after going to sleep that night, he conveniently forgot how to do it.  This also made it challenging to get video proof that Oscar had actually conquered this feat. You can't take my word for it. I like to exaggerate.

But, this weekend, he was a performing fool.  Here are three of my favorites:

Super, obnoxious mom voice in this one. Sorry!

This is so bizarre to me because Walt never "trialed" walking. He was just so dang stubborn about it, that he didn't do it (nor attempt to do it) until 15 months. But, right when Walt started walking, he never stopped. I'm not sure he ever got on all fours again. Oscar is taking a different approach. While he loves the attention from walking, he sees it as novelty and doesn't do it all the time. As a matter of fact, he really only does it when he knows he's performing #ham.  Once he figures out how to stand himself up, I think we're in trouble.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Oscar Has a lot to Say

This kid has so much to say.  This doesn't even scratch the surface. Usually he is most chatty when looking at pictures and photos.