Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Peanut-Free Zone

Last weekend we had an unfortunate (or maybe fortunate??) incident where we discovered Walt is highly allergic to peanuts.  Growing up, I was a very severe asthmatic with every allergy under the sun. Since day one, I've been worried about Walt's genetic acquistion of these ailments. Pretty much every time he gets sick, even a cold, we're on breathing treatments. Regarding allergies, while I am allergic to anything with dander (read: all animals), I never had reactions to medicines or food. So, when Dr. G gave us the green light on peanut butter, I all but ran to the store and bought some b/c Walt needs a bit of variety in his diet!

Sunday afternoon after Walt's nap, we were giving him a snack. Chris pulled out some Ritz crackers and thought we should try a bit of peanut butter. I was all for it.  Of course, Walt was not (thank goodness!!).  He wrinkled his nose and just poked at the cracker.  Impatiently, I wiped some peanut butter from the cracker and dabbed it on his lip.  More ugly faces.  Chris and I laugh....

...then not two minutes later Walt began acting very strange.  He kept sticking his tongue out, he began drooling profusely (even more than normal, if that's imaginable), and yawned incessantly.  I began to panic. Call it motherly instinct, but I could tell immediately something was wrong. Chris, rightfully, told me to chill out and no sooner did he say that then Walt began puking.  Begin Mega Mom Freak Out.

After stripping him of his clothes, pouring Benadryl down his throat, and scrubbing every last ounce of peanut away we looked up and saw Walt's face a splotchy, puffy disaster.  Not only was his mouth swollen to no end, but that finger he used to poke the cracker went directly into his eye... so now his eye was swollen half shut.

We were SUPER lucky that was such a controlled experiment.  We are now armed with an EpiPen should he be exposed, but his allergy is definitely severe. Hours after this incident, Chris was wrestling and smooching on Walt and Walt's face broke out in hives... b/c Chris had been eating peanut butter. MAN!

On the bright side, I had a great conversation with my long-time allergy/asthma doctor, Dr. Moore, and Walt now gets to meet him too.  What a scary thing, but now we know and just need to keep Walt far away from peanuts and anyone else who enjoys them.

I'll leave you with a couple pics of my puffy-faced boy...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Do NOT Visit Pure MedSpa in Frisco!

This is not my normal fodder for the blog, but I'm looking for communication vehicles.  I'll make this short and sweet.

About a year ago, I purchased one of the gazillion Groupons for laser hair removal.  I'm not embarrassed. It's for my legs. You all will be jealous eventually :)  Or, you won't because my experience has been AWFUL.

I beg you to avoid Pure MedSpa in Frisco on Lebanon/Tollway on the northwest corner.

Not only have my laser hair removal treatments been terribly ineffective, but the service is downright appalling. After waiting ONE HOUR for my appointment on Saturday, I was rudely chastized by the owner that I was being "too chatty" with others who were also waiting well past their appointment times. I was treated very rudely and not even once was there an apology for the inconvenience of being ONE HOUR past my appointment time. No attempt to make the situation even just a little bit better.  And the tardiness is pretty typical.  I typically wait up to 30 minutes and during my forbidden chat session with other clients, they too have waited in excess of 30-45 minutes each time. NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

Has anyone else had any experiences here? I've also sent a complaint to Groupon (I know, shame on me for falling for the cheap price). So, don't go and tell others not to either. There are far too many places that offer laser hair removal that would be MORE than happy to take the business.

*steps off soapbox*

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Walt is 18 Months!!

Maybe it's because I did an update for each month during Walt's first year, but I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I have an 18-month old! In a post a while ago, I made a comment that when you are pregnant, you are laser focused on the due date, and you don't really consider that in a super short amount of time you have, in my case, an 18-month old. Holy moly!

At 18 months, I am just smitten with my child.  Each day his personality develops and I just love it.  He is definitely in a parrot stage, which is both hilarious and frightening. Before I get into what Walt is doing these days to keep us entertained, here are his stats (not surprising to anyone who has seen Walt in the flesh and blood that he is a big dude):

Weight: 29lb 3oz.......90% 
Height: 34 in.............95%
Head: 20 in...............>100%

Don't get me wrong, he's giant in weight, but I seriously thought he'd be off the charts. Picking up nearly 30lbs of toddler is BIG.

As for his doings:

  • Naps - he is consistently napping from about 12-2 p.m. This varies.... at school we're LUCKY to get 2 hours. At home he's been known to crash for 3+ hours.
  • Chatty - Walt still signs eat, please, and more, but definitely says a lot more. He can say cracker, boppy (water), cheese, wa-va (waffle), cheerios, and bib. He's pretty insistent that the bib goes on before food is served
  • More chatty - Other things he'll say is airplane (one of his favorites), puppy, bye bye (which is now correct, and not dye-dye as it was a few months ago, daddy, mommy, papa, nana, baby (every picture has a "baby" in it, according to Walt), outside, inside, beep-beep (for his car), down, up, off, on... and so on
  • Time Out - yes, we are doing this. And yes, he actually participates. When we first started this, it felt like he was in time out all the time. Lately, he rarely goes in (I"m sure this will change). He just gets plopped in a doorway near the garage and has to sit there for a minute (timed).  The first few times he screamed bloody murder and we had to keep setting him back in there. Now he just sits quietly (or occasionally will call for mommy or daddy).  I have to admit, it's been pretty effective.  After 3 or 4 times in timeout for throwing food off his high chair, he's all but ceased doing that.
  • Swimming - He swims! He can go under water for five seconds, which is total torture for me. But, I think he's learning some great techniques that will be helpful as we continue to take him to the pool
I have to leave you with a few pics of the little dude. He's no camera hound, but has just recently figured out what "chhheeeese" means and likes that :)

Our little stinker playing hide n seek (looking way too big)

Supportin' the Gilmer Buckeyes :)

And, of course, playing in the rain!