Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Christmas for Walt

I'm so behind on blogging, but it's been a hectic couple of weeks, as I'm sure everyone has had!  I even back-dated this post so I could put it in the 2011 blog book. Cheater!  We finally got the whole family well JUST in time for Christmas.  Chris, Walt, and I headed to Gilmer the Friday before Christmas to spend the holiday with Chris' family.

Before we left, we decided to open a few gifts at our house under our tree. Walt wasn't really feelin' it, but mom and dad sure had fun!

Daddy and Walt ready to get into some gifts

This picture is deceiving because it makes it look like Walt actually knew what he was doing. He did enjoy tearing the paper once it was off the package.
In Gilmer, we relaxed and ate some delicious food.  We had a big Christmas Eve dinner with Chris's parents and sister's family.

Walt's cousins, Sarah Madison and Kate, with Nana

Maddie loved helping Walt out. It was super sweet
Christmas morning we woke up and just took our time hanging out in our PJs. In fact, we relished in the Christmas morning calm so much that Walt didn't open his gifts until after his first nap.  We realize that opportunity will likely never ever happen again!  Walt was blessed to get some awesome musical and singing toys, some clothes from mom, and books. He also got this rad horse from Papa and Nana.  Enjoy the video I posted of Walt attempting to ride the pony.

Me and that Munka Man!

Papa trying to help with the horsey
We hope everyone had a nice, relaxing, and blessed holiday with their loved ones. I can't believe 2011 is coming to a close! What a year!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Petri Dish

It has been a long week in the Bruns household.  Walt was sent home from school around noon last Wed. with a low-grade fever.  As they should, the school sends all kids home with a fever of 100.4 or higher.  Walt's was dancing right around that mark.  He had been a bit coughy and wheezy, but these are all normal symptoms for Walt when he's not feeling well. Certainly nothing alarming.

Chris and I took turns staying at home Wed and Thursday, and by Thursday night Walt seemed on the road to recovery.  Friday morning he took a turn for the worse.  He was coughing relentlessly and snot was literally pouring out of his nose. Here's a pic of the sad Munka:

I took him to the doctor on Friday and 2 hours later we learned he has RSV. It's basically the virus that causes bronchitis or pneumonia.  With babies and elderly, you need to keep an eye on it. All I have to say is it was a loooooooong weekend. Breathing treatments, coughing, steroids, antibiotics, crying, coughing, sneezing, coughing, (not a lot of sleeping), coughing....

Walt is NEVER a snuggle bug. He's way too busy. But when he was sick, he slowed down enough to lay on his belly in my lap.

We finally saw a glimpse of normal Walt on Sunday night. Just in time for mom to start feeling like poop.  Seemed pretty routine to me: just a little congested and tired (probably b/c we had slept so crummy all weekend).  Mon. I woke up with the leaky faucet, but decided to power through it. By the time I got home last night I was wiped. I downed some Nyquil (never ever taken that before!) and put myself in bed by 9:15.  I stayed home from work today and cancelled all my meetings. I'm serious about getting better!  Chris is feeling a little sniffly, but I keep shoving Zicam down his throat so hopefully we can keep the disease at a minimum.

We are hoping to all be well by Friday when we start our Christmas vacation! 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Walt is 11 Mos.

Um, wow. I can't even believe our baby is on the heels of his first birthday. I started this blog about a year and half ago to document our growing family. Somehow when I envisioned it, I didn't mentally make it to this point in Walt's life. But, what a cool and surprising time this is!

Walt's personality develops every single day. We had the opportunity last week to see him in action in class and he's a social butterfly (and sort of a ham!).  He loves his MyGym class and doesn't stop for one second (except during storytime, which he finds super interesting).  Here's what the Munks is up to now:

