Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mini He or Mini She?

I realize I'm really grasping at straws at this point, but I thought it would be fun to explore some side-by-side pics of the Munkaman with his mom and dad as little ones.  Trust me, I'm well aware that my child is 99% spawned from my husband. He looks like him AND acts like him. I consider myself super lucky in this department. But, there are some things that are totally me.  For one, our child has nothing resembling jet black hair. In fact, Walt's hair is much closer to my hair color, especially as a toddler. In the summer time, my hair was nearly golden blonde.

My mom mentioned she thinks Walt's eyes are more mine than Chris's.  I go back and forth on this. Sometimes I think they are Chris's and sometimes mine.  Even the color seems a bit sketchy. Sometimes they seem super dark brown like mine and others more of a light brown like Dad's.  It's so hard to tell!  As a matter of fact, you decide for yourself:

My assessment is definitely Chris's nose, but maybe more my face shape? Who knows. He's 100% Walt, that's for sure.

Super crazy Munka Man!

Plane spotting :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Suck It, Cancer!

About six weeks ago, my good friend Brandi came to a group of our girlfriends and asked if we wanted to start a team for Relay for Life. If you're not familiar with RFL, it is a global fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. The relay is an overnight event where teams camp out and take turns walking.

Being the charitable group that we are, we thought it would be fun. What we didn't factor in was the excess of type-A personalities in the group, which means we couldn't just ask a few people for money and be done with it. We pulled together a HUGE Cinco De Mayo fundraising party last weekend (in a matter of four weeks, no less).  It was a massive success. We had over 100 people (including adults and kids) and it was like a mini carnival.  We are already planning how to make next year's event bigger and better.

The actual relay itself is this Friday (5/11), and I can't wait to hear how the experience is. Our team has raised over $10,000 and we still have a few days left. If you want to support us, feel free to donate here:

Here are some pics from our fun day:

Awesome and successful group of ladies!

Walt loved playing with his friends. Reese has no idea her ball is about to be swiped.

Not one, but TWO bounce houses. Kid heaven.

This MunkaMan had such a great time, but look how red his little face got!
 We sincerely appreciate everyone's support up until now. We've had SO many generous donations. Not just cash, but people donating time and "things" for the party. It all adds up so dramatically and all the donations are so valuable!  Here's to kickin' cancers behind!