Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Bruns' Family Takes on NYC

What a post this will be!  Many of you caught my numerous updates on Facebook, so I'll try and provide some new and compelling information. Although Hurricane Irene was certainly a topic of conversation (and Facebook updates), it really didn't run our entire trip. Let me start at the beginning:

Here is Munks on his first plane ride!

We got Walt a plane ticket (which means he had a seat). I had read a lot of various opinions. As you may or may not know, any child under 2 can be a lap baby.  Seeing as the flight to NYC is 3+ hours, I wasn't sure I wanted to hold Walt that whole time. It worked out great, b/c he slept for almost 2 hours on the way out there.

We stayed in midtown at the Hilton New York. Walt did great in the porta-crib and was pretty go-with-the-flow about everything.  I am kinda a Nap Nazi, so I made sure Walt got his morning and afternoon naps in the hotel room in a nice nap atmosphere. Although it wasn't always convenient to be out and about then head back to the hotel for a nap, it was worth it in the end. Good naps = Good Munks.

The wedding festivities were amazing just as I suspected. The rehearsal "meet n greet" was at Sardi's in Times Square, the wedding was at St. Ignatius on the upper east side, and the reception at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park. Chris's cousin, Allison, was so stunning. She took my breath away walking down the aisle. I'm such a sucker for weddings anyways.  Her bridesmaids were in floor-length, purple, one-shoulder gowns. Everything was just perfect. Unfortunately we had to bail the reception kind of early. Walt fell asleep (according to plan), but woke up after only 20 minutes and was WIDE awake. It was already so far past his bedtime, so we trekked home. No, literally, we trekked. We thought we could walk it.  And we did. But my poor toes in my 3 inch heels were not happy about the 45 minute walk!

Saturday and Sunday we just milled around the City.   Walt did everything with us. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and was such a trooper! Hurricane Irene shut down mass transit starting at noon on Saturday. The worst part of the storm was so many businesses were closed (most workers need the subway to get to work). The precaution was good, but the storm ended up much like a storm in Dallas in April. Trust me, I'm grateful that it was non-eventful.

Without further ado, here are more pics:
Walt with his great uncles and his Papa. That's a lot of sport coats!

Sport Coat Dudes

Times Square!

The Munka Fam!

 A rare moment with just Chris and I

What a trooper for letting me dress him up (minus the tie... i couldn't button the top button on his shirt!)

This picture does this amazing church zero justice, but it's a start

Our little family in Central Park on our way to the reception

Walt and I having some fun at The Boathouse

We walked through Central Park on Sunday after Hurricane Irene. It wasn't totally nothing. There were downed tree limbs and we saw one tree completely uprooted.

Papa, Chris, and Nana (Chris's Parents) with Walt in Central Park

Love this grinning bear! We snapped this after a great dinner at Da Marino in the theater district.

Last day... in Rockefeller Center. How adorable are both these guys!? The loves of my life!
I call this first family vacation (out of state) a true success. There were a lot of challenges (Hurricane. 'nuff said), but Walt was really great throughout everything (until the plane ride home, where he was just completely spent and at the end of his rope... he fussed and fidgeted for 90 minutes before he finally fell asleep. He definitely hit coo-coo town!).  We can't wait for our next family vacation!

Monday, August 22, 2011

My Little Giggle Box

I learned two things a week ago. One, Walt thinks sneezing is hilarious.  Two, our camera doesn't take lengthwise videos.  So, I'm sorry that this video is sideways. But, now we know :)  Chris was filming this and I was "fake" sneezing (and I did so silently as not to distract from the giggles from the little guy).

I'm headed out on a business trip and wanted something to remind me of Walt while I'm gone. I'm in the midst of an insane travel week. We went to Gilmer over the weekend, I'll be in Atlanta for two days for work, and then we head to the Big Apple to watch Chris's cousin, Allison, get married. New York can't get here fast enough! I can't wait to see what Munks thinks of the big city!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Grammy Girls (Plus Reese and Walt) do Lunch

This happened last Sunday, but I had a whole lotta posts last week. Then time got away from me.