  • Eating -- he still takes 4 6-oz bottles a day, but we're getting better at table food. He loves grilled cheese, string cheese, graham crackers, and pizza. He's a carbie, like me :)
  • Sleeping -- this is one thing I don't think I could ever complain about with this guy.  He never protests his bed (naps or bedtime) and always sleeps a long time.  I hope he teaches our future children his tricks.
  • Crawling/Standing -- he is the speediest little crawler and loves to pull up on things. Lately he will let go of what he's pulled up on, cut his eyes to me, then laugh. He's a little show off !  He hasn't made any attempts to move (walk) while standing alone. Like my other mommy friends, I'm a-okay with this!
  • Talking -- Walt is starting to try and say things while pointing. He points at EVERYTHING. He often uses this as a means of bossing us around. He can point at me, point at a light switch, grunt a couple times and I know that means he wants the light on.  He also loves to point at his friends.  The word he probably says the most is "uh-oh" and it's usually preemptive (he'll say uh-oh THEN drop his sippy cup on the floor).
  • Making faces -- he's just started this where he makes silly faces.  He likes to squint his eyes or wrinkle his nose then lauuuuughhhh
So, I've already started planning his first birthday (shocker) and I'm having serious mixed emotions about it. I never thought I'd be so sad about him growing up. I know it just gets worse from here. He's still a baby in my eyes and I love him so very much!

My happy crawler

Big boy! That gym is not at all intended to support his weight, but he loves it still
He was giggling like crazy with me trying to get him to sit still!!

The one single pic of him sitting still on the couch

This is there favorite thing to do. If Chris is lying anywhere (couch, floor in kitchen, carpet), Walt crawls up and attacks!

The super duper happy guy :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

3, 2, 1.... SURPRISE!

What a week last week was, and it was nothing but good! As many of you saw on Facebook, we pulled off a surprise party for my mom for her 70th birthday. By way of background, my mom's birthday is on Christmas Day. Pretty special, right?  We think so, but it certainly makes celebrating her birthday challenging (let alone a milestone).  We are often opening Christmas presents and b-day presents at the same time. We wanted this birthday to be ALL about mom :)

My sisters and dad and I started talking about this last Christmas. See, I'm not the only planner in this family!   We had a place and the list complete by late summer.Two kinks happened along the way. At one point my mom nonchalantly mentioned to my dad that he better not plan a party for her...she'd rather take a trip. Oops. We just ignored that. Kink #2 was we had the party, list, decor, DJ, etc all booked up but hadn't given much thought to how we'd actually get mom to the locale!  Luckily some of her friends stepped in and the plan was flawless.

The party was HUGE. About 80 of mom's closest friends came, including her brother-in-law from Nebraska (my mom sadly lost her sister to cancer earlier this year -- this out of town guest was very special!).  Of course, we had a DJ and danced, danced, danced, for nearly four hours. Two-step, twist and shout, Boot Scootin', Cupid Shuffle, Low (FloRida...you read that right. not a typo. my parents love this song??), and even some N Sync.  We all had a blast! My sisters and I had so much fun decorating and planning this.

For your viewing pleasure, here's video of the big moment. You can see mom gets immediately mad at my dad. I also have weird, squealy voice in this. It was the adrenaline seeping out!

A few final words about Ronni Mitchell :) -- if you don't know my mom, she's the greatest.  Many of my friends call me "superwoman" trying to balance family, work, school, etc, but my mom is the original superwoman! She is constantly juggling 700 things at once and loving every single thing she's doing.  She has an amazing, fun-loving spirit; she has a level of faith that many of us will never know; and she's a true fighter.  She might look tiny and petite, but this woman packs a punch. In her mid-40s she was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, and has been cancer-free ever since.  She's been a runner for the better part of her adult life (another inspiration for me!) and continues to do physical activities that people 10 years her junior couldn't do.  She has a fantastic sense of humor and is this first to laugh at anything (even herself). My mom has and continues to teach me things about being a mom and a woman and I'm so lucky we could celebrate HER for one night. I love you, Mom!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


I have a question for mommies (and daddies) out there. As many of you know (or don't), I'm a bookworm. I will research the crap out of anything. Before buying big things (appliances, cars, etc), it's not out of the realm of possibility to create a spreadsheet comparison. That being said, you can imagine what happened when I had a baby...

Now, I'm not SO rigid on my readings that I consider them the Bible. I read to become informed and apply to my experience. In all honesty, my best advice and lessons come from friends/family who I ask what they'd do. Which brings me to naps :)...

Walt is about a week shy of 11 months. According to my favorite, trusted books, he's still easily in 2-nap zone. Walt naps usually around 9:30 a.m. and again at 1:30 or 2 p.m. (these fluctuate depending on the day, time he wakes up, how long the previous nap is, etc).   I should also mention that Walt never ever (ever ever ever) fights his naps. He always lies right down with no fuss (maybe an occasional conversation with himself).

