Thursday, July 28, 2011

Family Road Trip to Austin

Last weekend, The Bruns family met the McClure Family (Jeff, Janna, Cash (3.5), Blake (1)) just outside Austin to celebrate a milestone birthday for Jeff.  I took my camera, which was a feat in and of itself.  My parents were always terrible about bringing their camera (our family photo albums consist of Christmas and July 4th pictures...nothing in between except for a few birthday pics). :)  So, I'm trying to be better about documenting things. The problem is, I'm not like many of my uber talented friends who can "SEE" the Kodak moments as they unfold.  Again, I'm lucky to even have my camera nearby. Thank goodness for the iPhone and a great camera in that.

All that was just to say that I didn't snap a whole lot of pictures that properly paint a picture of the weekend. In retrospect, it's probably because we spent a LOT of time chasing little ones all over the place, coordinating naps, juggling feedings, etc.  The weekend was a ton of fun and we sure love spending time with other families with children.  However, I would in no way classify this as a vacation :) Just a really fun, busy weekend.

Janna teaching Walt some letters :)

These two stinkers had fun together! Walt is almost as big as Blake!

Walt trying to run. Blake insisting he stay. And so begins his life with women!

Checkers? Is it Jeff's 80th birthday

All the kiddos!
Lucky for the adults, the little ones all were in bed by 7/7:30, which left a nice evening for the adults complete with wine, whiskey, and board games.  The boys enjoyed lots and lots of golf, which is just how Jeff wanted to spend his birthday. It was a great trip!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Walt finds his inner soprano

No, I don't mean his inner Italian. We're waiting for that (fist pump or GTL we hope will be avoided... but who are we to judge?). Walt has developed a very controlled squeal (or screech) that he often emits when he's very contently playing. He is most content while in his activity center (or "roundabout", as Chris calls it).

Editors note: Walt is wearing socks (when it's hot as you-know-what) because he got blisters from running around this thing barefoot. No lie.

In other news, our fabulous eater went from trying everything to eating nothing (except milk).  There was a very bizarre incident with some sweet potatoes (which I've chalked up to a sweet potato intolerance after reading many incidents like this: I'm wondering if a) he's getting too much milk now that he's mostly a formula baby and still eating the same frequency as when he was 100% breast milk or b) if the exorcist-like vomiting from the sweet potatoes has him scared into eating anything?  This is the face I get with all food, followed by tightly pursed lips.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Six Month Stats

Saw Dr. G today and got lots of A+'s :)  My estimations are true. He's still very tall and though he's not quite as lean as last time (I thought I noticed he was chunking up!), he's still in a lower percentile in weight.  Here goes:

  • Weight: 18.5lbs (75th percentile)
  • Height: 28 inches (97th percentile...woah!)
Dr. said introduce more solids and baby proof the house, because this boy is going to be mobile soon. YIKES!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Walt is Six Months!

It seems Walt keeps hitting milestone birthdays when I get back in town from business trips. This past Friday was no different. I was gone to San Francisco for one day (see post), and got to come home to a rambunctious little six-month old!  We see Dr. G on Tues to get all his physical stats, but here's a quick recap of the Munka at six months:

Lovin' from Dad
Fun with Mom
  • What a little laugher! He is a giggle machine especially when Chris tickles his belly or when mom pretends to drop him.
  • We are most definitely teething.  He has two teeth on the bottom that are almost all the way through (there's no doubt now!).  He is also cutting an incisor on top. Kinda like a vampire... and half-vampire.
  • Walt is moments away from sitting on his own. He can sit very well on his own, but occasionally teeters while grabbing a toy and makes me real nervous!
  • He is a jumping machine! He now has a little bouncy seat and an activity center. He bounces happily and literally runs circles in the activity center. He is all boy!
  • Walt says "dadadadadadada"... normally this is when he's tired and his teeth hurt, but just lately he's started to babble it when he's content. I don't think he's made the connection that he's actually saying "dada" as in daddy...
  • He easily wears size 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.  
  • I've noticed in the past month he has FINALLY started to fill outwards a bit more.  Walt has always been long and lean and I've been desperate for more rolls in his legs and arms. Now I'm getting them :)
  • We'll find out on Tues, but I think he's close to 18 lbs.  I have no idea on height. Not even a good guess.
  • Walt eats some solid food, but not very consistently (b/c its hard work for mom and dad, and sometimes we just skip it).  He doesn't really love or hate any food yet. He's had rice cereal, green beans, sweet potatoes, green peas, carrots, squash, and bananas.  Oh, and avocado. Those he did hate.
And here are some pics of the Munks:

sitting big!

Gimme that!

Big boy on his belly

Friday, July 8, 2011

Why I love Cali!

After a short 24-hr trip for work, I am reminded why I love Cali so much. Here goes...
1. In Feb in LA it is easily 75-80 degrees
2. In July in San Fran it is 65 degrees 
3. Organic and locally grown food EVERYWHERE. I bet even McDonalds has organic stuff!
4. Bike lanes... Biking and carpooling is not only encouraged but preferred. 
5. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Nuff said. 
6. I'm pretty sure every car is a Prius or some other compact hybrid. Not the monster cars we have in TX. 
7. Celebs (do I even have to mention this?)
8. Its almost a crime to have bottled water. A necessity is a reusable water bottle. Preferably insulated. 
9. Did I mention the weather?!

I love TX and prob could never live in Cali($$$$), but it sure is one of my very fav places!