Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

What a different a year makes!  Halloween at almost 2 years old is a totally different ballgame from Halloween at almost 10 months. It's WAY more fun!  Since I already gave you the background on the costume, I'll dive right in to Halloween festivities.

It's important to note (not really sure why it's important, but I feel like mentioning), that I flew in from Charlotte just hours before the fun began. Never a dull moment, people!

Our neighbors, the Allens, has a fun little gathering in their front yard starting in the late afternoon. It was perfect for all our little toddlers considering It doesn't get dark til nearly 7:00 and that's Walt's normal bedtime. So, the kids had a blast just running around in their costumes. And we still got to do some traditional trick or treating, which Walt TOTALLY figured out. After one house he was marching up to the door, ringing doorbells, and saying "chick a cheek". He even managed a few "thank yous" in there, so I'm a happy mama.

Walt giving his buddy, Austin the Fireman, his fireman hat

Ready! Hut!

The princess costume is popular among the ladies. I love it!

Baby Laura is a precious little bumble bee!

The boys ready to find candy!

There goes Walt with Austin close behind... gimme some candy!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Party!

This year, Halloween has been so much more involved. I love it!  Chris and I thought long and hard about Walt's costume. Knowing very well that our years of dictating costumes are numbered, we figured we'd continue our brainwashing.  We agreed that Walt should be a sportsplayer of some sort, and quickly picked football player (what's ironic about this is neither Chris nor I really want Walt to actually play football... too scary!).  Since Chris and I differ on which pro teams we root for (GO BRONCOS), it was easy to turn Walt into a little Aggie.

In addition to normal Halloween activities, we were invited to a Halloween Party at Storybook Ranch for one of Walt's classmates. It was a GREAT time and I'm so thankful this little girl's mom decided to have the party. I kicked and screamed last year when I didn't get to take Walt to a pumpkin patch and this year was quickly headed in that same direction. Enter party invite where the party is AT a pumpkin patch. Two birds! Yes!

Here is Walt having fun with his friends:

A bounce house! Walt was a boune king. Love this action shot. His friends Juniper (kitty cat), Jaxon (Thor), and the party host, Addison (Minnie) made it more fun.

My little 12th Man :)

On the haride.  Juniper telling us all what's going on, Walt confused, and Jaxon ready to protect at a moment's notice

He's gotten so independent. Stop it!

The gratuitous pumpkin/hay picture! Yay!

Chasing chickens and goats with Juniper

Miss Becky helping Walt touch the goats
I can't wait for actual Halloween with this excited little man. He's such a curious bear, and I know he'll love Halloween!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Show Me Your Funny Face

As working parents (and parents with not exactly the same schedule... there's lots of handing off in our house), we communicate a lot with our phones.  No, of course we don't talk on our phones. Do people do that?? We text and send pics and videos of the Munka man.   However, we started seeing a lots of similar pics from each other: here's Walt eating, here's Walt playing outside, here's Walt picking his nose... the norm.

So, we've started sending each other funny faces. Walt is a great sport and REALLY gets into it when you use the "self camera" on the iPhone and he can see both his own face and the picture taker's face. 

Some silly faces:

Funny #1
Stick your tongue out - classic funny face

Popeye (mom) and Walt making funnies. Walt getting tickled at my goofiness :)

And just a fun one :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yamboree 2012

The annual Gilmer Yamboree has become such a cherished tradition in our life. Chris grew up in Gilmer, which has been hosting the Yamboree festival for the past 75 years. It's a pretty big deal.  The kids get out of school for a couple days, there's a pageant, a queen, duchesses, a parade, and of course the "fair" on the square.  Think State Fair of Texas on a really small, adorable scale.

Last year was Walt's first Yamboree and he was so entralled with the parade, that at nine months old, he sat quietly in my lap for 90 minutes.  This year was even better! Not only did he enjoy the parade (BIG TRUCKS!) but he actually got to enjoy the fair.  Our friends, the McClure's live in Tyler and we've made a lovely little tradition of watching the parade together with their two loveable kiddos (Cash (5), Blake (2)). 

In other amazing news, despite Walt's car sickness of late, he neither puked on the car ride to Gilmer, nor puked on any of the midway rides. Woo hoo! I'll leave the rest up to the pictures:

Just a wee bit apprehensive right before the very first ride goes... When the ride stopped, he signed "more, more, more"

Daddy and Walt on the Merry Go Round... Daddy trying not to puke (wonder where Walt gets it??)

Sweet cousin Maddie helping Walt on the boat

These motorcycles may have won me Mom of the Year... the seat belt barely snapped, and as you can see, Walt spent the whole ride slowly slipping off the seat. At least I got a pic. Priorities, people.

