Monday, December 30, 2013

6-Month Stats

I just wanted to document Oscar's stats, as we took him in for his six-month visit today:

Weight: 20 lbs 2 oz (88%)
Height: 28.0" (92%)*
Head: 18.3" (+100%)

*I swear the nurse said 29" when she measured him, but I was juggling baby at the same time, so I could be off and that seems like a super huge kiddo.  He seems to have leveled out in height. I see you laughing as he's clearly still a giant kid. But he's the same height Walt was at six months. The only stat since birth that they've matched up on.  Oscar is still 2lbs heavier than Walt was at this age. #bigboy

Although we were diagnosed with RSV at this visit, Oscar was such a champ for the check up.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas is full of memories for us. Even before we had kids, this was a special day. Chris even proposed on Christmas Day way back in 2008. Here we are five years after that moment and celebrating our second baby's first Christmas. While it was a momentous day for Oscar, there is no denying that Walt was the center of the day.

We started our celebration on Christmas Eve with my family eating homemade ravioli and eggplant Parmesan. My sisters and I had an official recipe-training session at Thanksgiving so we can continue this tradition. 

Here is Walt coming downstairs (joyfully singing) on Christmas morning:

As you saw, Walt got a brand new kitchen which Santa and his elves spent more than four hours assembling....  He also scored big with a big boy bike!

Snazzy kitchen with modern appliances. Walt has great taste.

Hello danger!

Walt was SO excited to get this. He couldn't wait to ride it.

Oscar enjoyed the little toys we got him and definitely loved watching big bro. 

After a crazy morning, off we went to Gilmer to spend a few days with Nana and Papa (and have another Christmas celebration).  As this time of year tends to do, we were reminded how immensely blessed we are. Can't wait for a new year!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Oscar is 6 Months Old!

It's a really busy time of year, but I definitely couldn't overlook marking the six-month birthday of our littlest guy. As I've made nauseatingly clear in all my post about Oscar, I use the word "littlest" oh-so loosely.  This kid is a beast.  I was reading back at how I described Walt (who is also no runt) and he was Mr. Long and Lean until about this age.  There is nothing lean about Oscar. There never has been. He was born with chubby cheeks and rolls in his thighs. I love that so much about him. He's so pinchable!!
Could his hair be any crazier??
But why am I wasting time on thing we already know? How about some new updates? I don't have his physical stats yet. He sees the doctor on Monday. Please refer to paragraph one for a semblance of his size :)

  • Eating - One of Oscars favorite pastimes.  We introduced some oatmeal cereal several weeks ago. After a few messy practice rounds, he got the hang of it and is truly an animal when he eats (grunting, growling, humming...let's just say it's not a quiet dining experience). Next up: bananas!
  • Sleeping - I hesitate to even talk about this. I feel like this has been such a slippery slope with Oscar.  However, the past two weeks he's gone every night except one sleeping 12+ hours without a single noise. His naps are hit or miss. He takes 2 naps and I usually offer a 3rd one still, but at best, it's 30 minutes long.  His a.m. nap is easily the most predicable and the longest. He also is a stud at putting himself to sleep (be it bedtime or naps)
  • Teeth! - a new category!  Right around 5.5 months I stuck my finger in his mouth and felt his bottom gums to be slightly rough. I did it again the next day. Now he most definitely has his two bottom teeth about halfway out. Walt got his first teeth right at 5 months.
  • Playing - Oscar is a great player. Wait...I mean, he plays well with toys.  He's a champion sitter (something he started on last month's update, but is completely mastered now). No support needed! He does great entertaining himself.
  • Likes - Walt is Oscar's most favorite person by a mile. He also likes playing in his round about or chewing on toys. 
  • Dislikes - he does not like other people crying. He almost always cries if someone else is crying (Walt, other kids, whoever). I take this to mean he's a little sensitive bear. He also isn't a huge fan of people playing with his toys, but let's be honest, who is?
A little blurry, but I added this pic because if you look REALLY closely, you see his two bottom teeth :)

He's pretty content putting anything in his mouth

Our sweet little Stinks
We are so excited to celebrate Oscar's first Christmas tomorrow. Of course it means nothing to him. He is probably even too young to like the paper.  We'll all just have fun watching Walt, and frankly, that would probably make Oscar the happiest anyways.  Happy 6 Months, Buddy!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Walt-isms - 2 years 11 mos Edition

