Monday, July 29, 2013

Oscar's Sip n See

About 18 months ago we moved into a new house. The new neighborhood is just up the street from our old neighborhood. We really loved our old neighborhood (very family friendly, world's best next-door neighbors, old neighborhood with mature trees (in Frisco, which is unheard of), excellent location, etc). But, we needed a bigger abode and frankly were tired of updating a 20-year-old house. 

Our new neighborhood is full of people who are exactly what you want neighbors to be. You might recall that one of our neighbors was on our doorstep in a flash the morning that Oscar was born. We are always having fun get-togethers, both planned and impromptu. It's so comforting!

It wasn't really a surprise when my two neighbors, Jenny and Heather, approached me about a Sip n See for Oscar. It was so thoughtful of them to want to celebrate baby #2.  They completely out-did themselves. It was a "casual" gathering with tons of mini food (or, baby-sized food, if you will). Oscar performed beautifully and stayed crashed while he was passed among all his admirers. I got to enjoy some beer and socialize with our friends. It was a win-win day for everyone.

Here are some pics of the set-up :)

Sweet sign for the sweet boy

"Baby Burgers"

Super yummy desserts!

A fabulous momento for little O. All guests signed this book.

 All the signs and hand-written cards were done by Heather, who has her own design shop. Check out Design Roots :) Everything was perfect from top to bottom. Thanks so much to the Bloem and Allen families for making this a very special day!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oscar - One Month

I feel like Oscar and I deserve a medal. We have survived the first month, which is undoubtedly the toughest in terms of lack of sleep, schedule, idiosyncrasies, constantly feeding, etc.  For as absolutely adorable as babies are, they don't do a whole lot. So, the steady beat of feeding and not sleeping tends to blur everything into one loooooong day with some naps in between.

Chubs :)
But in this long month, Oscar and I have come to know each other very well!  Here are his stats and a few things he does.

Weight: 12 lbs 1 oz - 93%
Height: 23 inches - 97%
Head: 15.8" - off the charts

At this age, Walt was 11 lbs 4oz and 22.8" long. So, Oscar has nearly a pound on him. This blows my mind because I think Walt is a giant kid. Watch out, buddy. Little brother is coming to get you!

Walt on the left, Oscar on the right
I can't help but compare Oscar to Walt. It's all I know.  From behavior to looks, I'm constantly recalling what Walt did and looked like at this age.
  • Oscar eats all the time. He's still pretty consistently eating every 3 hours
  • For the most part, Oscar is pretty happy, but I don't recall having to soothe Walt ever. Oscar takes a bit of loving to go to sleep (or stay asleep)
  • On this note, he has a real restless period around 5 a.m. (YAY.)  He just can't seem to get comfortable, even if he's been asleep. I'm hoping it's not reflux, which Walt had...
  • Oscar began giving me real smiles just before the 4-week mark. This was way sooner than expected. Walt did this closer to 5 or 6 weeks
  • We do tummy time here and there and he does great! Walt would scream his head off and Oscar is calmly content for about 5 minutes. 
Lots of smiles from my boy!
 I'm happy to have the first 30 days under my belt and I anxiously have my eye on the six-week mark, as I recall this being a turning point. Of course, a stretch of sleep lasting longer than two hours would be really awesome as well. For now, I'll just soak up this adorable little personality developing.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Well, we've been home from the hospital for just over two weeks now. I'm beginning to see what the new normal is going to be like, and I like it!  My transition with two kiddos has probably been easier than most because we chose to keep Walt in school full time during my leave. Honestly, the decision was more for Walt than selfishly keeping things "quiet" at home. We knew Walt's routine (and attention) would be affected regardless and he loves school and his friends so much, so it's a good escape for him.

I have to say that Walt's reaction/attitude towards Oscar was one of the biggest questions marks I had during pregnancy. Walt's a pretty sweet and agreeable guy, but he's also 2.5 years old and not immune to acting his age. So far he has been incredibly sweet and loving towards Oscar. He's always asking questions about him (What's he doing? What's wrong with him? etc). And, he is a great helper (he fetches my water and picks things up when I drop them).

Walt's amazing attitude is not without some pretty hilarious moments. The first time he saw me nursing Oscar he just starred at me with a very quizzical look and said, "Oscar is eating your tummy?"  I told him yes. We'll work on female anatomy when he's older.

Although the first few weeks have been pretty much divide and conquer, or as Chris calls it "man-to-man defense", I can see a light where we can do things as a family more. I look forward to those days. I've made some time for Walt whether it's playing out front for a few minutes while Oscar sleeps, or finding time to read some stories.

Finally, everyone is asking who Oscar looks like. Frankly, I don't think he looks like Walt did when he was a newborn. And I also didn't think we could make a kid that looked more like Chris than Walt, but I think we have... You be the judge in this side-by-side. Walt is on the left.