Thursday, December 30, 2010

So Close Yet So Far

Here I am at the edge of 38 weeks pregnant.  Theoretically I'm due two weeks from tomorrow, but anyone who's known any pregnant woman in their life knows that this is truly just an estimate. Walt could decide to make a New Year's appearance, or he could take his own sweet little time and skate right past the Jan. 14 due date (please help me now).

At the end of the day, we're ready.  We're waiting for a curtain rod to hang some valence's in Walt's room, but that certainly isn't a necessity for his arrival. I even have my hospital bags packed:

I guess the last thing we have is putting the car seats in the cars. This has been delayed in my car since I witnessed my squeaky clean new car get crunched in a parking lot on Monday.  UGH.  Someone driving a Grand Marquis got too close on a parking space on the passenger side and scraped the back of my car.  The short story is he just moved back from Maui and was driving his mom's car and didn't have insurance handy. Sounds like the beginning of a disaster, but after some persistent phone calls, I was able to get his mom's insurance information and I think we're headed toward repair. Still -- what a pain in the rear. 

In closing, I have a picture of me at 37 weeks (last week).  I'll post a pic per week, but I'm not sure it's changing dramatically.  Hope everyone has a very Happy New Year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

T'was A Quiet Christmas

Chris and I spent our first and last Christmas together just the two of us.  We usually flip flop between my family and his on Christmas day.  My family was spending Christmas in Houston with my oldest sister, Michelle. My doc gave us the no-go on traveling that far this close to my due date.  Though I probably would have been just fine, I am not about to test this pregnancy after the Great Foot Incident of 2010.

Before Christmas, I went with my other sister, Kathy, and her two kiddos, Jameson and Jaelyn, to the Trains at Northpark. I thought we were going to have to drag Jameson out by his toenails. He loved it!

Waiting for the trains to whiz by

I had the hardest time getting them to peel away from watching the trains. Jaelyn's face (and the hat) is hysterical.
Leading up to Christmas, my nesting instinct kicked in. I'm not sure if it's because I wasn't with my family, but I went into major baker mode. I attempted to make patissa, which is an Italian sweet bread and NOT an easy process. Join me in following along:
Step 1: Make dough and let rise overnight (it's already a two-day process)
Step 2: roll out dough

Step 3: add filling (nuts, cinnamon, sugar). I skimped way too much on the cinnamon and sugar

Step 4: roll up tight

Step 732: bake and enjoy!
All in all, it turned out fair. It lacked a few things I remember from my Grandma's version and Michelle had many of the secrets figured out too. But, not too bad for my first attempt. They are definitely edible.

On to Christmas morning.  Chris and I enjoyed a really nice morning just the two of us. We took our time exchanging our gifts (don't worry, Sally got some too). And then Chris had a HUGE gift to Walt and I from Santa. I felt like I was 10 years old again opening it. Here's what I got :)
It's a glider!!
I was so giddy to get this! I can't wait to hold Walt in it.  This was truly a special gift!

After gifts, Chris made a fantastic breakfast for us...

 Blueberry Oatmeal Pancakes and turkey bacon. We had also enjoyed several pieces of the patissa.
We took a nice nap on the couch (love naps!) and went to Chris's aunts in the evening for a delicious Christmas dinner.  Chris's parents came in too, so it was nice to be with some family on this special day.  We are celebrating with my parents, Kathy, Greg and the kiddos tomorrow, so the celebrations keep on going!

We hope everyone had a nice holiday -- whether Christmas or just a couple days off. It's nice when things slow down a bit.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bruns' Family Christmas

Last night, Chris and I hosted Christmas dinner at our house for his parents, aunt/uncle and we invited my parents.  Since we aren't traveling or driving anywhere for Christmas this year, we brought the festivities to us.

And, since it was Christmas at my house, I did it the only way I know how -- the Italian way.  We cooked up a ton of meatballs and sausage (wish I would have taken a picture!), a huge pan of lasagna, homemade Caesar salad, and my mom brought eggplant parmesan.  What a feast! Here's a picture of the table before we all sat down:

We were lucky enough to borrow a table from our neighbor and add our little breakfast table to make a nice, big eating arrangement for the whole crowd.