Walt's school is transitioning him to the next older class. While they are committing to work with me to TRANSITION Walt, they've also made it clear that this new class naps once a day.... at 12:30 p.m.  Let me restate, Walt's school is being very cooperative. I am just curious about a few things:

1. When did your kid(s) drop the morning nap? (age)
2. When do/did your kid(s) take their ONE nap? (what time)
3. How long do your kiddos sleep?

My gut is telling me that Walt is a ways from dropping his morning nap, but maybe he'll just wake up one day and not want it. I also think the one-nap time seems early? Would love your feedback!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This will be a slightly unusual post for me.  I was so incredibly moved and fascinated by the Diane Sawyer special about Gabby Giffords, the Arizona senator who was tragically shot  in the head on January 8, 2011. I've had that special on my mind since the second I began watching it. I thought a good way to express my thoughts would be right here in the ol' blog.

Not only has Gabby's incredible journey struck me as nothing short of a miracle, but I sort of feel a weird universe alignment to her incident as it happened the day that Walt was born. I distinctly remember Chris reading me CNN updates while I was in labor, and during our stay at the hospital the news was fixated on this terrible event.  Since that day, Gabby has beaten every odd in the book. It's amazing she's even alive, but she walks and talks and is gaining strength daily.  Really, this special was truly moving.

Two things touched me about Gabby's recovery: one was optimism, and one was music. I'll talk about music some other day. The notion about optimism was such a needed boost, and I really think we all could use this reminder to one degree or another. From the moment of the accident, Gabby's husband, Mark Kelly, had a relentlessly positive attitude. He ensued this on others as well. He firmly believed that positive thinking was a powerful form of healing.  I have always heard this, and always subscribed to it... but seeing it in action was breathtaking.  I can't imagine the times that it seemed everything was against those two and they teamed up to power through with a smile on their face...

A smile on their face...

I know few people have had their physical and emotional selves tried to the degree that Gabby and Mark have, but everything is relative, right?  Right now, my "pink eye" seems like the worst thing on the planet. We all have our own challenges. So, why not apply a little of the Gabby/Mark Optimism to power through? Maybe put a smile on my face as I leave the house with no make up and hideous glasses.  Will the optimism fix my problem? No. But, it could make it just a little easier to deal with.

My mini challenge to you (and me) is to try to put a smile on your face during the hardest times.  Always be realistic about the decisions you face. You don't need to sugar coat things to be an optimist.  But, make sure to see the good in things. Last, be thankful. Sound kitchy b/c we're a week from Thanksgiving? It probably is. But, isn't the point of Thanksgiving: to be grateful? Just because you're not the one who survived a debilitating gunshot wound to the head, doesn't mean you don't have your own obstacles you've overcome. Recognize those victories, smile, and be thankful :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Walt is TEN Months

Walt is already in double digits?! Wow.  I'm in shock. It feels like I was pregnant just yesterday (though part of me feels like that was a totally different life).  We now have a full-fledged mover who is the coolest, funniest, happiest, sweetest little thing in our lives.  At 10 months, Walt does the following:

1. Crawl for real!  Just when I thought he'd army crawl his way to prom, I brought him home one day and he was off. Literally. I'm not sure he's sat still since!
2. Pulling up:  About 60 seconds after figuring out the crawling thing, Walt realized he could get into more things on his feet. He often makes a beeline to electrical outlets, breakables, or anything that could potentially cause choking or stitches.
3. More waving: Walt waves at EVERYTHING. He waves when someone walks in the room, when someone leaves the room, when he pulls up on something, when he wants something...etc, etc, etc. 
4. Eating: eh, still not as perfect as I'd like (I have high expectations!).  He happily eats stage 2 baby foods. I can occasionally sneak in a stage 3. As for table food, he'll try a bite or two of avocado or black beans, but it usually ticks him off and he just makes the rest of the meal miserable.  We're going to try some pasta this week. He has backed off his bottles a tiny bit--Just drinking 6 oz now.  So, at least he's slowly weaning off that!
5. Naps: Still takes (and loves) his two naps. One in the a.m. and one in the p.m.  Walt's school wants me to work towards one nap (I guess the class above him does just one nap). Walt (and I) are not ready for that, so I politely didn't give permission.  Controlling mommy? Perhaps.

Speaking of Walt's school, they keep telling me how big he is. His teacher told me the other day that he looks like a toddler (GASP).  My baby, a toddler??! Where does the time go?!  In the midst of the chaos, I definitely try to make a conscious effort to soak in all the moments. Here's the little guy (very unhappy with our photo shoot):
My long-legged cutie!