Something happens when your kids turn two (or at some point in that year). They stop learning words and start learning meaning.  Walt's ability to understand context, humor, and timing when he speaks is embarrassing hilarious genius astonishing.  It's only fair (for future ammunition, of course) that I do a better job of documenting his language.  All of the following were things said in the last month or so:

  • "Mommy, you're not listening"
  • (after a haircut) "My hair looks beautiful"
  • "This is my song!" (while I turned on the car radio)
  • "Stop talking. Only Walter can talk."
  • "Can I have some coffee?"
  • "This is only for boys" (said while playing with anything he feels territorial about... we'll need to work on making him realize that boys are the majority in our house!)
  • Walt: "What's this?" (points to nipple) Mommy: "it's your nipple." Walt: "Can I see your nipple?" Mommy: "No, girls don't show their nipples." Walt: "Only boys show their nipples? Like daddy?
  • Daddy (while in the car): "What are you looking at, Walt?" Walt: "The weather"
  • "I don't need to peeps" (referring to pee pee)
  • "Can I watch the News?"
More to come!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Icemageddon 2013

What a crazy past four days. We had one of the worst ice storms I can remember. We had a pretty active winter three years ago when Walt was born. There were two weeks in February where it basically snowed the whole time. I remember Chris being home from work for a week. I remember that being more snow though. This was ice in all sense of the word. There was a 2" thick layer of ice on EVERYTHING.

But that didn't stop us from having fun!

Bundled Up!!

Made it! It looks like he's standing in snow, but it's all ice. Notice his feet don't even sink in it.

Layers of ice on the tree..

Silly ice face

Happy ice face

mommy ice face
And here is a little clip of us trying to maneuver:

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Oscar is Five Months Old

It's time for another monthly update. I have to admit that the pending holidays and my being back in the work groove is making these pop up faster and faster.

So, what has this little stinker man been up to in the past month? A lot!!  I don't have height/weight stats because he won't see the doc until six months, but he's still a big ol' boy. Here are some things Oscar has been impressing us with this month:
  • Several weeks ago, I officially switched him to 9 month clothes. Several weeks ago as in he was 4.5 months when this happened. #chunkymonkey
  • I can confidently say that Oscar is a sitter. I was NOT expecting this. Walt did this just days after his six month bday, but Oscar was like, "hey, mom! I can do that now!"
  • Oscar's most favorite person in the world is Walt. If Walt is anywhere near him (laughing, talking, breathing), then Oscar stops everything he's doing (read: eating) to just watch and laugh at his big brother.
  • We've recently tried cereal a few times because I'm slightly getting peer pressured from teachers at school. He eats 8 oz a feeding (5 feedings). His reaction to the cereal is not good, but we plan on continuing to try.
  • Speaking of eating, we also started feeding him a bottle for his nighttime feeding. We just can't seem to get Oscar to go all night with no wake ups. The bottle helped for a few days. Now we are mixing 1/2 formula + 1/2 breastmilk. Next attempt will be a pureed filet mignon

  •  Oscar is still very happy. He is way happy in the mornings, and really happy when we are getting ready for bed. 
  • Speaking of getting ready for bed, Oscar LOVES the bath. Never once has he not like the bath, even as a tiny (LOL, tiny) infant.  He's gotten to where he sits up in his tub and splashes about. 

I don't really know how Walt and Oscar are majorly different now, but they definitely have done many things differently. Oscar is very happy and laughs, but I think Walt laughed more frequently. Also, Walt rarely had middle of the night wake ups (I know, I'm a total sucker), but Oscar rarely has a night where he doesn't wake up at all. Most night's it's nothing more than a wake up requiring a paci, but there are definitely nights that require several trips upstairs, lots of paci inserts, patting, rocking, and even dragging the baby into bed with us. #badhabits

I sure love the personality on this kid. Majorly laid back, but lots of life. I can't wait to see it continue to develop.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Chopped Competition - Inaugural Cook-off

Several weeks ago, after several drinks and a little trash talk, our neighbors decided we needed to do a Chopped competition. Since Chris and I weren't in on the original conversation, we were immediately nominated as judges (read: taste testers).  With little debate, it was decided this was a boys versus girls competition.