The Grammy Girls have had to work extra hard during the past year to hang out.  This is ironic being that the past year is the first time all five of us have lived in the same city! Jen Green moved back from North Carolina last summer (preceded by Jess the previous summer), only to complete our grand plan to terrorize Dallas with our antics.  Our friendship of five is always evolving (as life does) and in a true quirk of the universe, the day that Jen Green moved back, I broke the news that I was pregnant.  Just three months after that, Stori had her own news of a baby! 

Luckily, we have a fabulous backbone of a friendship. Though we may not be jet-setting to fabulous Hollywood weekends (omg, how I will miss those trips for the foreseeable future!!!!), we certainly make our own fabulous-ness.  Even as of late, we'd meet for trendy brunches in cool downtown Dallas locations (with bottomless mimosas). We have gotten creative with our hang-outs, and honestly I don't think we've missed a beat. This is a testament to the effort of each and every one of us, and I, for one, really appreciate it! Last Sunday, we made brunch our own. We had a beautiful brunch at Stori's house, that I’m certain rivaled many of the fabulous brunches we’ve shared together.(It was darn close to a Chateau brunch, minus the $18 mimosas!)

Reese and Walt got some great hang time together, and boy-oh-boy are they cuties! Reese is almost exactly three months younger than Walt, but sure gives him a run for his money with her adorable, squeezable rolls. Her giant eyes will melt anyone’s heart, and she already has Walt tied around her finger :) He was quick to protect her from all the oohing and gooing coming from the ladies.

Walt trying to give Reese some love
He grabbed her hand as the flashes from cameras were going crazy
Seriously?!? How insanely sweet are these chubby hands and legs together?!
Reese is giving "the eyes" to her protector. Such a beautiful little girl!

Shut up. Egg casserole, french toast with homemade strawberry glaze. Duh, and a mimosa.
Beautiful table and food. See, we had some fruit. It wasn't totally indulgent. What's not shown are J Green's simply sinful Butter Bars. Those were a meal in themselves!

The first Grammy Smoosh with Reese! She is totally unimpressed :)

The Grammy Girls plus 2nd Generation!  I love this pic!! (Notice, Walt is STILL protecting Reese).

We took LOTS of shots like this. It was hard to make the babies pay attention, then we all kinda lost it. Notice that Reese is fascinated by her piggies, and Walt thinks we are flat out ridiculous

Walt was a champ hanging with all the girls.  He certainly wasn't devoid of any attention, so I think he loved that. When I left, I barely got the car started before he was completely crashed out. I have to say, having a baby absolutely, definitely, with no doubt changes your life. But, by the grace of my husband, friends (and a little of my own determination), I can't say I've felt like I've missed out on much. Though the effort to do adult things is greater and takes more coordination, I think it's been very healthy for me to be a wife, friend, student, employee, and most importantly, a mom :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Walt is Seven Months!

So, Walt's seven month's old. Really? How in the world? It's funny to think that seven months is 3/4 the way through a pregnancy. Just a year ago we were on the verge of finding out whether the little shrimp in my belly was a boy or a girl. Time is definitely flying. My friend, Stori, and I marvel at how it seems like we were pregnant approximately one million years ago. Seems like a totally different time in my life... probably because it was :)