Here is everyone enjoying themselves after full bellies:

Same pic, but Chris is in this one :)

Aside from the four bottles of wine, we made our way through Aunt Paula's walnut pie and custard pie like nobody's business. I think I substituted extra pie in place of wine. :) It was truly special having everyone together laughing and just enjoying each other's company. Maybe we're starting a tradition?? Here are a few other pics:

Everyone chatting. Clearly my mom is telling a story b/c she is using her hands :)

More chit chatting
In other news, Chris and I a so close to being done with the nursery. We have one last thing to hang and then I'll share pics.  Can't wait!  Less than four weeks to go!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Wait, I'm going to get bigger??

Here I am at just past 35 weeks.  How in the world did that happen?  One one hand, I feel like I was just telling everyone I was pregnant. On the other hand, I feel like I've been pregnant for about two and half years. 

Clearly, at this point it is no secret that I'm expecting. I did some Christmas shopping on Friday and in every single solitary store they asked me something about the enormous growth in my abdomen. I even thought one woman was going to volunteer to finish my shopping for me. I don't feel miserable, so I sure hope I don't look miserable!  I also got this at work last week: "Wow, you are so pregnant".   Really? I hadn't noticed. 

I continue to have what I consider an easy pregnancy (minus the whole broken foot/surgery fiasco). So, I assume the aches and pains I'm feeling now are just normal. And nothing has me wanting to perform an at-home c-section. It's all manageable, albeit annoying at times.  Sleeping is definitely the least favorite time of the day.  Imagine creating a mini fortress of pillows around you. You get it JUST right and fall asleep. Now it's 2-3 hours later and you need to switch sides.  First, it takes me some serious leverage to flip from one side to the other. You don't just casually roll over.  Then you rearrange the pillow fortress.  Repeat this.  Oh, and throw in a couple bathroom breaks in there.

So, I'm posting a pic of me at 35 weeks (and two days).  The last pick I posted was 30 weeks and I thought I was really poking out then. Psshhh!  I can take out small children and animals with this belly now.  Curious to see how much further this bad boy will stretch in the next five weeks.

It's a little dark, but check out the surface area!

this one has flash, but I'm facing the wrong way. You can totally see the poked out belly button!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Never

It's definitely safe to say that you do not know what to expect once you become pregnant.  No matter how much you've read, or how many friends or family members have been pregnant.  In the spirit of the college drinking game, I Never, I decided to compile a list of things I never thought I'd do (Feel free to grab an egg nog, hot toddy, or rum-spiced cider and play along. I know I could use a glass of wine right now!)

  • I never went to school (college, graduate, or otherwise) 8 months pregnant
  • I never broke a bone... while pregnant
  • I never had surgery ... while pregnant
  • I never peed while sneezing
  • I never ate so many graham crackers in a single sitting (cravings, much??)
  • I never sleep with more than one pillow (current count is three... only one for my head)
  • I never had a problem touching my toes (or painting them, or putting lotion on them, or tying my shoes)
  • I never have gotten mad at completely irrational things (sorry, Chris!)
  • I never have felt so blessed, excited, and anxious all at once!
Coming up... a pic of me at 35 weeks. I'm scared!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lots to be thankful for!

Phew, what a month November has been. It's clearly the end of the semester, because school projects, finals and other crap is all happening at once. Perhaps it's a good thing because I could use a little distraction from the fact that I'm less than seven weeks away from holding little Walt for the first time!

Let's start with a Walt update while we're on the topic. We saw the OB at 32 weeks and had an ultrasound.  She suspected my placenta might be low lying at 20 weeks, so she wanted to checked it out. Not only is everything a-okay, but we are growing a giant baby boy in my belly.  He's already 4 lbs, 10 oz by the ultra sound tech's measurements.  I guess that explains the massive karate chops I'm getting in the ribs and bladder (simultaneously).  We also got a wild 3-D view of the little monster. Here's a shot:

We also had some family pics taken last weekend by Fairy Tale Photography. We had so much fun pretending like it was cold outside (it was 78 degrees) and pretending like it was Christmas.  Though I normally frown upon the incessant need to skip Thanksgiving and put Christmas stuff up in November, I was really thankful for the scenery and decor we found to make the pics authentic.