He was really unimpressed with me posing and poking on him
Sitting big :)

This is the look (and whine) I get a LOT when he's just done with me.  It's half faking, half real...but fully hilarious

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dylan Brady Harris - WELCOME!

I must say, I sure love this time of being a grown up where we're constantly welcoming new life into the world. It definitely seems that 2010 and 2011 were record years for people we know having kiddos. 

Last Thursday, Mr. Dylan Brady Harris (newborn son to my high school friend Renee (Chafitz) Harris and her super great husband, Jacob) made his appearance to the world! The Harris's are very, very dear friends to us and we couldn't be happier for their newest arrival. Walt is especially excited to have yet another playmate. He sent his well wishes with me and told me to tell Dylan he's excited to show him how to drool, clap, and get into trouble :)

I went up to the hospital on Friday to see mom, dad, and Baby Dylan.  Holding newborns is such a fabulous feeling! They are only that little and completely helpless for such a small amount of time, that you really have to soak in the moments. Having been a mommy for (almost) 10 months, it's times like these that remind me not to wish Walt does things he's not yet doing, but enjoy exactly where he is.  Here are some delicious pics of the handsome boy:

Just precious. I could have put him in my pocket!

You can't see, but this kiddo has a full head of hair! At first glance, he's a perfect little mix of his mom and dad
CONGRATS Harris's! Can't wait to continue our friendship with the next generation!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Doits, Dats, and Uh-Oh

You can put down the phone.  No need to call the asylum just yet. I haven't quite lost my marbles. My blog title simply reflects Walt's inventive little language.  He has developed the cutest little babble. He is using inflections in his jibberish, so it sounds like a real conversation. He'll even ask nonsense questions. "Ba ba dats?"

The one word he uses most frequently is "dats".  He has just figured out the "s" sound and loves to make things plural. Usually the "s" gets dragged out to "ssssssssssssssss".  In my head, I thought "dats" was a substitute for "that" (he points at things and says it). But in reality, I think it's just a Walt-ism. 

"Doits" came out of Walt's mouth on the way to gym class last week and had Chris and I in stitches. What a funny little word!  We've now named his bath toys "The Doits."  We have quite the collection of professionals in that family: there is Judge Doits, Senator Doits, and others :)

Finally, Walt loves to say "uh-oh".  Usually it comes out just "uh-uh", but with his aforementioned inflections, he clearly is trying to portray this popular phrase. One favorite context is tossing his sippy cup on the floor and exclaiming, "uh-oh!"  Not funny, Walt!

I wish I had some of his words on video. Hopefully soon. It's been a tough week for Mr. Munka Man. He's been taking breathing treatments since Tues. and now has a ravenous diaper rash (he's never had diaper rash! Even when he was itty bitty!)  The poor little booger is just a pitiful mess. Next week should be better and maybe he'll perform a bit for the camera :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Walt's First Halloween

I must say, Walt's first Halloween was a huge success!  By success I basically mean that he went along with all our hoopla with very little push back. It was like a tame episode of Toddlers and Tiaras (only not tiaras, or tutus) 

As most of you saw, Walt dressed up as a monkey (appropriately given his multitude of nicknames: Munks, Munka, Munka Man). He was certainly not a fan of his head piece, but with some distractions, he forgot it was on his head :)  One of my other concerns was Walt's early bedtime. So, we went out early, but just walked around. We didn't start ringing doorbells until it was almost dark.  Once other kiddos started to emerge, Walt loved watching them whiz by in a whirlwind of giggles. He never got scared when we went up to people's houses and usually got more excited when family pets greeted him versus getting candy in his bucket. I can't wait for many more Halloweens to come! And thanks, Walt, for all the candy for mom and dad!

Papa Chuck and Papa Ronni came by to see the Munks
Full body shot of the whole get up. I loved the big feet!
Get this silly hat off my head!
Still trying to get rid of the hat, but at least with a smile on his face

And we're off!

Taking advantage of our neighbor, Chris's, killer carved pumpkins. There were so many!

Monday, October 31, 2011

First Yamboree

As you can see, I'm so far behind. A couple weeks ago we made the trek to Gilmer for Walt's first annual Yamboree. (For all my fellow grammar Nazi's, I realize that "first annual" is not possible... it's not an annual occurrence until it's happened more than once. Well, I promise this will be an annual thing...trust me). 

