Thursday, September 29, 2011

Laughing and Clapping

Just wanted to share some recent videos.  Walt is a major belly laugher... mostly with Chris.  He laughs for me, but he guffaws for Chris :)  Here he is giving some slobbery kisses and laughing:

Also, Walt learned how to successfully put his hands together and clap. I know, seems like a silly thing to be excited about. It's not like that will help him get into Harvard (though, at this stage, I'm certain it's a bonus under "talents and extra-curricular activities").  Everyone in the Bruns' household (including Walt himself) are very proud of this accomplishment:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Walt's Hittin' the Gym! (sans performance-enhancing drugs)

Last Saturday we took Walt to his first MyGym class. Like many similar places (Little Gym, Gymboree, etc), MyGym is a little tyke friendly place for the kiddos to run, crawl, pull, tumble, giggle, and so on.  We weren't quite sure what Walt would think about it. He's a pretty social guy, but he also prefers to analyze a situation before committing to it. Like observant and compassionate parents, we threw him right into a class with 12 other kiddos. We were also worried b/c the class technically overlaps when he normally starts his morning nap. It was worth the risk...

Walt had an absolute blast. There were giant balls to play with:

 The pic above is deceiving. Walt doesn't technically crawl on all-fours. He still army crawls (though does so very quickly). 

We also got to dance around a circle (seriously, what's with the trucker look with my hat!? It was early, people).

Probably the most exciting thing (for mom and dad) was when Walt got to practice a hand stand (??? he can't even walk on his feet... how would he stand on his hands??). Welp, he didn't :) But he sure gave it the ol' college try:

He loved being upside down... not too sure what to do with his hands. 

We had such a fun time. Walt loved the slide and when he got a turn on the swing.  He stayed awake and alert for the whole thing, with not a single fuss.  Chris got him home and the little monkey crashed out for 2.5 hours!  We can't wait to see what he gets to try next week.

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Seuss-tastic Shower

Last Saturday I had the privilege of hosting a baby shower for my good friend, Renee.  Renee and I have known each other since high school (Plano Dance Force, what?), and even though we went our separate ways to college (she went far, far away to Indiana University), we reconnected upon college graduation and lived together for two years. I have such fond memories of that time. Renee was going to law school at SMU and I was just trying to make a buck. We were both broke, but managed to have some really fun times! Now I have a gaggle of lawyers to call upon should I need them :)

Renee and her husband, Jacob, are expecting a baby boy the first part of November. Walt is super excited to have another boy to play with.  Their nursery is themed Dr. Seuss, which made for a super fun shower theme.  So much so, that we had to squash some of our ideas because they were so abundant.  The shower was so much fun to plan and it took every one of the seven hostesses to make it possible. Here are the details:

Yes, I'm starting things off with the dessert table. Check out the fab cupcakes with cotton candy! They are Thing 1 and Thing 2! (Stori is a genius)

This cake was too perfect. It turned out so cute!

Cat in the Hat parfaits, of course!

An adorable candy bar, courtesy of hostess Jen. It was the party gift...

.... you filled your little sippy cup with candy!
The sweet mommy-to-be with her cake (Um, can you even tell she's preggs???)

Dr. Seuss onesies on a clothesline. We also had Dr. Seuss books all over the house. Renee got to take them all home!

More food... Green Eggs & Ham! Kimmy mastered these beautifully!  They were made with hummus (so good)!

Renee and her mom... a very happy grandma!

Renee and her MIL... another happy grandma!

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish... do you know how many fishes are in the jar?? (there were 403, to be exact)

They say it takes a village... well, it definitely took all of us to pull off the shower

More grub... Sam I Am Sam-wiches ;)

Hostesses again, with our hostess gift.

The Grammy Girls giving Baby H some lovin!!!
We had Dr. Seuss quotes scattered across the house. What an inspirational man he was! Renee took the quotes home to put in Baby H's room :)
SUCH a fun shower and now I'm so ready to meet the little peanut!  He will be welcomed to a very loving family and a some pretty awesome friends :) Congrats, Renee and Jacob!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Walt is Eight Months!

Technically, Walt has been eight months old for about a week and a half, but between work, school, (Mexico), and life, I'm just now getting to this post.  There aren't a ton of pics because Walt squirms and moves so fast that half of them turn out blurry.  They even told us at school that Walt is very "active".  He never likes just sitting still (hmmmm... who does that sound like?!?)

