Monday, January 28, 2013

18 Weeks - Round 2

It's official. I'm terrible at documenting this pregnancy.  Perhaps the fascination with the growing belly is not quite the same the second go-round.  I'd even venture to say that it causes lots of eye rolling and heavy sighs in my house. Don't misunderstand. I'm SO SO SO elated with what's happening and the blessing that is bestowed on us.  But, seriously, I'm not thrilled with the process. Just being honest. 

I'm a "mere" 18 weeks at this point. Not quite halfway, but it sure feels like I'm 25 weeks along.  Things have progressed at warp speed with this pregnacy. I showed faster, I gained weight MUCH more quickly, and the aches and pains have already made themselves known.  Are you just so in awe during the first pregnancy that you naively overlook all these things? Or is it because I'm older, I DO know what's coming, or I'm spending my free time high-tailing it after a two-year old instead of vegging on the couch? Probably some of all of those things.

In more positive news (I swear I'm not Negative Nelly), we find out the gender tomorrow! So take your guesses now.

I've included my belly pics, so anyone who likes the "carrying high/carrying low" theory can observe and decide. I also did some side-by-side comparisons too. I didn't take an 18 week with Walt, but I have a 17 and 19 week.  Other than the noticeably different 'do, I'm clearly bigger this time. And, I look like I'm carrying at the same height? It's tough for me to tell.

So, look for some BIG news tomorrow on the blog!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Walt's 2-year Stats

We got to see Dr. G last week to get the offiical stats on our Munka Man.  It's weird only seeing the doctor every six months (and now once a year!) for check ups. I guess we'll really have to rely on our bathroom scale and wall measure to keep things accurate.

Before the stats, here are some pics of Walt at the dr's:

In the waiting room. Walt majorly busted his lip that day at school. He's got a nice fat lip on the lower right :)

Thank goodness for this iPhone! Kept him pretty entertained throughout the visit.
 So, here's how my big boy measured up:

Height: 36.5" - 94%  (truth be told, I think he may even be a bit taller than this. He wasn't really cooperating).
Weight: 31 lbs 8 oz - 90%
Head: off the charts - still.

Dr. G said Walt will almost certainly be over six foot (no surprise to this girl!). If we play the game where you double their height at 2-year's old you come up with 6' 3" for this kiddo. It'll be fun to see how this shakes out. Chris is 6' 2", so this seems completely reasonable to me.  I fancy myself a pretty average girl (5' 6"), but everyone thinks I'm tall. 

Walt is certainly exerting his independence these days. He can really try your patience one second, then run up to you and say, "I love you, mommy!" the next.  His speech is cracking me up these days. He does things like asks us to fake cry then says, "It's ok, daddy" while patting your shoulder or even says "See you later, alligator!"  I love all these little sayings he's picking up.  We're a long ways from potty training, but I'm taking my battle one at a time.  These days we say a lot of "no fussing, Walt".  I'll let you know how that works out.

Despite the trials and tribulations of trying to rationalize with a 2-year-old, Walt continues to bring us immense amounts of joy. I love his silly personality, which develops daily. He loves making us laugh and laughing right along with us.  He is super friendly and social and continues to be a big name dropper. He remembers names better than I can sometimes!  I just love looking at the world through Walt's eyes and am so blessed for these passed two years! We love you, Walt!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Pros and Cons of Pregnancy

Being my second pregnancy, I have this perspective of knowing what to expect (which is kind of a load of crap, because this time around is REALLY different. That deserves its own blog post). But, in my wisdom of second pregnancy, I know what things I really should get worried about and which things I should just brush off and get over.

Knowing these things has led me to my list!


1. Tired. - This goes without saying.  And the first trimester is really, truly the devil.  The level of fatigue you feel isn't just "man, I could use a nap." It's more, "Holy smokes, I need to pull over right now and sleep for three days."  The worst part for me, what I got this sensation almost immediately when I found out I'm pregnant. Going from active mom to lazy sloth was a tough transition!

2. Weight gain. Hear me out. It's not necessarily the scale that bothers me as much as how my clothes fit. And this in-between stage has GOT to go.  An extra 10lbs looks just like that... an extra 10 lbs.  Not a nice, cute round belly.  As my dear friend, Stori, put it: I feel like I need to wear a sign "Not fat.  Just preggs."

3. Acne. I'm not talking about those hormonal zits you get the week before you're period. Those things you expect and plan for.  I'm talking about pimple insanity that sneaks up behind you. Before you know it, you've got pimples in places you've never had before.  Forget the concealer. The more you use, the more those little bastards pop up.  I regularly see a dermatologist (because I'm vain and really can't handle the zits), and you know it's bad when she kindly pats your shoulder and says "I'll see you in 9 months." You can't take jack crap for those onry little blemishes except some creams that are about as effective as OTC Clearasil.


1. EATING - Now, I'm not really on the "eat everything you want and see because your pregnant" bandwagon, however, I do not even blink an eye when the waiter drops off the basket of bread. Yes, I'll take four slices, and can you bring some more??  I'm not a strict eat when without child, but I am conscious of what goes in my mouth.  Right now I'm carbing up and not looking back... lay off, it's whole wheat pasta, ok??  Oh, and let's not forget dessert shall we. Ask me about the Funnel Cake Fries I had last night -- holy heaven.

2.  Working Out - Wait, why is this in the pro section? It's b/c the usual goal of working out is to lose weight or tone up, and when you don't see those results you are discouraged.  However, when you are pregnant, if you walk around the block you're a hero. The people at the gym roll their eyes as you use 3 lb weights, until they see your belly and then they are bringing you water.  It's a real easy win.

3. A baby :) - Cheesy, yes, but very true. The biggest pro of being pregnant is knowing that little miracle is growing inside. I'll be the first to admit, even this time around, it's really surreal. You KNOW something's going on in there (in my case, I can now see that, as my belly has popped out), but it's very easy to forget it. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fire Fighter 2nd Birthday Party

On Saturday we hosted a little birthday party for our little man who's about to be TWO. Sheesh, how does that happen?  And, ok, it wasn't a little party. Technically, I invited less people than to Walt's first birthday, but this time everyone RSVP'd! I guess Walt is a popular guy. It should also be mentioned that Walt has a large majority of little girl friends, so we can all draw our own conclusions as to what those things mean.

Despite the madness of children under 4 years old running around our house, the party was surprisingly lacking drama and tears!  I was so happy with how well all the kiddos played. And, of course, dessert and ice cream was a big hit!

I'll do a separate post about Walt's actual bday and talk about all the wonderful things that make him a loveable, adorable 2-year-old :)  For now, enjoy the party recap:

It was a weakly themed party. I didn't do much more than than fireman/woman hats and these adorable fire hydrant cups
Got the idea on Pinterest and scoured the Internet to find these. Took a paint pen to them and voila!

Walt's buddies from school, Jaxon and Juniper, playing very nicely!

Juniper is either staring longingly at Walt, or at his cup :)

Walt playing with his newly-walking friend, Dylan!
Walt and Jaxon must shop at the same store!

Singing! Walt even blew out a candle (really impressed by this!) and I managed to not cry this year (victory!)

So my kid won't eat cake or cupcakes or really any sweets, but he will put away some ice cream (that's my boy). He asked for a second one... and since it's his birthday we caved.

Love this pic of all the kiddos around the kitchen table. It was swarming with activity, but so great.
While I did so much better taking pics than I did at his first birthday, I didn't get pics of all the sweet friends who made it to the party. One of these years I'll get it all together. Walt sure enjoyed the party and we are STILL opening presents. Now I know why we did no gifts last year! That boy is swimming in toys!