Thursday, March 22, 2012

Car Seat Confession

It's really no secret that Walt is a pretty giant kid.  He was born large (8 lbs 6 oz), and is consistently in the 90+ percentile in height and weight.  Based on these facts, you're probably thinking that the tall boy would surpass all the height and weight requirements of his baby carrier at a pretty young age.  It's true, he did.  The baby carrier we have is up to 30 lbs/30" in length.  The 30" in length is the kicker.  Walt blew past 30" when he was 9 mos old!

Then SURELY such observant and well-minded parents as us would have quickly gone out and bought our sweet baby boy a nice, safe car seat that Walt would comfortably fit in.  You're wrong. We didn't ... until just now.

Seriously, what is wrong with us!? I'll tell you what's wrong. Car seats are damn expensive.  I mean... crazy expensive.  And we need two. We've been surviving on just the carrier b/c it easily snaps into either car.  The problem is, if I take Walt to school, I have to pick him up. There's no possible way I can actually carry him into school with the car seat. Please refer back to paragraph #1 and how giant my child is.  So, we knew when we made the switch on car seats that we'd need one for each car in order to be a little more flexible about who takes and picks up Walt. Double the money, double the fun.

Here's the Munka Man in his carrier earlier last week. He might look happy, but probably b/c he doesn't know better.

And here's the happy boy after getting into his shiny new car seat facing forward. Though he looks a bit unsure in the pic, he was completely fascinated by being turned towards the front and oohed and ahhed out the window!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Big Move

I'm so insanely behind on blogging I figured I needed to get this one out before I even thought about what to write next.

We made a successful move from house A to house B in a matter of a weekend.  While I spent roughly three weeks packing house A, the last three days were the most intense.  Packing up the essentials (food, cleaning supplies, Walt's stuff) and getting them to house B and unpacked as quickly as possible. We were fortunate (smart) enough to have movers, who had all the big stuff moved for us by noon.  I should also mention that we are in a severe drought, yet it rained ALL freakin' weekend that we moved.  Luckily it didn't slow us down too much. It was just annoying and really no good for my hair.

We were also fortunate enough that Papa Ronni and Papa Chuck kept Walt for two nights and Nana came in to watch Walt for a day too. I'm not sure we would have got anything done with Walt cruising around our feet.

I wrapped up everything in the old house on Mon. morning and it was so bizarre to see it completely empty and clean.  I truly hope our new buyers love that little house as much as we did. It's a wonderful loving home.  We also hope they appreciate the amazing neighbors they are getting. If I could, I would have packed up the Gangis' right along with the perishables and brought them to the new house.

So, we totally love house B :)  We keep sitting in it in awe that it's OURS!  Other than the obvious things like the house has a lot more room than the old one, there's so many little things that remind us the house was built in 2011 and not 1989. Again, loved house A for all it's charm, but I'm sure loving the touchpad thermostat, double ovens, and doors that shut without a swift thrust of the hip.

Just two days after we were fully moved out of house A, Chris left for his annual trip to Ireland. More on Walt and I's adventures in the next post.