Monday, December 31, 2012

Family of 3 = Family of 4

I've been mulling over this post since October! I'm so excited to announce that Team Bruns is making its way towards a basketball team.  In June 2013, we will add another little bundle to our mix and we couldn't be happier!

12 week sono... baby's head on the right... just lounging around
While we were trying to have a baby, I have to say it was a pretty half-hearted attempted as I was in the throws of my last semester in school and still trying to get my arms around a new job that I started in June.  Needless to say, I was super surprised to see the little blue line appear almost immediately on the pregnancy stick.

In terms of how I feel physically (emotionally, I'm ecstatic!).... meh.   I almost IMMEDIATELY had symptoms (fatigue, nausea, general ickiness) and with Walt I had symptoms for like one week.  We were kinda thinking this wouldn't happen until the first of the year, so it did sneak up on us during a VERY busy time. I'm sure that didn't help the funk.  I also noticed the pooch much sooner... but it's  much higher. Odd. I'll let you think about all the gender myths and apply them to my symptoms :)  I am happy to report that I have turned a big corner after 13 weeks. No more nausea and fatigue/headaches are almost gone. PHEW.  We'll never know if it's b/c I'm out of my 1st trimester or b/c the weight of school is off my back.

As for Walt -- he has no clue what's going to happen :) While we tell him there's a baby in my tummy (and he happily answers the same when asked "where the baby is"), and we even bought him a book on being a big brother... I really don't think the reality will hit until he sees an actual infant in the room next to him.  Despite not grasping the concept, I do think Mr. Munks will be a fantastic big brother. He's already started helping so much around the the house and he is the first to comfort someone when they are crying (even if it's just Mom and Dad fake crying).

There you have it! The official due date is June 30, 2013 (so, I'm 14 weeks as I write this). Yes, we are finding out the sex (should be early Feb).  Now you know why I'm determined to blog more consistently in 2013.
This is NOT what I had in mind for our first belly shot, but it's too hilarious not to share. Walt looks like he just robbed a candy store.

No lie, I think I was this same size at 17 weeks with Walt. I'll have to dig up the pics for a side-by-side

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

White Christmas in the SNOW

What a wonderful and awesome surprise it was to get a nice blanket of snow on Christmas Day. It seemed like a movie! The year that Walt was born, it snowed a LOT.  It snowed the day after he was born, and then in February 2011 when he was just weeks old, it snowed for like two weeks straight or something totally ridiculous for Dallas.

But, despite ALL that snow when he was little bitty, last winter was very mild. So much so that I'm not sure we ever wore a sweater.  All that to say, Walt got to have his FIRST snow experience on Christmas Day. Since he knows some Christmas/Holiday songs, he's very familiar with what snow is (and certainly what a snowman is).  This was our adventure into the great white powder:

Thank goodness Santa brought him a hat and mittens (but this puffy jacket cracks me up the most)

Not real sure how he feels about the snow in his face

Still unsure. Is it the snow or the cold that bothering him?

Half smile with Daddy!

Going for a walk... there were parts of the snow up to Walt's calf!

Walking through the neighbor's winter wonderland

Finally enjoying the snow falling and trying to pick it up!

And just to further illustrate Walt's hesitation with the snow, I have video proof.  I will say that for the 10 minutes we were outside, he was half whining and really unsure about the whole thing, but the minute we headed back inside he completely lost his mind. Poor guy... overstimulation with the presents and now snow!  (please notice I filmed this in the correct orientation... you're welcome).

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!

Oh boy! What fun this Christmas was! Although Walt was almost a year old last Christmas, he really did not get it.  By the time he unwrapped his last present this year, I can positively say that he got it.

Chris and I tempered our gift buying last year for a number of reasons. First, the fact the he was only one years old, meant he didn't need a whole lot of stuff. The empty box would have been entertainment enough. Second, Walt's birthday is exactly two weeks after Christmas. While we did "no gifts" for his birthday last year (similar logic to the Xmas presents), we knew he'd still get some stuff.

Welp, we've totally changed our tune this year. Maybe it's because the toys for older kids are so much more fun than a light-up keyboard that plays the same annoying lovely nursey rhyme over and over. Chris and I jointly discussed what we're getting Walt, but each made some individual purchases. I'll let the pics (and video) speak for themselves.
The "BIG" Santa gift. He couldn't wait to start shooting hoops. See the video below

FIRE TRUCK! Walt got lots of trucks and cars and is in heaven.