Walt playing with a Gilmer friend (the dog and the human)

Parade day! Walt LOVES Cash and gave him high five

These poor kids were hungry, thirsty, and right in direct sunshine.  Janna and I said next year we'll have food, water, sunscreen.... and mimosas.

Cousin Maddie is on this float!  She's in the front on the far side.  The duchess on this float even gave Walt a shout out as they came by. Future Yam King? I think yes. (Yam King = not a real thing)

Best seat in the house

This happened in t-minus 3 minutes once we got in the car. The funniest part was I kept asking him if he wanted lunch, wanted water, wanted to eat? With his eyes closed, he just kept saying noooo. :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

School Daze

Walt has been in daycare (we call it school... it feels better) since he was three months old. I can confidentally say it's actually more school-like these days.  Don't get me wrong, the kiddos spend most of the day playing, but they are definitely learning too. Walt comes home from school saying and knowing more things every single day.

Walt's teacher in his pre-toddler class was sweet enough to snap some pics of the kids at school. The kids in his class are aged 17 mos to just shy of 2 years old. What baffles me is how sweetly they sit! I'm sure this doesn't always happen, but still! I'm even more baffled by naptime (which I've never seen). I can't believe Walt a) naps on a cot and b) naps in a room full of friends!

Here are some great shots of Walt in the learning process :)
Walt and his buddy, Juniper, painting masterpieces!

Common picture face for Walt.  You really have to catch him smiling "in the act"

All of the sweet babies reading their books!

Walt's working a puzzle. He LOVES these and prefers the ones with different shapes. Blows my mind.

Learning numbers! Also blows my mind that Walt will count some things! (not much past 3, but still!)

Walt and his buddies (again, not good at posing)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

State Fair of Texas 2012

With Chris working parttime on the weekends and me juggling school for one last semester, we've been hard pressed to find some good family time.  We decided to play hooky from work and keep Walt out of school and take a family field trip to the State Fair of Texas.

Now I know you've been reading our really disguisting bout with disease, so you should not be surprised to read this paragraph. On our way downtown, I happily was pointing out "big trucks" and big buildings to Walt. He loves big trucks and thought he'd get a kick out of seeing all the cars on the Tollway. I guess the site-seeing and stop-and-go traffic was a little too much and he proceeded to puke up two yogurt cups while I'm flying by the Galleria.  Oh joy! More throw up!!  We pull over and thank GOODNESS Chris had taken his own car, b/c I sent him straight to Target for a change of clothes. Having been homebound for nearly 3 weeks, I was NOT letting this stop our outting! I was convinced (and now, I truly am convinced) it was simply car sickness and nothing more.  We changed Walt, put him in Chris's nice, clean car, and I rolled all my windows down and we were back on our way.

We didn't stay long on the Fair, but it was great for Walt's first experience. Here is the adventure in pictures:

We found the animals!

Dad and Munks - walkin' about

Loved feeding these goats!

So happy!

When are we gonna see more goats, Mom?

Seriously. Could these guys be more twinsy!?

Mommy helping with the super sweet sheep!

Walt and Goat!
We had a great time! Walt behaved himself and really loved the animals. He ran free in the kid's barnyard. I can't wait til he can ride rides, though after the barfing incident, he might be on his own. Can't wait to take him to the Yamboree in a few weeks!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Bruns Pandemic

So, if you read my previous post you know that we've had a rough go at health the past few weeks. When I wrote that post I thought, "Wow, this is really crazy. Back-to-back illnesses. What an interesting post." What I didn't realize was I was going to get back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back... illnesses.  The two illnesses alone seemed like a cakewalk! I'll keep this brief, and if you didn't see the Bruns family from about 9/24 to 10/11, be very happy.

First, Walt had croup (ER visit) and the stomach bug. We know this.  Then, literally a day after I posted this, I sent my happy butt to CareNow only to find out I had strep. Gross. After 3 days of antibiotics and a very disturbing cough, I went BACK to CareNow to be diagnosed with bronchitis. That's four diseases in the house in 10 days. Yuck.

Then, Walt started acting weird again. Lots of coughing. Back to the Dr. for him. Croup... AGAIN. More steroids, which made him completely rotten and breathing treatments.  Just when I think we can't get anything else, I get a cold and more hacking.  

I'm not an over-medicator, but near the end of this epidemic, there wasn't anything I wouldn't consume. Vitamin C drop? yes. Mucinex? you bet. Cough medicine with codeine? Bring it.  So, now I think we are all better and ready to be released back to the public.