Sunday, March 23, 2014

Oscar is 9 Months

It is so fun having a 9 month old. Oscar is becoming quite the little observer and he wants to try everything. Everything from food to doing whatever big brother is doing. He's started to babble a LOT, which is hilarious.  9 months also means a doctor visit, which is great because I get to see how big he is.

Weight: 22lbs 14 oz
Height: 29.8"
Head: 19"

Compare Walt's stats here

Oscar would NOT sit still for this photo shoot (minor danger doing it on the bed)

For the first time in his existence, Oscar is right on par with Walt. Every other visit, he's been a solid 2 lbs bigger. He's still 1/2 an inch taller than Walt (holy smokes, he's gonna be tall), but his weight is almost exactly where Walt was.

Oscar is transitioning to more and more table food. He still eats jar food because sometimes he gets downright frustrated with not being able to pick up solid food fast enough. We've tried everything from fruits and veggies to spaghetti and meatballs, which he REALLY loved (#proudmommy).

Well, after taking some time to sleep consistently through the night, Oscar has turned into my snoozer. He still goes to bed about 6:30 every night and easily sleeps til 7 am. It's not unheard of for him to snooze until 7:45 or 8:00.  He also takes some epic naps on the weekends. He's still doing 2 naps and they are around 90 minutes to two hours, each.

Just like big brother, Oscar has a mouthful of teeth. In the past month, four more have come through for a grand total of 8.  The way he chews, I wouldn't be surprised if there are more trying to make their way to the surface.

Oscar babbles mamamama, dadadada, and guh-guh-guh pretty much all day. He also loves to dance and bounce to music (#meltmyheart).  Oscar is very easily entertained and completely belly laughs at Walt all the time. It's also become apparent that he's a giant flirt, so watch out ladies :)

I'm getting small glimpses into his personality. He definitely seems more fearless than Walt, but not a complete daredevil (yet). He is also insanely busy, but I feel like this is a 9-month trait. While he's busy, he also plays great independently and will still let me cuddle him. I don't remember Walt really ever giving me cuddles.

Just three more short months and this big guy will be one year old.  That is so crazy!

Rock on, ya'll!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Bruns are Going Sustainable

Ok, fine. We aren't living off our land anytime soon (not sure 1/4 of an acre track housing would allow for much farming anyways). But, Chris got some inspiration and built a raised garden planter. He was so excited about it that he pulled Walt out of school early to help him plant the goods and give it a good watering.
First, you gotta get some dirt. As in, a truckbed full (omg)

Next, get your gloves on (and a tape measure?)

Then, get very, very dirty. 

Water your garden everyday (i.e. make it muddy)

Proudly display your handiwork
 Chris and Walt planted some herbs (rosemary, basil, and chives), and some veggies (tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers). And, now we wait for it to "grow up" as Walt would say. Can't wait!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Walt Plays Soccer

Pretty much since birth, Walt has been attracted to any kind of ball. Basically from the time he could walk, he started kicking balls. I couldn't wait for him to finally be old enough to actually get some coaching.  We recently enrolled Walt in a little soccer skills programs. They don't play other teams, but learn little drills and mostly how to listen and pay attention.

Ready to go! Puma shirt and all!
Walt's coach (Coach Mike) is a cool soccer guy with a mohawk, so naturally Walt wants to wear his hair like this now. In all seriousness, Coach Mike has some serious patience with all these three year olds. As hard as it is to imagine, they all don't listen all of the time :)

Walt's heaven. A big, giant goal and tons of soccer balls

Follow the leader...

Ready to make the money shot

Picking up cones

Waiting patiently on their dots :)
I know this is just the beginning of many, many years of sports, and I can't wait! It'll be fun to look back on these days when it was a big deal if Walt could pay attention long enough to kick the ball from one end of the field to the other. I'm still holding out for one of the boys to show a desire to be a hip hop dancer :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Girls Weekend - Broken Bow, OK

Chris and I try to maintain a healthy balance of family time and some independent time. I'm not going to lie, it's a lot to balance sometimes. After working all day long, I usually just want to spend time with my boys and soak in every single second. But the nights I spend out with my girlfriends are undoubtedly food for my soul. I always feel refreshed and reassured (and sometimes a little hungover).

A few months ago, Stori suggested to Jess and I that we have a girls getaway. My first thought was, "No way."  I'm already away from the kids more than I really like, but at the same time, my weekends are so busy between keeping kids occupied and sticking to a nap schedule of some sort.  I was reminded that a happy mommy makes a happy family. 

So after a bit of planning, we ended up renting a cabin in Broken Bow, OK. It should be a 3 hour drive but we headed out after work on Friday night and the last half of the drive is very rural and difficult to see. On the way back, we hit what I hope is the last bit of snow and ice we see for a very long time.

The weekend was designed mostly around food, wine and chick flicks. But we did a little exploring and a lot of talking too.  Let's relive the adventure in pictures:

What better way to start a Saturday morning than granola, mimosas and The Notebook...and your besties

A hike is not complete without a little Sav Blanc

The gorgeous wrap-around porch. Lots of chatting at this table.

We saw some sun on Saturday afternoon.

My nature-friendly friends built a fire. I supervised.

These girls. Love them so!
I hope we've started a tradition. It was such an awesome getaway and I was so excited to see the boys when I got back. Can't wait for the next one!