Let me explain the video below.  I was ever-so-kindly lectured by my friend, Richard Zicchino, about why I need to shoot iPhone videos horizontally.  One thing that was NOT explained was if you make this realization AFTER you have already started recording, then you just get a sideways video.  I hope the terrible cinematography can be overlooked to enjoy our Christmas morning joy :)


Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Picture Outtakes

In late November, our little family of three took some adorable family pics with a lovely photographer. Doesn't that sound all nice and pleasant? While the pics that were posted to Facebook revealed a happy, smiling family of three in a nice, tranquil wooded area, what the experience was actually like was 45 minutes of chasing Walt around, bribing him with everything from his iPhone to ice cream, and desperately trying not to sweat or mess up my hair.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVED how our pics came out. Lauren Ashley was our assistant wedding photographer. She has recently branched out from weddings and shooting families both here and in Tyler.  She's uber talented and I couldn't wait for her to shoot our family.  I was surprised (shocked, even) that we had so many great photos from the session because trying to have your almost-two-year-old do what you say, while outside, close to dinnertime is a huge feat. You can see the GOOD pics here, but I thought it would be fun to share the outtakes.

Walt supposed to be watching camera. More interested in what mom and dad are doing.

We have a LOT of these "Put me down" moments. Notice Chris and I are trying desperately to keep smiling!

Again, trying to escape

Seriously, a year ago I could toss this baby up in the air. He's huge or I'm way out of shape.

These are my favorites. Walt thought messing with Daddy was hilarious... and it was.


Friday, December 7, 2012

I'm All Graduated and Stuff

As unbelievable as this is for me to say, I am FINALLY graduated with my MBA.  As mentioned in previous posts, UTD did this so backwards that it was really tough to appreciate the actual graduation. While I walked across the stage and got a nice pretty portfolio (with a sentimental letter from the Dean), I still have a week ahead of exams. That's when I'll REALLY be done.

However, I'm SO glad I decided to walk across the stage. I had toyed with the idea of walking or not for a number of reasons. One being I just couldn't wait for this journey to be over and two, I didn't feel it was necessary... at first.  Then as I started to think about it, I realized that this degree I worked at harder than any other (high school or college).  Graduating from h.s. and college seemed "expectedd" to me. While  I know that going to college is a huge achievement and not everyone does it, I guess I was just lucky enough to be surrounded by people who went to college and didn't think twice about it. I don't really remember there being another option.

Getting my MBA was 100% my choice. Something I toyed with for a few years before taking the plunge. It was also the first education I paid for (am paying for?) myself, so that definitely made me feel like I had skin in the game.  Then of course we have all the things that happened during my journey (marriage, baby, new job, etc).  All this things VERY joyous and welcomed, but all adding a layer of complexity to getting my degree. 

So, walking across that stage felt amazing.  So much so, that I even got a little teary! I was genuinely proud of myself. Even though it was a UTD ceremony, I professionally walked back to my seat after getting my fake diploma, turned to look at my parents and Chris, and proudly lifted my hands in the air with a triumphant, "WHOOP!"  Since, I was the very first person in line, I'm certain everyone saw.

I am so thankful for all the support I received over the last four years. Encouraging words and little fun distractions made the road easier to travel.  I am MOST thankful for my insanely amazing husband.  He has sacrificed a lot so I can go to school. He keeps me well fed and is the worlds best care-taker of Walt. Not one complaint out of that man in the past four years. He's the best :)

There's the set up! It was a very small ceremony compared to both my high school and college graduation, but that's a good thing.

There I am.... first student in line.

My #1 Supporter and the reason I succeeded! I love you!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

I realize this post is out of order, but at the moment, my life is a little out of order!

I wanted to make sure we captured the awesome time we had in Gilmer for Thanksgiving. We only spent a couple of days, but it was really a great time. Not only did we have the pleasure of hanging out with Nana and Papa (Chris's folks), and Walt's cousins, Kate and Maddie, but Chris's Uncle Frank and Aunt Bernadette were there. We also got a visit on Thanksgiving Day from Aunt Paula and Uncle Larry, cousin Stephanie and cousin Anna! It was a full Bruns/Lange party!

We had such gorgeous weather that Walt spent about 8 of his 10 waking hours outside. He threw a fit when we had to come in. He loves being at Nana and Papa's where he can roam free (we call it "free-range Walt) and just play to his heart's content.

Walt with Maddie and Izzy the dog.  We always needed to know where Izzy was.
While it appears Walt is helping with the gardening, he's simply retrieving his golf ball lost in the rough

No lie, this kid can hit off a tee (albeit with a plastic ball and club, but give him a break!)

Maddie and Kate giving Walt more attention than he needs :)

Walt enjoying some time with Uncle Larry, who makes him laugh

My best boys!
I just LOVE Thanksgiving because it's so less hectic than Christmas. Being in Gilmer really gave us the opportunity to slow down for a bit and just enjoy the greatness of our extended family!