Saturday, June 23, 2012

Plano Fire Department Adventure

This summer, I'm trying to capitalize on the fact that Walt is definitely more interested and curious about things, yet he's not insistent on spending 6+ hours doing something. We're doing real good if we catch his attention at one thing for an hour.  Luckily, there are so many free and cheap things to do during the summer. So, last week I was perusing and noticed that the Plano Fire Department was celebrating it's 125th anniversary at the Heritage Farmstead. Having grown up in Plano, I have taken many a field trip to the Heritage Farmstead, which is the family home/farm of one of the original families in Plano. All dorkiness aside, I have very fond memories of this place.

Low and behold it remains relatively unchanged, but in a very good way.  Rather than bore you with words, here is our adventure in pictures:

Inspecting a big, shiny fire truck

A very hot Walt and Daddy on the firetruck

Walt loved these chickens. He kept calling them "ducks"

Gobble! Gobble!

Mommy and Walt in front of a very old fire truck

Saying hi to the mules!

A red-cheeked Walt saying bye to a fire truck

About 5 minutes past the exit and this little guy was done :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day, MunkaDad!

This Father's Day we spent it in Gilmer, which was nice because it's always so relaxing to be in the country. Chris got to do what he loves the most, which is play with his best buddy and play some golf. So, you can imagine the excessive amounts of joy when we combine BOTH of those things into one, single activity.  To my chagrin, Walt was totally interested in the sport of golf and kept wanting Chris to help him. He'd follow him around with the mini-clubs saying "Help me! Help me!"  How could he resist!?

Chris and I are so thankful to each have our own father's still around and even more blessed that Walt loves his Papa Bruns and Papa Chuck.  He lucked out and makes them both happy just by knowing one simple word, "Papa".  (Even my mom, who goes by Papa Ronni, will take "Papa").

Here are some pics of my future PGA Tour champ and his caddy. You figure out who is who :)

keep your eye on the ball!

Just put that ball anywhere (if no one is watching)

Chip it in!

 Happy 2nd Father's Day, Chris! We love you!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Swimming Monkey

At the urging of some friends, we decided to enroll Walt in some swim lessons this summer. It didn't take much arm turning as Walt is completely fearless in the water. He is so overly cautious about everything else in life (hello, took him 15 mos to walk!), yet he will go face first into water no problem. He even will suck in a bit of water time and time again, but it does not faze him. He's a nut!

I thought I'd share some pics and videos of how much the Munks loves the water.

First class. I'm super excited. Walt is observing.

"Motor Boat"... kicking for balls!

Practicing lying on our back next to our friend Juniper (and Juniper's mommy, Becky)

Monkey-walking on the wall (their term, not mine... shockingly)

Preparing to jump to daddy!

Friday, June 1, 2012

I Got a New Job!

This has been in the works for sometime now, but I'm excited to say that I have a new job! I always had the intent to change up my career a bit, but figured I'd wait until the ol' MBA was done. Well, a series of events in December 2011 sped up the process.  A couple companies started recruiting ME (Thank you, LinkedIn), but they weren't the right fit. Once I had dusted off my resume and interviewing skills for those opportunities, I figured I'd dip my toe in further.

After about a six-month pursuit, I landed at a company called Pacific Interpreters. My goal in looking for a new job was threefold.
  1. Switch industries - after eight years in the software industry (software for insurance/financial services, to be exact), I was ready for a change. I want to be a marketing expert, not an industry expert.
  2. Manage people - I'm bossy. What can I say? Truthfully, leadership/management/org behavior has been a prime concentration during my MBA, so I really wanted to help coach people
  3. More money - let's be real.  Isn't this the main motivator during any career switch? I just felt like it was time for a decent bump, and that wasn't happening where I was.
Now I am the Marketing Director for Pacific Interpreters. It's a super fantastic company that provides language interpretations (over the phone, mostly) and typically in a healthcare situation (think if you broke your arm or god forbid you were in labor and you didn't speak English... we help!). It feels great to be back at a small company and even better to be with a company that is truly providing a do-good service.