Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Working and Schooling Mommy Madness is Upon Us

I don't even know why I'm blogging right now. There's about 9,394 other things I should be doing.  Somehow in the past three weeks, my job just skyrocketed into major workload increases and a little bit of job scrutiny.  On top of all that, I'm taking two online classes for my MBA and they are literally kicking my ass.  8-weeks of solid cramming of information, two mid-terms, two individual papers, one individual project, and one group project, and two finals.  YIKES! All this in 8 weeks is a LOT.  Check out what I had spread around me today:

Do you love how my school notes are propped up by MyBrestFriend? LOL. That is the perfect picture of my life.

On top of work and school, I'm trying to still be a good mom, wife, and friend! It's been a really, tough balance! We celebrated Fathers' Day in Gilmer which was really nice for a little getaway.  I really had zero business going out of town, but I needed to disconnect and be with family.  Plus, we had a fun little surprise and I got to have lunch with my dear friend, Janna, and her kiddos. Here is Walt and Blake (11 mos) meeting again. :)

Also in the midst of this madness, I've started Walt on solid foods. He has two little bottom teeth.  I had planned to wait until six months, but Walt truly shows an interest in eating big people food. Done and done.  We tried rice cereal and after two times, he had the process down pat.  I also made some sweet potatoes, which he gobbled up.

So, there's the all-over-the-place update!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Walt is Five Months!

It's another monthly birthday! Every month I think I like this one the most, but that keeps evolving with each passing month.  Walt actually celebrated this b-day on the day I got back from Nashville. Luckily he was in a fantastic mood when I picked him up from day care, so we snapped some pics.

What I found during this photo shoot is that his is becoming ridiculously mobile! It was hard to get a pic of him sitting still.  Before the pics, I'll update on what he's up to:
  • Walt is a very very very happy and social baby. He loves to be played with and smiles constantly
  • Walt really started belly laughing about a month ago, but now does it on cue and when he's tickled (see my previous post)
  • He just figured out how to flip from back to tummy. This came out of the blue. One day he was happily immobile, the next day I couldn't get him to stay on his back!
  • He's still long and lean. Most of his onesies are too short in the torso. He can squeeze into 6 mo. clothes, but should probably be in 9 mos.
  • Walt goes to bed around 7:00/7:30 and definitely knows when it's bedtime.
  • After WEEKS of training, he now sleeps comfortably without a swaddle.  As a matter of fact, he's stopped waking up at all. (I hate to even say this b/c it's so wonderful and I don't want to jinx it!)
  • The boy always always always has his mouth open. Chris is a mouth breather, so this is his trait :)
  • Walt sits ok with assistance. He's usually more interested in finding his way to his toes, so ends up in a folded over position. Fancy yoga!
  • The shock of the week was when I stuck my finger in his ever-so-drooly mouth to feel the startings of some teeth on the bottom!
We tried some solid food with him a few weeks ago just for fun. After some reading and discussions with my fellow mommy friends, we're going to give it another shot soon. Walt definitely shows an interest in food and watches Chris and I intently when we eat.

Birthday boy happy :)
Naked baby chewing on a teething ring (he's a chewer!)

See, he's eye balling his piggies

Mouth open. Drooling. And eyeing the camera

Now trying to grab the camera ;)

More mouth open shots

Extreme close up and probably my favorite pic :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I survived the business trip!

I am minutes away from getting to see my little Munka after being gone for almost four days!  Before I had Walt, I didn't travel for work a lot, but I definitely traveled some.  I'd say probably 6-8 trips a year.  When I returned from maternity leave it was right in the middle of trade show season, and I was bribed suckered graciously asked if I could travel. Honestly, I enjoy the amount of time I travel. It's usually for trade shows or to see customers, so it's generally fun.

This trip was really tricky because I'm still breast feeding. So, there were many trips (though probably not enough) made back to my hotel room to take care of business. Plus, I just could NOT dump that precious milk down the drain. I saved each and every drop in milk storage bags and brought a ton of giant baggies with me, along with some sandwich bags. I put the milk in the big bags with ice-filled sandwich sized baggies.  My suitcase was one pound shy of being too heavy!

I totally missed my little guy, but Chris kept me posted with lots and lots of pictures and videos.  On Tuesday morning, I got this little gem to wake up to. If you make it to the end, you'll get a funny surprise :)


A small issue came up while I was gone. Walt all of a sudden decided he was going to be a finicky eater. This has definitely NOT been an issue with us. And, he certainly is no stranger to the bottle or pumped breast milk (he gets this 3x a day at day care!). Chris fought to get him to eat and Walt even went to bed last night having only eaten a few ounces (he usually eats 8... and would probably eat more if I let him). So, let's hope this problem was just some separation anxiety!
Today is also Walt's 5 month birthday!  I'll have a whole post about that later :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Cassie is all smart and stuff

Last weekend we drove down to Houston to celebrate my oldest sister, Michelle's, oldest daughter's graduation from high school.  We did this three years ago when her son, Mitch, graduated, but for some reason having TWO kids in college seems more insane to me!

Cassie is a brilliantly bright young lady who will be studying mathematics at TCU (horned frogs!) as part of the honors program. She wants to be an actuary. (Told you she was smart. What 17 year old knows they want to be an actuary!?).  What's even cooler about Cassie is she definitely received a gene near and dear to my heart: the "I love music and celebrities and will obsess about and stalk them until death!" gene.  I have loved hearing her and her friends adventures to various concerts and getting to meet bands, including the Jonas Brothers. She did learn from the best. Jess and I had the pleasure of escorting her to a JoBro sound check about two years ago and taught her the "act like you're supposed to be there" trick.  So, yes, I'm VERY proud of Cassie's smarty pants brain, but I'm more proud of her musical celebrity obsession :)

Cassie (far left), with her mom (Big), Aunt KK, Papa Ronni, and Kaitlan (Mitch's GF)
The Mitchell Sisters!
We had the best time ever at Big's house with her husband, Rusty, and her whole family.  Walt got his first experience with swimming. Overall, it went really well!

Look how happy this Munka Man is with his daddy!
I love this little face!
Day 2, Walt refused to nap because there was too much going on. Look at how miserable he is! (Look at how shocked I am!)
Perhaps he just needed sunglasses and to lose his swim trunks
Probably my favorite thing from the weekend was Walt getting to hang with all his cousins:

Abby (Michelle's youngest - the Baby Whisperer), Jaelyn and Jameson (Kathy's kiddos)

And finally, we learned that Michelle's dog, Louie (who's practically still a baby himself), was very concerned about Walt. He was so curious about the baby and wanted to lick him if we let him.  The best part was if Walt cried, Louie went NUTS. He whimpered and wouldn't leave his side:

So sweet!
I sure love my family and love getting quality time like this weekend!