Chris and I drove to Gilmer for Thanksgiving. It's our last road trip before the big arrival 2011.  We had such a fun time hanging out with the Bruns clan!  Chris's parents, his aunt and uncle (Bernadette and Frank) and their daughter, Allison, and his sister, Sarah, and of course her girls, Kate and Sarah Madison.  We played some golf, played some gin (champions!!), and got more than our share of food.  We even made a detour on the way home to Tyler to see our friends, Jeff and Janna, and their gorgeous kiddos, Cash and Blake.

Next up: last week of lecture in school, big presentation for our client project, Girls Night, Book Club, and my last final exam of the semester in a week!  I can't wait to start focusing on Christmas!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

He has a name!

Walter "Walt" Hill Bruns

Chris and I are very proud to announce that we have a name for the little man!  I was forewarned by many of my mommy friends that picking a name would be one tough chore. Boy, were they right!  There are so many things to consider such as:
  • What nicknames will a given name spawn?
  • What will this name sound like when he's 18, 25, 40, etc?
  • Do the initials stand for anything crass or crude?
  • Do we LIKE the name??
Chris and I talked a lot about several different names.  Our criteria for all names was about the same... we wanted a classic, yet unique name (that's a tough combo). We also wanted the name to mean something. Whether that was just the meaning behind the name or some sort of family significance.  The family significance thing brings up a whole new set of variables. We are both VERY close to and very proud of our families, so it was tough to not feel like we needed to pull from both sides of the family. This was probably harder for me to wrap my head around. My general mentality in life is very fair and equal. Tit for tat, if you will.  But, the bottom line was it doesn't really matter what his name is once he gets here.  We can call him "peanut" for the rest of his life and love it. :)

So, what IS the meaning? Chris had been saying "Walter" from the beginning... just out of the blue. I immediately wrinkled my nose and said it sounded like an old man.  Somewhere down the line, we started using "Walt" versus "Walter".  Now, this I liked!  And, there's a huge list of famous Walts and Walters (Walt Whitman, Walt Disney, Walter Cronkite, etc). So, then comes the middle name. Hill is Chris's dad's middle name and his grandmother (Memaw's) maiden name.  Memaw was always like a grandmother to me and I completely adore Chris's dad. I also liked the "uniqueness" of the middle name.

That is what is in a name! With every passing day we are more and more anxious to meet Walt!

30 weeks!
Here's my latest belly pic for now :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Fun!

Last weekend we took part in tons of Halloween activities.  It was such a gorgeous day last Saturday, so I rode around in the golf cart with Chris, while him and his buddy, Jed, played golf.  Hopefully soon, I'll be swinging the club again! (Swinging and making contact with the ball is a whole other animal).

The country club was hosting a carnival that afternoon, so we invited up my sister, brother-in-law, and their kiddos to enjoy the fun.  I LOVED seeing all the little ones dressed up and having a good time. I even attempted to eat a caramel apple.  How do people eat those things!? Its like biting into an overchewed piece of gum (but much more delicious).  I think I made it through six bites before I was sure a tooth was coming out, so I stopped.

Here are some pics of Kathy and Greg's munchkins:

Jameson in his race car driver outfit. Toothless and all!
You do NOT need teeth to enjoy a scrumptious hot dog! (Jaelyn was a fairy/Tinkerbell)

Hit of the carnival: the bounce house. Looks like it's eating my head!
 Jameson jumping off the scary bounce house, while Jaelyn is face planted.

Much better
Jaelyn lost a shoe with all the jumping :)
Our friends, Jason and Brandi McDonald were there too with their son, Walker. I think all the kids had fun. :)

Physical therapy starts tomorrow (yikes!), and my baby shower is this weekend (yay!), and I'll be 30 weeks tomorrow (how the heck did that happen??).

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm FREE! (mostly)

It's taken several days to write this, but FINALLY on Friday, Oct. 22 I got the big, purple cast permanently removed from my leg.  What a relief! Here's a pic immediately after removal. You should be warned that you are looking at a werewolf leg that hasn't seen daylight in four weeks!

