Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm gonna miss...

In honor of my last few days at home with the Munka Man, I thought I'd share all the things that I will miss.  Of course I will miss the little guy the most! Like our special times playing and feeding. That totally goes without saying. But, I have developed some shameless passions while staying at home. Here goes... I'll miss...
  1. No make-up (not even a smidge. I have no shame)
  2. My daytime tv routine (Today Show, Regis and Kelly, The View, *crap from 11-2*, Nate Berkus, Ellen, Oprah, News)
  3. NAPS (though I've pretty much fazed these out, it's so nice to have the option!)
  4. Lunch dates -- Walt and I have met so many of our friends (including Daddy) for lunch on several occasions. He's a champ.
  5.  Yoga pants -- this pretty much was my wardrobe unless we went out somewhere
I am so lucky b/c my work is so flexible, but I'm still anxious about getting me ready and Walt (along with his slew of stuff) and out the door at decent time.  I know it'll just take some practice.

Day 2 at day care visitation was excellent. The teachers were so great with Walt and he was so good!  He didn't even cry during his nap...he just laid there and looked around.  They got him to sleep for about 45 minutes (in a foreign setting was pretty awesome!)

Can't wait to spend the weekend with this little man :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Just one more week!

Walt and I will be bosom buddies for just one more week. It is next Monday that I resume working and he gets sent to daycare. I will honestly say I have about a gazillion mixed emotions about this. Though I ultimately want to be working, I love all the time Walt and I get to spend together. Not to mention he pretty much does something new every single day.

As many of you may or may not saw last week, he started flipping over onto his belly. This is a fabulous developmental milestone, but I was totally not expecting it and I was worried sick that he was going to just stop breathing. Pretty much everything you read says the risk for SIDS when babies sleep on their bellies are higher (never mind that I'm sure everyone reading this blog was put on their tummy to sleep).  So, maybe it was a fear-based purchase, but we got a motion monitor and now our handsome boy naps just like this:

I just love that booty sticking up!

When Chris was gone in Ireland (LUCKY), his mom and aunt came to visit Walt.  Nana had so much fun playing with Walt.

This next picture cracks me up.  Walt still gets pretty fussy in the evening (but nothing like when he was real tiny).  This particular day he had spit up so much that I was downright sick of changing him (I even use bibs, but he was soaking through those). So he was totally white trash baby in just a diaper, and fussy beyond belief. I went for a run and came home to him on the couch as such:

Lastly, we had our first night out on Saturday night!!!  It went amazingly well, and our sitter was absolutely fantastic. She's our neighbor's daughter and has the patience of a saint. Though, according to her, he was nothing but smiles and giggles.  It's possible I might have gone a little overboard with Walt's instructions:

It was a whole sheet full of stuff to do. I'm not right.

And finally, here's a close-up of the drool monster:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Face Like Mommy? Daddy?

When we were in Gilmer a couple weeks ago, I asked for some baby pics of Chris. Of course, Nana was more than happy to oblige.  So, here we go. Here are pictures of Chris and me as babies and then a couple more of the Walt Man.  You decide who he looks more like.  Walt's eyes are starting to turn brown, but we can't tell if they will be light (Chris) or dark (me).  I will say that the reigning resemblance is going to Chris (I agree), but when comparing the baby pics, I see a little bit of both. What do you think?

Chris at 4 months
Chris at 6 months
Nicole at 3 months
Walt - 2 months
Seriously, where are the lips from???
I absolutely love when he sticks out his tongue!
Walt's new friends

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weird. I thought you just said Walt's 2 months old... oh wait...

How in the world did Walt get to be two months old so stinkin' fast??  I have several dear friends who are pregnant and it feels like I was just there with them.  Then at times it feels like I was pregnant years ago (and frankly, I am happy to not be in the last leg of pregnancy anymore... ick).

BUT, this is not about me, this is about the monster man that has invaded our home.  Here is a pic of the little dude on this, his b-day morning:

Walt is getting more of a personality.  He loves the insane songs that Chris and I sing to him. Chris prefers to take popular songs (say, Enter Sandman by Metallica) and turn them into lullabies. Yes, a bit creepy, but also real sweet. 

 Walt smiles a bunch more now! Normally right after he's fed, b/c this kid is an EATER. We have our 2-month appt tomorrow with Dr. G and I'm way curious to see how big he is.  At one month he was super tall and fat.  My grandma would be proud :)

One not-so-fun discovery is Walt has reflux. This basically means he spits up... a lot.  It's smelly and icky, but doesn't really bother Walt.  It did until we got him on Zantac (Really? This is what Chris and I take after we eat too much Mexican food).

 Miraculously, he doesn't loathe tummy time as much as he used to.  Really the only thing holding him back is the spitting up issue (I often find him in pools of spit up... or small lakes).  He has a hilarious fascination with an octopus that goes with this mat. It's hysterical.

As Walt gets older, we can see his features developing. I still think there is no question who's his daddy :)  I do have some baby pics of Chris and I to share. I'll do that next post and you can decide for yourself.

I wore Walt out with the photo shoot this morning.