We spent Friday afternoon walking around the square and just absorbing everything going on (games, rides, lights, food, etc).
Dad and Munks checking out the Midway
The Bruns Family among lots of terrible/delicious food
We even ran into Uncle Phillip on the Square!
After an hour stroll, we came back to Nana and Papas and got to meet a friend, Brettlee!  Brett was one of THREE friends who was due at the end of April. She was the only one who came even close to her due date.
Chillin on the porch
Janna and Blake (16 mos) and Walt and me
 On Saturday morning, we witnessed Walt's first Yamboree parade. This is a BIG deal.  The parade feature floats of the Yam Queen and her Yam Court (100% serious). The dresses are the most fun for me to look at :)  Walt was a super big fan of the entire parade. He loved the cars driving by.  Jeff and Janna McClure and their adorable kiddos, Cash and Blake, came up from Tyler to share in some Yam fun.
Walt LOVED the parade

Excited to see some floats!

He's either mad at what I made him wear or annoyed I made him look at all the pretty girls in their dresses

Loved the fire trucks!
Walt was a super champ the entire weekend. He loved all the activity, got to play with his cousins, Kate and Maddie, spent some quality time with Nana and Papa, and had an all around great time! Can't wait until he's asking us when Yamboree is b/c he's so excited. I know it's a tradition I've grown to love a lot!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Ok, I admit. I really thought Walt would either army crawl until his 16th birthday, or just skip traditional crawling all together and go right to walking.  But, like most things in Walt's life, I was very wrong!.  When I brought him home from daycare last Thursday, I nonchalantly plopped him on the floor. He looked up at me, smiled, and crawled like he's being doing it his whole life.  Here's a little snippet:

As an aside, Walt has propelled himself from being somewhat mobile to being a curious little guy who gets into everything. He is so interested in everything (love this) and he's afraid of nothing (scared of this!).  Right before he figured out how to crawl (the old fashioned way), he began pulling himself up on things. The problem is, he has no fear in how to get down from the standing position. Flinging himself seems to be the most efficient means ;)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Nine-Month Stats

Just saw Dr. G! The visit was really great. Walt entertained everyone. Naturally, he was not excited about his HepB shot and his flu shot. :( I hate how hard he cries... he gets all hiccupy and sad. :(

Here are his stats:

Weight: 23lbs 1 oz .......80-90%
Height: 29.3 in .............90%
Head: 19 in...................off the charts (LMAO!!!!....I knew he had a big cranium, but geez louise!  He should be a soccer player).

One quick video: I told you Walt laughs pretty easily.  Here's proof. Even toes are funny!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Walt is Nine Months Old!

Yesterday, Walt officially turned 9-months old.  He has now been on this earth as long as he was in my belly.  We have a very curious, social, and attentive little man on our hands.  Here's what he is up to after nine months of life:
  • He wears (get ready for this) 18 mos clothes. I feel like he flies through his clothes.  By the time he gets to a new size, we barely have time to wear half the clothes before he's on to the next size. He can still fit in some 12-month clothes, but he is so long that many of the one pieces look kinda silly :)
  • He claps! This is such a fun thing. Nothing like being applauded for walking into the room.
  • Bye-Bye and Hi: We're still working on context, but he does bye-bye with his hand (and occasionally accompanies it with a "ba-ba" sound) and if you just wave "hi" he'll flail his entire arm back at you. I'm calling it waving.
  • Still an army crawler: Although he can take a few "traditional" crawls on all fours, he totally prefers the army version to actually get somewhere. Even at MyGym, he'll scoot on his little tummy while that other kids blow by him.
  • Giggle box: This kid is a laugher extraordinaire. No longer do you have to be tickling him, but if you are just acting silly, he'll laugh at you.  He really likes to laugh with other kiddos.
  • Kisses!  Now this is a real treat.  If you ask him for a kiss, he generously opens his mouth and plants a slobbery, open- mouthed kiss on your cheek. I love it :)
  • Eating: He still eats 4 bottles/day, but we're working  in more solid food. He happily eats puffs and is still a fruit guy. Though I gave him some small pieces of avocado the other day and he didn't hate it.
We see Dr. G tomorrow morning, so we'll see where his stats end up. My guess is he's still super tall and average on weight. If he's big in weight, it'll only be b/c he's so tall.  Here are some pics of our favorite Munka Man!

