Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm FREE! (mostly)

It's taken several days to write this, but FINALLY on Friday, Oct. 22 I got the big, purple cast permanently removed from my leg.  What a relief! Here's a pic immediately after removal. You should be warned that you are looking at a werewolf leg that hasn't seen daylight in four weeks!

So, here are a few observations have never had a cast, let alone surgery:

  • Despite my Italian heritage, I NEVER expected to see that much hair. Even the doctor ordered me to go home and shave!
  • My foot overall was pretty icky.  Tons of cracked skin and still a little puffy and swollen. 
  • The incisions continue to gross me out.  They are just scabby, grody, and soooo itchy! 
  • The pain from surgery is gone, but my foot and ankle have completely forgotten how to walk correctly.  Even though it doesn't hurt (per say) to step on it, it's SO uneasy and weak that it scares the crap out of me.
The diagnosis at the doc is the break/screws are healing exceptionally well. I'm in my friend, the moon boot, for two weeks and I have a lace up brace for after that.  I start physical therapy in two weeks, which also frightens me. Even my doc said PT should be interesting considering my condition (read: knocked up), b/c they do lots of balance training.  So, that should make for a hilarious post.

I snapped a close up of my foot right before it's first bath in a month:

And here is what it looked like after:

I am so happy to be at this point (which seemed like I'd never get here).  What an experience this whole thing has been. More belly pics to come and some fun-filled Halloween activities this weekend. And one last thing: GO RANGERS!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not much of an update

It's been over a week since my last post, mostly because I've had absolutely nothing interesting to say. I'm certain that can be argued for many of the previous posts (although, the foot injury post is very edge-of-your-seat!).

The past week has been nothing more than a routine... with a five-pound weight on my foot.  I cannot even begin to express how ready I am for this cast to come off.  I've made great progress from 3.5 weeks ago (when I had the surgery). I can walk easily with one crutch, and am pretty much crutchless around our house. Other than some random twinges of aches and pains, the foot and ankle aren't a constant sore for me.  But, it's not the walking around that has me frustrated. It's stupid things like taking a shower and turning over in bed that make me crazy.  Can I not just hop in the shower?? NO. I have to put on my shower boot, carefully hoist my (pregnant) self in and out of the shower, and separately take a wash cloth (after the shower) and clean my crusty toes.  Don't get me started about sleeping.  Imagine you have small weights duct taped to your foot/calf.  Now, try and turn over and not get caught in the covers.  Oh - and add a growing belly to this maneuver and we have an Olympic sport on our hands.  Although I'm beyond grateful for how well this whole process has gone, I am absolutely, 100% ready for it be over!

As for the little man -- he's nothing less than a super stud. If any of this has affected him, I'll probably never know. He continues to kick the living snot out of me.  I'm grateful every time I feel a tumble, kick, pounce and jerk.  We are fast approaching the alien stage where you can see my belly move when he moves.  For now it's just "pops" that you see, but I can tell when he rolls around and my belly does a fun little wave.

Friday I will post a pic after the cast removal and I have a new belly pic. We're growing at rapid speeds, Batman!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Epic Sports Weekend!

What a sports-filled weekend it was in Dallas!  Too bad NONE of the outcomes were favorable for the Bruns' household.  Luckily, we still managed to have a really good time.

Saturday we spent pretty much the entire day at Cowboys Stadium to root for the fightin' Texas Aggies against the Arkansas Hogs. We were lucky enough to have a parking pass in a killer lot, PLUS my handicap tag. We were high-class tailgating for sure.  We took my college friend, Jessica, and Chris's pal, Jed.  Jed is the master of all things tailgating. He had a tent, a mini-grill, and all the fixins' for for some amazing bratwurst sandwiches!  Jess and I sat in the comfort of the shade-- her with her mimosas and me with my ginger ale. It was a darn good time.

The grill masters (Chris is doning a Aggie shirt AND hat. Love.)

I'm smiling b/c this is BEFORE the game.

Love that we get to relive our college days at things like this! (ginger ale and all)

We've matured beyond beer to mimosas at a tail gate. High. Class.
No matter how high class we were, we were NOT as high class as the tailgaters next to us. They were grilling filet mignon and king crab legs!!! Even though they were Arkansas fans, they were super nice and offered us some crab legs, which were buttery and delicious!

We all know how the game ended, but thank goodness we had amazing seats (so we didn't miss a single crappy play). And as always, the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band did not disappoint.

After the Aggie's heartbreaking loss, we drove home listening to the Rangers squelch away a lead to the Rays.  The sports failures continued on into Sunday with the Bronco's dying a slow death to the Ravens, the Cowboys rolling over to the Titans and silly Vince Young, and the Rangers choking yet again.  My take on the whole thing (minus the Bronco's loss), was Arlington was flat out cursed this weekend.

And in other news, my cast comes off in 11 days, but who's counting. :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

What a Difference a Week Makes

Here I am. One week post surgery and I'm alive. Ok, slight exaggeration. It wasn't like I had open heart surgery or anything. I was just a nervous nelly about everything, being pregnant and all.  Since my last post, I have upgraded from the post-op cast/ace wrap to a lovely blue hard cast.

On Monday, I'm going to get my stitches out, then they will put me back in the hard cast for two more weeks before I "upgrade" to the walking boot.  I got a glimpse of the foot when they took the bandages off. It's not too bad.  Two different 2-3" incisions.  One runs along the outside of my foot and the other is vertical on my ankle.   I've been able to put a tiny bit of weight on the bad foot/ankle. Enough to help me keep my balance. When I'm really in a bind, I can hobble from the kitchen to the couch on one crutch (e.g. if I need to carry something). It's terribly exhausting, though.

Now that I've been able to get out of the house a little, I'm finding that everyone asks "How did you do that??" The real answer is, "I was walking."  Could that sound any more clutsy? So, I've come up with a short list of wannabe scenarios:
  • I was saving deaf children from a burning building
  • I was running in a triathlon (pregnant), and was in first place, but got tripped by the 2nd place contestant.
  • I was rebuilding that aforementioned school for deaf children, and fell off some scaffolding
  • I was escorting Justin Timberlake on a press tour for "The Social Network" and was run down by papparazzi
We'll see if any of these stick :)

In the midst of all this craziness (and couch-ridden-ness), I've completely forgotten about my growing belly. I haven't completely forgotten, but I've been less obsessed. That is until I was able to roll out of bed earlier this week and caught a glimpse of how round I had gotten!  So, here I am at 25 weeks.  Excuse the lack of make-up and braided hair.  When you don't leave the house, it's easy to skip hair and makeup. 

A final shout out goes, again, to all the help and support we've had the past two weeks. We couldn't have done it alone.  Chris definitely deserves some extra special recognition.  He's washed my hair, fixed my meals, helped me in and out of everywhere, and made sure I was as comfortable as can be. "In sickness and in health" was a reality for us and he was a total stud!