So, here are a few observations have never had a cast, let alone surgery:

  • Despite my Italian heritage, I NEVER expected to see that much hair. Even the doctor ordered me to go home and shave!
  • My foot overall was pretty icky.  Tons of cracked skin and still a little puffy and swollen. 
  • The incisions continue to gross me out.  They are just scabby, grody, and soooo itchy! 
  • The pain from surgery is gone, but my foot and ankle have completely forgotten how to walk correctly.  Even though it doesn't hurt (per say) to step on it, it's SO uneasy and weak that it scares the crap out of me.
The diagnosis at the doc is the break/screws are healing exceptionally well. I'm in my friend, the moon boot, for two weeks and I have a lace up brace for after that.  I start physical therapy in two weeks, which also frightens me. Even my doc said PT should be interesting considering my condition (read: knocked up), b/c they do lots of balance training.  So, that should make for a hilarious post.

I snapped a close up of my foot right before it's first bath in a month:

And here is what it looked like after:

I am so happy to be at this point (which seemed like I'd never get here).  What an experience this whole thing has been. More belly pics to come and some fun-filled Halloween activities this weekend. And one last thing: GO RANGERS!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not much of an update

It's been over a week since my last post, mostly because I've had absolutely nothing interesting to say. I'm certain that can be argued for many of the previous posts (although, the foot injury post is very edge-of-your-seat!).

The past week has been nothing more than a routine... with a five-pound weight on my foot.  I cannot even begin to express how ready I am for this cast to come off.  I've made great progress from 3.5 weeks ago (when I had the surgery). I can walk easily with one crutch, and am pretty much crutchless around our house. Other than some random twinges of aches and pains, the foot and ankle aren't a constant sore for me.  But, it's not the walking around that has me frustrated. It's stupid things like taking a shower and turning over in bed that make me crazy.  Can I not just hop in the shower?? NO. I have to put on my shower boot, carefully hoist my (pregnant) self in and out of the shower, and separately take a wash cloth (after the shower) and clean my crusty toes.  Don't get me started about sleeping.  Imagine you have small weights duct taped to your foot/calf.  Now, try and turn over and not get caught in the covers.  Oh - and add a growing belly to this maneuver and we have an Olympic sport on our hands.  Although I'm beyond grateful for how well this whole process has gone, I am absolutely, 100% ready for it be over!

As for the little man -- he's nothing less than a super stud. If any of this has affected him, I'll probably never know. He continues to kick the living snot out of me.  I'm grateful every time I feel a tumble, kick, pounce and jerk.  We are fast approaching the alien stage where you can see my belly move when he moves.  For now it's just "pops" that you see, but I can tell when he rolls around and my belly does a fun little wave.

Friday I will post a pic after the cast removal and I have a new belly pic. We're growing at rapid speeds, Batman!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Epic Sports Weekend!

What a sports-filled weekend it was in Dallas!  Too bad NONE of the outcomes were favorable for the Bruns' household.  Luckily, we still managed to have a really good time.

Saturday we spent pretty much the entire day at Cowboys Stadium to root for the fightin' Texas Aggies against the Arkansas Hogs. We were lucky enough to have a parking pass in a killer lot, PLUS my handicap tag. We were high-class tailgating for sure.  We took my college friend, Jessica, and Chris's pal, Jed.  Jed is the master of all things tailgating. He had a tent, a mini-grill, and all the fixins' for for some amazing bratwurst sandwiches!  Jess and I sat in the comfort of the shade-- her with her mimosas and me with my ginger ale. It was a darn good time.

The grill masters (Chris is doning a Aggie shirt AND hat. Love.)

I'm smiling b/c this is BEFORE the game.

Love that we get to relive our college days at things like this! (ginger ale and all)

We've matured beyond beer to mimosas at a tail gate. High. Class.
No matter how high class we were, we were NOT as high class as the tailgaters next to us. They were grilling filet mignon and king crab legs!!! Even though they were Arkansas fans, they were super nice and offered us some crab legs, which were buttery and delicious!