While taking his picture on the couch, he got bored, stood up, and turned his back on me.

This is a still shot of him waving :)

This is our sweet boy!

Love this smile!

Another new favorite move is "downward dog". I wouldn't be surprised if he crawls like this (and not on his knees).
Happy 9-month birthday, Walt! We love you!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Laughing and Clapping

Just wanted to share some recent videos.  Walt is a major belly laugher... mostly with Chris.  He laughs for me, but he guffaws for Chris :)  Here he is giving some slobbery kisses and laughing:

Also, Walt learned how to successfully put his hands together and clap. I know, seems like a silly thing to be excited about. It's not like that will help him get into Harvard (though, at this stage, I'm certain it's a bonus under "talents and extra-curricular activities").  Everyone in the Bruns' household (including Walt himself) are very proud of this accomplishment:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Walt's Hittin' the Gym! (sans performance-enhancing drugs)

Last Saturday we took Walt to his first MyGym class. Like many similar places (Little Gym, Gymboree, etc), MyGym is a little tyke friendly place for the kiddos to run, crawl, pull, tumble, giggle, and so on.  We weren't quite sure what Walt would think about it. He's a pretty social guy, but he also prefers to analyze a situation before committing to it. Like observant and compassionate parents, we threw him right into a class with 12 other kiddos. We were also worried b/c the class technically overlaps when he normally starts his morning nap. It was worth the risk...

Walt had an absolute blast. There were giant balls to play with:

 The pic above is deceiving. Walt doesn't technically crawl on all-fours. He still army crawls (though does so very quickly). 

We also got to dance around a circle (seriously, what's with the trucker look with my hat!? It was early, people).

Probably the most exciting thing (for mom and dad) was when Walt got to practice a hand stand (??? he can't even walk on his feet... how would he stand on his hands??). Welp, he didn't :) But he sure gave it the ol' college try:

He loved being upside down... not too sure what to do with his hands. 

We had such a fun time. Walt loved the slide and when he got a turn on the swing.  He stayed awake and alert for the whole thing, with not a single fuss.  Chris got him home and the little monkey crashed out for 2.5 hours!  We can't wait to see what he gets to try next week.

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Seuss-tastic Shower

Last Saturday I had the privilege of hosting a baby shower for my good friend, Renee.  Renee and I have known each other since high school (Plano Dance Force, what?), and even though we went our separate ways to college (she went far, far away to Indiana University), we reconnected upon college graduation and lived together for two years. I have such fond memories of that time. Renee was going to law school at SMU and I was just trying to make a buck. We were both broke, but managed to have some really fun times! Now I have a gaggle of lawyers to call upon should I need them :)

Renee and her husband, Jacob, are expecting a baby boy the first part of November. Walt is super excited to have another boy to play with.  Their nursery is themed Dr. Seuss, which made for a super fun shower theme.  So much so, that we had to squash some of our ideas because they were so abundant.  The shower was so much fun to plan and it took every one of the seven hostesses to make it possible. Here are the details:

Yes, I'm starting things off with the dessert table. Check out the fab cupcakes with cotton candy! They are Thing 1 and Thing 2! (Stori is a genius)

This cake was too perfect. It turned out so cute!

Cat in the Hat parfaits, of course!

An adorable candy bar, courtesy of hostess Jen. It was the party gift...

.... you filled your little sippy cup with candy!
The sweet mommy-to-be with her cake (Um, can you even tell she's preggs???)

Dr. Seuss onesies on a clothesline. We also had Dr. Seuss books all over the house. Renee got to take them all home!

More food... Green Eggs & Ham! Kimmy mastered these beautifully!  They were made with hummus (so good)!

Renee and her mom... a very happy grandma!

Renee and her MIL... another happy grandma!

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish... do you know how many fishes are in the jar?? (there were 403, to be exact)

They say it takes a village... well, it definitely took all of us to pull off the shower

More grub... Sam I Am Sam-wiches ;)

Hostesses again, with our hostess gift.

The Grammy Girls giving Baby H some lovin!!!
We had Dr. Seuss quotes scattered across the house. What an inspirational man he was! Renee took the quotes home to put in Baby H's room :)
SUCH a fun shower and now I'm so ready to meet the little peanut!  He will be welcomed to a very loving family and a some pretty awesome friends :) Congrats, Renee and Jacob!