Here are some more fun facts about the Munka Man:
  • Show me your teeth! I have no idea what is "normal" for an 8-month old, but it feels like Walt has an excess of teeth for his age. He has 8 that you can see easily (at least halfway through) and an undetermined amount still coming in. I think at least an extra on the bottom. It's hard to tell... and when I try and look my finger gets caught in his chompers - ouch!
  • Mobility! Walt doesn't crawl on all fours yet, but he's pretty quick with his army crawl. Occasionally he'll get on all fours, or take a few "real" crawls, but he's faster on his tummy.
  • Tummy to Sitting - The other morning when we went to get Walt up, he was sitting up in his crib.  We have never seen him sit himself up. Turns out, he now knows how to get from his tummy to a sitting position. I was impressed :)
  • What a laugh - Walt is easily entertained and very quick to giggle. He usually spends all of bath time chuckling to himself. We recently learned there's a little girl in his daycare that he's quite fond of and will sit and laugh at her.  Also, while at my sister, Kathy's, house a couple weekends ago, we were all thoroughly entertained as her yellow lab, Elway,  licked baby food off Walt's fingers and Walt belly laughed for a good five minutes.
  •  Eating - for the most part, Walt takes four bottles a day, and 2-3 servings of baby food. We recently introduced "puffs" to him. He doesn't love them, but doesn't hate them. They can usually entertain him for a bit, which is a nice relief.
 And now for the pics:

These guys are the best of buds!

Showing off a little...

My little Munks!

That sweet, sweet smile melts my heart!
I can't believe at all that Walt is almost as old as I was pregnant with him (does that make sense?). What a wild difference there is between newborn and eight months.  Walt teaches us new things every day and is such a joy in our life!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Viva La Mexico (or "How to have fun on your vacation without missing your kid too much")

By the grace of so many things (grandparents, jobs, necessity, etc), Chris and I were able to take a mini vacation to Mexico last weekend.  Being the travel brat that I am, I was still feeling cheated out of our Baby-moon last fall (recall I sprained my ankle and broke my the point of surgery... just 48 hours before I was to board a plane to San Francisco). For obvious reasons, I was really bummed by this, and frankly thought that the opportunity to travel (just the two of us) would never present itself again.

Well, it did. And, it was great!  Walt spent half the time away with my parents, and half with Chris's.  In all honesty, it wasn't totally miserable leaving him. The worst part was dropping him off the night before we left and having to meander through a too-quiet house.  Once we were on the plane (and on the beach) it was really nice.  Chris and I realized that it's not Walt, necessarily, that we needed to get away from, but the never- ending schedule (when does he eat next? when does he sleep next? what can we do to entertain him?). Just being able to lay in bed for an hour after waking up was such a fun treat. Chris and I also found time to talk about NOTHING.  When we find time alone at home we're always talking about what's going on this week, what's up at work, who's taking Walt to school, etc.  In Mexico, we talked about meaningless stuff, and it was so fun!

Despite the amazing vacation (more details below with the pics), it was SO much fun to come home to our little bundle. Normally, I dread coming home from vacation so much that it puts me in a sour mood and could even result in some tears shed.  Not this time! That plane couldn't get us home fast enough.  When we walked in the door, Walt flashed us his million-dollar grin and we all but forgot we were without him for three days.  Another HUGE thanks to our parents for taking such outstanding care of Walt, and to Walt for behaving as he should :)

From the lobby of the hotel looking out on the ocean. Gorgeous.

This is the view I dream about and have since our honeymoon. It's an open-air restaurant right on the water. Breakfast here is amazing.

On the beach!

From our balcony at night. Loved just sitting out here.

In the ocean!!

A very sweet honeymooning couple we met!

Chris's artsy photography skills :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy 45th Anniversary, Mom and Dad

Last Saturday, my WHOLE family celebrated my parents' 45th wedding anniversary. 45!?  I just celebrated two and want a pat on the back. In 45 years of marriage, my lovely parents have had 3 children (all girls), 6 grandchildren, 4 step grandchildren, 3 sons-in-laws, and one dog. They raised us girls to be independent, strong, and loving females who adore our families. What a great example they have set!

We were lucky enough to get as close as possible to having the whole crew together. Walt made it to church, but we got a sitter for dinner (with such an early bedtime, he's not the best dinner company unless we eat at, say, 5:30). Mitch, my oldest sister's oldest son (read: the oldest grandchild...perhaps the favorite??) couldn't make it. He's down at A&M and delivering pizzas for cash. Can't get in the way of a paycheck in college!  We met my parents for church where they had a mass dedicated to them.  Here they are getting a blessing:

 After mass, the crew headed to Giovanni's in Frisco to eat and drink to this fabulous couple.  I am disappointed in my camera's ability to consistently capture great pictures. It did great in NYC, and pretty crappy on this night.  Here are a few of the better shots:

My seesters and my daddy

My sisters. I love them!

A lame view of our table. It's from the "kids" end.

Abby is easily the favorite cousin.  She's Michelle's youngest. Here she is with Jaelyn (Kathy's youngest)

Colton, Cassie, Colby. We are fond of "C"s in this family!
The couple of the hour!
We had such a good time just eating, drinking and laughing.  We gave my parents a book about 1966, which was the year they were married.  I am so inspired by their relationship and happy we got to spend the night celebrating them.

We spent the next day celebrating Jaelyn's 4th birthday (wow!!) and the rest of the weekend just enjoying not working.

Now, Chris and I are on the brink of our first vacation sans Walt. Although it's very necessary and I'm sure we'll have a blast, I"m really really really missing that little man right now! More on this next post!