For those of you unfamiliar, here's how it works. Each team is presented a basket of ingredients. The ingredients are typically a protein, starch, veggie, and fruit. Each team's basket is identical. The teams have to create an entree using all ingredients provided, but have creative liberty with whatever is in the pantry/refrigerator.

Chris and I took our role as judges very seriously.  We had a long list of ingredients that we narrowed down to 5 (the major categories and a mystery ingredient):

The ingredients were:

  • Protein: Lamb chops
  • Fruit: Canned sliced pineapple
  • Veggie: Acorn squash
  • Starch: Corn Flakes
  • Mystery ingredient: Cocoa powder
The girls checking out their loot
After the baskets were opened, we put an hour on the clock and they were off...


The boys immediately headed for the smoker

Slicing and dicing... but are they doing it right??

We had to share one kitchen. Luckily it's a big one with two ovens and five gas burners.
The last five minutes were amazing. Chris and I sat back with our glasses of wine and watched them sweat. There was concern over "doneness" of the girls' meat and the boys were hung up on presentation and details. We literally counted down the last seconds and everyone's hands went up in the air. 

With our judges score cards handy, we were ready to get to tasting.
The girls' dish: A coffee/cocoa rubbed lamb chop on a bed of corn flakes/pumpkin seeds, with a side of roasted acorn squash, pumpkin seeds, and goat cheese. All served with a side of cheese bread.

The boys served a grilled lamb chop with balsamic/mole sauce topped with a grilled pineapple, and serve with tempura pineapple and squash (tempura batter included corn flakes).

The feedback we provided to the girls' was very positive. They did a great job on the lamb (though they fretted it wasn't cooked enough, it possibly could have been cooked less). The acorn squash was fantastic and there was a continuous taste of fall in the whole dish. The cheese bread was good, but unnecessary.

The boys' presentation was lovely. They even served a starter salad with ginger vinegarette (and some sake).  The lamb could not have been cooked more perfectly, but where they excelled on details (presentation, starter salad, etc), they lost in their sides. The tempura was too heavily battered. 

With that, we gave a barely higher score to the girls to be the inaugural winners of the Frisco Chopped Competition. Chris and I made them a certificate to proudly be hung! Next competition is already in the works! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Walt Spells His Name

I'm sure this is normal almost-3-year-old behavior, but it knocked the socks off Chris and I.  Walt has always been obsessed with W's. He loves spotting all the W's in any given book. He usually wants Chris or I to write W's for him. Just recently he began learning to write a W on his own. Well, check out what happened when he was showing off some "coloring" and "reading" skills:

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Oscar laughs

We finally got this on camera. Of course, Daddy is the chief laughing officer. Most of the time Oscar grins really big from ear to ear, and pushes a burst of air out of his mouth that just comes out like a squeak, and that's his laugh :)  This time, we got real giggles.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oscar is Four Months!

Oscar is speeding through this first year. Slow down, mister! This past month, he started doing lots of new baby things. But, first, his stats:

Weight: 17lbs 5oz - 85th percentile
Height: 26.5 inches - 94th percentile
Head: 17.3 inches - 97th percentile

A few notes on Oscar's physical stats. Walt was always (and still is) at the very high end of the chart (90th+) but Oscar is pretty much blowing his numbers out of the water. O is a whole 2 lbs (exactly) bigger than Walt was at this age. They are close in height (O has the edge again). BIG boys!

Here are some fun things he's doing:

