Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Walt's Big Boy Room

I think this room is as close to complete as it will be for a while. We started the transformation all the way back in February. The catalyst was buying and transitioning to a big boy bed. I really didn't want to have to buy a second crib, even though Walt's crib converts to a toddler bed. It was completely psychological.

Before I really had any idea how I wanted to decorate the room, we bought the bed. Then once I found bedding I liked , the other details started coming together. For whatever reason, I'm not a big fan of themed rooms. So, we just went for something boy and a little bit of sports. :)

Next up is Oscar's room which is getting close!

There's the big boy bed/bedding. We still use the toddler rail and often line up Walt's stuffed animals along the wall to ensure no slippage. (And the animals are normal in the bed per Walt's request).  The color on the walls is a really light greyish blue (with the obvious orange stripe).

The bookshelf was definitely a Pinterest steal. I found it, came up with the idea of painting the interior orange, and Chris did everything else. He put it together, nailed the shelves together and even made the seat cushion :)  Walt's newborn diarama made it on top of his dresser, too.

Opposite wall from the bed. It's as "theme-y" as the room gets, but I love these prints. Found them on Etsy and they were color-matched to  the room.

(the "W" is a carry-over from the nursery that I can't bear to get rid of since Chris crafted that too). 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day - 33 Weeks Pregnant

We had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday.  My parents watched Walt for us on Saturday night so we could celebrate Chris's birthday like adults. Which meant that on Sunday morning we got to sleep in!  I think my poor body clock has forgotten how to sleep in at all, but it was so nice to wake up and just lie in bed until I felt like rolling out.

After running some errands (kid-free), we had my parents over for breakfast, took naps (everyone!) then went to Chris's aunt/uncle's house in Plano to see them and his parents. It was a wonderful day.

Being that it was Mother's Day I was reflective on the fact that I am about to be a mommy for the second time. What a wonderful and honored feeling that is!  Although, it's been no secret that this pregnancy has not been as blissful as the first. Not because the pregnancy itself is bad. I'm so very blessed to even be pregnant, let alone have had no issues (no broken bones this time!). But the glow of being pregnant is all but lost the second time around. So, I'm trying to remind myself that this really is a special time and try to enjoy it.  Here are some notes about the pregnancy since last pic (which was 25 weeks. I know I'm a total slacker).

  • Physically, I've had way more aches and pains. My back has pretty much hurt since week 16. Oddly in the past 3 weeks or so, that has subsided.
  • I now walk with a lovely waddle. I can't help it! I feel like I have a bowling ball between my legs.
  • Sleeping is slowly becoming troublesome. I can just tell that numerous nighttime wake-ups are right around the corner.
  • Little Oscar Man is doing great. He's measuring about 2 weeks ahead. At 28 weeks he was 3lbs/10oz. 
  • Oscar's heart rate continues to be in the 140s
  • This dude can move. Chris gets a kick out of watching him do flips nightly.
  • We have our last and final sono at 36 weeks to confirm position and talk about D-Day (eek!)
Walt so kindly came on his own about six days early (weighing nearly 8.5lbs). I'd be happy with this same arrangement. I'd even be happy with 10 days early :)  While I prefer Oscar to just come on his own, I'm not really interested in trying to deliver a 9lb baby, so we'll see where we are at week 36.

33 weeks. Baring my belly in all it's glory. Hiding nothing. :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Muffins with Mom

Today I got to do my very first school activity with Walt!  True, he's been at this school since he was 12 weeks old, but up until they reach 2-years-old, it operates more like a daycare. Now he's in a toddler class and doing real Montessori work (which is totally fascinating).  So, the school has little events all the time, but normally doesn't include the under-two crowd. Not this time!

My big boy just enjoying some special time together ;)
I got to celebrate Mother's Day in Walt's adorable little classroom. I sat at a little table on a little chair just like he does every day.  (Let me just tell you how well this 7.5month pregnant mama fit in that teeny tiny chair...). We ate muffins together (yes, Walt actually ate a muffin... at least he licked the top). And he gave me a homemade gift.

Walt's sweet friend, Juniper, and her mommy, Becky. So happy to have some long-term friends made at this school!
Then he showed me some things he does in the classroom like read books on the rug.  He was such a little stud and so excited to have me there. He even manned up when it was time for me to leave, gave me a kiss, and went back to his work (no tears!).

We're sittin' on the rug. No big deal
I can't believe how big and independent he's becoming. It warms my heart to the point of tears (yeah, I totally choked up when I walked in his classroom). I know he's about to grow up really fast in just a matter of weeks, so these little moment are extra special to me!

Walt was really excited to show me the rug. 

Apparently the rug is for reading, which Walt does very well :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Visit to Gilmer

Since Chris has been working weekends for almost a year, we haven't made as many trips to Gilmer to see the in-laws.  As a matter of fact, the last time we were there was Thanksgiving... when we announced baby #2 was on the way! Nana and Papa are wonderful and come visit us in Dallas often, so Walt hasn't been deprived of one of his sets of grandparents.

As I'm approaching the "do not travel" stage of pregnancy, we weaseled in a quick trip to East Texas this weekend.  The trips out there are always nice. Things slow down a little bit. Nana and Papa live on a golf course with no fence, so Walt has lots of free reign.

Since this was Walt's first time sleeping in a big-boy-bed other than his own, we knew it would be interesting.(He used to sleep in a pack n play, but even if he wasn't fully out of his crib at home, he looks completely ridiculous in a pack n play given that he's the size of a 3-year-old).  He actually did pretty awesome at night. Stayed in his room, etc. He did wake up a little early, but we'll take uninterrupted sleep. Now naps were a whole different story. They were non-existent. Any parent of a toddler knows that no-nap is a kiss of death. It turns your child into this horrible monster!  Walt managed pretty good, but that is NOT a habit I want to continue.

Walt had a GREAT time playing with his cousins Kate (15) and Maddie (8). He really takes to Maddie and she adores him so much that she lets him get away with anything. She's usually the boss, but I think Walt had her following all his directions.

Here are some pics from our fun times :)

Playing some baseball with Dad

These door knobs are so easy to open! Who needs naps??

Tooling around with Papa Bruns and Izzy

Playing some real golf (with non-regulation clubs) as Izzy watches

3.5 minutes after leaving Nana and Papas... you think he still needs a nap?? :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Frisco StrEATs

Well, Spring is upon us and this weekend was gorgeous. We spent Saturday afternoon at the Frisco StrEATS festival. The festival itself was a display of food trucks to meet any culinary desire. A pregnant woman's dream, right!!? Meh. It was disorganized and the food was nothing to write home about.

But the weather couldn't have been more perfect and we saw many of our friends. So, still a successful afternoon.