On to the star of the post.Here's what the Munka Man is up to these days, and pics from his modeling session :)
  • As you saw from my previous post, Walt is definitely inching around.  I think he gets more practice with this at school because our house has hardwoods and not a lot of rugs. He does have one big rug he likes to scoot around on.
  • Despite having the ability to scoot/pull/inch, Walt still isn't the biggest fan of being on his tummy to play.  He'll do it now and then, but he definitely gets bored/frustrated the fastest in this position.
  • He is an accomplished "sitter".  This sort of happened overnight. One minute I was constantly saving him from tossing himself backwards, and the next he was catching himself.  He will contently sit and play with toys (for now).
  • He eats!!!!!!  Walt started out loving food, then quickly decided he HATED food. Now, I think we are back on the food bandwagon.  There's a few easy things I've made, but mostly we stick to store-bought foods.  He's a sucker for fruits, but we can usually "encourage" the consumption of vegetables if there is a fruit involved.
  • He's afraid of the blender. This is a new discovery.  If any of you have met Walt, you know he's pretty chill and happy. Turn on the blender and you get full on meltdown!
  • Teeth galore! Dr. G attributed Walt's aversion to food to teeth. In hindsight, I completely agree. Walt has two teeth on bottom and has FOUR (yup, four), coming in at the SAME time on top. Dr. G said the upper teeth can be more problematic. Well, at least he's getting them out of the way!
He's eyeing the camera. It looks delicious.

The happy 7-month old!

Showing off his sitting skills

It is literally impossible to take this kid's picture without drool :)

Crooked smile...

There's that camera again. And more drool.

Smiley on his tummy. Walt inched his way to the teething ring in about 5.4 seconds.

It's so rare that we take pics with anyone BUT Walt (or Walt and other babies). So, we are trying to get better at that.  Here's me and the Munka having a good time :)

Is there any doubt that these dudes are best buds!?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lock the Cabinets... Walt is A'scootin'!

I have so many posts this week, so they might be a little out of order.  Today is Walt's 7-month birthday, but I'll blog about what he's doing later in the week along with some cute photos. Also, Grammy Girls did a memorable brunch yesterday (with babies), so there's more to come about that later this week, too.

For now, it's worth telling everyone that Walt SHOCKED us yesterday with a crazy milestone.  Lately, he's been showing signs of scooting when he's on his belly. He easily turns himself 360 degrees, but doesn't really move outwards...until now!  In a true Kodak moment, we actually caught Walt getting on all fours for the very first time on camera (when does that EVER happen?).  Right around the :25 mark is when he shows off. You can tell by my voice I'm both elated and terrified :)


This one you can see him army crawl close to the end of the clip, followed by a b-boy move :)

We've been talking about baby proofing the house, but I think now is officially the time. Once he figures out how to get moving on his hands and knees, there's no stopping this kiddo!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Walt has Friends!

While I was on maternity leave, I really tried to take advantage of the stay-at-home thing. While I'm very comfortable with my decision to go back to work at this point, one of the things I miss the MOST is being able to escort Walt to play dates. This week, Walt had two play dates!

I was lucky enough to reconnect with a dear friend from middle school, Kate, a couple years ago.  As luck/fate/the universe would have it, she recently moved within a mile of my house (we could easily walk!) and had a baby boy, Asher, exactly one month before Walt. She also has a darling 3-year-old, Nora.  It's been great for me as a first-time mom to be able to bounce ideas off her and commiserate when things get challenging.

Last Friday, Walt's school was closed, so I called up Kate so we could hang out with her adorable kiddos.  Previous play dates with Walt and Asher have been very uneventful.  We pretty much held the babies and let Nora entertain us.  This time, Walt and Asher were totally into each other!  Asher is a completely laid back kid (even more so than Walt, which is impressive!). He's quick to smile and has some baby blues that will melt your heart in an instant.  One thing didn't change: Nora was still the center of entertainment :) To have half her energy would be amazing!

Check out the guys getting reacquainted (thank goodness Kate had her camera ready!):

I mean, seriously.  Look at Asher's sweet hand on Walt's arm. SO CUTE.

Little cuties! Walt looks a bit conservative with his Republican hair-do :)

Asher is definitely more used to the camera. I'm pretty sure they were watching Nora buzz around.
Such a fun time! We can't wait to do it again. These boys will be buddies for sure! Thanks Wallace's!

We also had a play date on Tuesday evening with another old friend of mine, Stefanie.  Her family lived (still do!) in my parent's neighborhood and we played volleyball together.  Stefanie has a sweet 13 month old, Austin. Unfortunately, I didn't get to snap any pics, but we will next time!