  • Rolling! - a couple weeks ago Stinks rolled from his back to his tummy. We thought for sure it was an accident. Now he rolls within 10 secs of placing him on his back... including to sleep.  Turns out, he sleeps a lot better on his tummy :) (I know, I know... "Back to Sleep" and "Back is Best" yada yada, but we got the green light from Dr. G b/c O is so strong).
  • Hands! - he absolutely adores his hands. They are often in his mouth or clasped in front of his chest.
  • Mouth - speaking of his mouth, Oscar has become a champion bubble blower. He really loves blowing raspberries. Also from his mouth comes a lot of drool.  Walt teethed super early (first tooth at 5 months), so I guess it's not out of the question, but I'm not putting all my eggs in that basket. For now, he's just a drooler.
  • Sleeping - O is getting better at sleeping.  Generally speaking, he sleeps from 7p-7a, but with that comes several wake ups that require reswaddling, paci insertions, patting, etc.  However, since he's been rolling on his tummy, these wake ups are waning. We have also done a few cry-it-out experiments. Nothing more than 5-10 minutes because I'm a huge wimp and can't stand it. CIO has about a 70% success rate in our house :)
  • Swaddle - As soon as O started rolling, we began experimenting with a one-arm swaddle. It's gone really well, except that when he's on his tummy, I think he'd like both hands available. We've just begun both arms out. Wish us luck :)
  • Eating - Now that O is taking bottles regularly at day care, it's easier to know how much he's eating. He drinks three 7-ounce bottles a day plus I am nursing in the a.m. and p.m.  This is not an area of concern in our house :)
  • Other loves - Oscar loves, loves, loves standing. We put him in a standing bouncer and he's in heaven. He also loves his big brother. He watches him if he's close by, and can recognize his voice. 
Some pics of the big boy:

hand in mouth. It's impressive it's just the one hand.

Sittin' big. With a little assist from mom.

looooves grabbing those feets!
oh, and Walt wanted in on the photo fun.  It was just me being mom and photographer at the same time. Yeah, it was a handful!

my big, handsome boy!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Yamboree 2013

Cool air, football, the smell of fall all mean one thing: it's Yamboree time!  For those of you  who don't know, it's the annual celebration of yams that happens in Gilmer, TX every October. It's Walt's third Yam-fest, and Oscar's very first.  Admittedly, Oscar didn't get to partake in all the festivities, but boy did Walt!

We arrived on Friday, put Oscar down for a nap and headed with Walt to the square for some rides.
This was the first thing Walt wanted to ride.  A big ol' Ferris Wheel! Knowing that Walt doesn't sign up for something he's not ready for, I said ok!
He was so big! I was so proud. We rode it with Uncle Dave who made it even more fun.
Well, duh. We had to ride cars.

And motorcyles... (melt my heart with that smile, why dontcha?)

Then on Saturday morning we sat with the McClures (a favorite tradition of ours) and watched the parade floats. Lots of pretty "princesses" and colorful floats.

Janna and I with the kids. We really enjoyed ourselves because Janna was smart enough to finally bring some alcohol to the event :)

Walt waiting for the next marching band to come by!

Firetrucks are loud!

Getting a lift from Daddy...

....and, aren't we thankful? :)
I couldn't leave out the Oscar man, who had so much fun meeting his Uncle Frank and Aunt Bernadette.

having a great time with Aunt B

And then on Saturday night, this happened. My poor little Munkaman had more fun than he could handle. He went to a back bedroom to watch some cartoons, and by 6:15, I found him like this:

As always, it was a fun weekend for all. I can't wait until next year!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's in a Nickname

I'm not really sure how they came about, but Chris and I managed to nickname both the boys within days of their existence. I don't even know how we came up with the names because it's not like we knew what the babies would be like. Turns out, the nicknames couldn't be more wrong for each of the boys.

We called Walt "Monkey Man" from the beginning. Quickly it got shortened to MunkaMan and finally to its most common form, Munks.  Chris and I call him Munks to each other "Did you feed Munks dinner", but it's rare we actually all Walt "Munks" to his face. The irony comes in because Walt is far from a daredevil kid. On the contrary, he's super cautious. He's not at all afraid to try new things, but he always wants to be certain that he can accomplish something before trying it. I think this is why it to him until 15 months to walk. He wanted to make sure he could execute perfectly. And I can also say he's not really a clumsy kid at all. He falls down like any kid, but his cautious nature prevents random trips. (Author's note: this clumsy trait is fiercely dominant on my side, so clearly he favors dad here).

Like Munks, we started calling Oscar "Stinks" from a young age. Again, I have no idea where this generated. It just happened. So, Stinks it is. Munks and Stinks. What's wrong with this nickname, you ask? Unlike his big brother who still poops daily if not multiple times a day, Stinks poops once every 3-4 days. Stinks is not that stinky!

I love these loving names and wonder how long they will last. I can't wait to see the back of one of their sports jerseys with Munks or Stinks on it :)