Sunday, April 22, 2012

Walt Gets a New 'Do

After putting it off for (too many) months, we decided to finally go get the Munka Man a big-boy haircut.  We went to a super cheesy little kids haircut place. I chose this route mostly because we wanted to distract Walt with lots of things so he wouldn't freak out over the haircut part. I guess I forgot that my child is so much like my husband and completely laid back.  He thought the whole experience was great! He never got anxious and actually laughed at the electric trimmer and the hair dryer.  Behold the before, during and after pics :)

We decided 1993 was not coming back.. and neither was the rat tail.

Long, shaggy hair up front .. party in the back.

Way excited to be in a car!

Putting on the cape!

He had this look on his face most of the time.

I'm unnecessarily coaching him. He did so good!

I absolutely love the look on his face here.

Getting your hair cut is fun!

More hilarity with the blow dryer

Cool guy style

The final product!

Chris and I were so proud of what a big boy Walt was, and I'll admit I got a little teary during the process. The end result makes him look like a certified toddler.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Walt is 15 months!

Our little man seems to be doing so much lately! He's totally turning into a little boy and I see his personality a little more each day. I just love it.

First, we saw Dr. G yesterday and here's the stats on our giant child:

Weight: 28 lbs 4 oz - 90-95%
Height: 32.8" - 95%
Head: 19.5" - 100%

What he's doing:
  • Walking. But, we all know this now.
  • Talking. He says a handful of words (not all of them exactly right, but he's trying). He says "mama", "dye-dye" (bye-bye), "pup" (dog, puppy, etc), "uh uh" (the sound a monkey makes), "uh oh" (often while chunking food off his tray, "up", "sssssshhhhh" (shoes), and "hiiiiiiii".  
  • Communication. While his vocabulary is limited, Walt knows how to communicate. He signs "eat" and "more" and he's not afraid to use it. He points at everything. He also blows kisses :)
  • Learning. Walt knows a few things like where his nose, eyes, head, and ears are.  He doesn't get it right all the time, but we're working on it. He also likes to cover his eyes when you say "Where's Walt??"
Other things he does that don't necessarily make the above list include sticking his finger in his nose and eating rocks and grass. Told you he is a boy!  He does ABSOLUTELY love bubbles and is just shy of saying this.  Usually when Walt is outside it takes an army to coerce him back in without a meltdown.  Speaking of those, he's not afraid to pitch a fit, which I know is about to get way worse. All in all, he's still a pretty chill and fun-loving guy.

I just love this picture. Walt's taking off into the sunset.

Watching TV is a very new thing. This absolutely cracks me up.

Waiting at Dr G's office. Look at that BELLY!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Walt is Walking!

I can hardly contain my excitement! Just shy of 15 months old, Walt is now putting one foot in front of the other. I have to say, the walking journey was not at all how I had envisioned.  I kinda thought Walt would be an early walker mostly because he scooted and crawled pretty quick. What I now know is that he just needed a way to be mobile (crawling) and was fine with that!

I realize that 15 months is a perfectly healthy and normal time for a kid to start walking (and many kids take even longer... it's totally a personal choice!), but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried about it. Worried isn't the right term... anxious? antsy? anticipating?  I'm not exaggerating when I say Walt has ZERO interest in walking. None.  He would happily pull up on the coffee table, cruise around the kitchen holding on to cabinets, or just lately walking while holding our hand.  The latter is VERY new... as in, within the last two weeks. Prior to that, if you stood Walt up, he'd turn his legs instantly to jelly and crawl off.  So, I had come to terms with the fact that he was just going to do this his own way :)

Yesterday, I picked him up from school and the teacher said, "Look at this!" She stood him up and he walked to me....past me... out the door... and all the way down the hall!  I thought I was going to burst I was so excited! He literally went from nothing to walking.  No practice steps, no wobbly marches... just walking.  All this time he's been a quiet little observer.  Needless to say, I'm tickled pink, but also know our hands are super full right now.  Here are two quick previews of the little guy:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Reesey Piecey!

On Saturday, we had the pleasure of being a part of Walt's friend, Reese's, first birthday party.  Reese's mom and my BFF, Stori, did such a fabulous job on an adorable Easter-themed birthday.  Before heading to the party, I grabbed my camera thinking, "what a great opportunity for some photo ops!"  I keep forgetting that chasing around an almost-15-month-old does not vie well for picture taking.

I did get a few super sweet pics that I'm happy to share, and Stori (who I hope learned from my massive faux pas at Walt's birthday) hired a photographer.  It was a great to see our extended friend circle and all the babies. I'm just bummed I didn't take more pics of Walt with his friends. Must. Get. Better!

Look at this sweet girl going to town on her smash cake. Atta girl!!

Walt playing with his Aunt Jess :)

Reese and Walt discussing the nutritional value in bermuda grass

Balloon versus ball. I think Reese will win.
If you want to see how insanely adorable the party was, jump over to the photographer's blog. You think I am detail oriented? This will floor you. No hired help here. Stori did the whole party herself :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

While you were out...

Just days after we officially moved into the new house, Chris jet-setted off to Ireland for his annual St. Patrick's Day trip with work.  For those who don't know, he is among a handful of radio personalities that represents Jameson Whiskey with a live broadcast from their distillery on St. Patty's Day... in Ireland! Not a bad deal!

This was Chris's 3rd trip out there.  While on paper it may seem like last year's trip would have been the most tricky for us (Walt was a mere 10 weeks old), it was this year that truly kicked me in the hiney.  As a matter of fact, last year's week at home with Walt was really pretty simple. I was on maternity leave and Walt and I just did what we normally did. Since I was nursing, Chris mostly took care of ME and I took care of Walt. 

Things were very different this time around. Walt is as mobile as you could possibly be without walking. He rarely sits still and constantly wants entertainment.  He has also developed a really (REALLY) strong independent streak. He wants to do everything himself and he is NOT afraid to tell you when he's unhappy with an option you've presented to him.  So, we were on the go from 7a-7p every day.  It was a taste of single motherhood...with a toddler. I'm utterly grateful there is a second set of hands in this house most of the time!

While Chris was overseas, Walt and I took lots of pictures to send to Dad.  Here's a snippet of some of our adventures
Aunt Jess came to visit us and keep us company. Walt was so excited to play with her that he went ballistic when we put him down :(

Walt's bestie, Reese, invited us to Mi Cocina on Friday night...yummy tortilla!

These two goobers are such loves in my life. Could they be more adorable?

Walt and I taking some self portraits for dad. Walt thought this was hilarious.

Practicing taking out the trash

Loving the new backyard! (He looks like such a little boy here. It makes my heart swell)

Still happy about the new carseat!