We all know how the game ended, but thank goodness we had amazing seats (so we didn't miss a single crappy play). And as always, the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band did not disappoint.

After the Aggie's heartbreaking loss, we drove home listening to the Rangers squelch away a lead to the Rays.  The sports failures continued on into Sunday with the Bronco's dying a slow death to the Ravens, the Cowboys rolling over to the Titans and silly Vince Young, and the Rangers choking yet again.  My take on the whole thing (minus the Bronco's loss), was Arlington was flat out cursed this weekend.

And in other news, my cast comes off in 11 days, but who's counting. :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

What a Difference a Week Makes

Here I am. One week post surgery and I'm alive. Ok, slight exaggeration. It wasn't like I had open heart surgery or anything. I was just a nervous nelly about everything, being pregnant and all.  Since my last post, I have upgraded from the post-op cast/ace wrap to a lovely blue hard cast.

On Monday, I'm going to get my stitches out, then they will put me back in the hard cast for two more weeks before I "upgrade" to the walking boot.  I got a glimpse of the foot when they took the bandages off. It's not too bad.  Two different 2-3" incisions.  One runs along the outside of my foot and the other is vertical on my ankle.   I've been able to put a tiny bit of weight on the bad foot/ankle. Enough to help me keep my balance. When I'm really in a bind, I can hobble from the kitchen to the couch on one crutch (e.g. if I need to carry something). It's terribly exhausting, though.

Now that I've been able to get out of the house a little, I'm finding that everyone asks "How did you do that??" The real answer is, "I was walking."  Could that sound any more clutsy? So, I've come up with a short list of wannabe scenarios:
  • I was saving deaf children from a burning building
  • I was running in a triathlon (pregnant), and was in first place, but got tripped by the 2nd place contestant.
  • I was rebuilding that aforementioned school for deaf children, and fell off some scaffolding
  • I was escorting Justin Timberlake on a press tour for "The Social Network" and was run down by papparazzi
We'll see if any of these stick :)

In the midst of all this craziness (and couch-ridden-ness), I've completely forgotten about my growing belly. I haven't completely forgotten, but I've been less obsessed. That is until I was able to roll out of bed earlier this week and caught a glimpse of how round I had gotten!  So, here I am at 25 weeks.  Excuse the lack of make-up and braided hair.  When you don't leave the house, it's easy to skip hair and makeup. 

A final shout out goes, again, to all the help and support we've had the past two weeks. We couldn't have done it alone.  Chris definitely deserves some extra special recognition.  He's washed my hair, fixed my meals, helped me in and out of everywhere, and made sure I was as comfortable as can be. "In sickness and in health" was a reality for us and he was a total stud!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

26 Hours at Plano Presby

Surgery accomplished! Thursday was a day full of anticipation and multiple trying moments, especially for me and definitely for Chris.  Overall, the surgery went well and now we begin the recovery phase. 

Many things did not go as planned on Thursday, but not necessarily in a bad way.  First off, the surgery was about two hours late. The anticipation was excruciating! Probably the most unexpected thing was the anesthesiologist coming in about 20 minutes before surgery saying he was doing a general anesthesia on me (versus the epidural I had been mentally preparing for).  This definitely shot my blood pressure up. I probably asked him 832 times if it was safe for baby.  The issues with the epidural were a) it may not last long enough and b) the tendons and nerves in your foot get complicated and it's hard to assure the drug gets all the way in there.  Both those things (plus I'd be awake), pretty much sealed the answer for me. 

The surgery itself went super fast (really fast for me)!   The actual procedure was probably only 30-40 minutes.  Two screws (and a washer) in my foot where the bone was broken and anchors on the ligaments in the ankle.  Coming out of surgery I immediately asked about the baby and they had the fetal heart monitor ready. Of course, he was a total champ... just sleepy like his mama.   After surgery, my pain was pretty moderate and my throat was KILLING me from the breathing tube.

X-ray of foot with my new carpentry

They sent me to the High-Risk OB ward where I would stay the night.  The nurses and OB hospitalists were amazing at Plano Presbyterian.  I had two bouts of nausea from the anesthesia (never got physically ill, but really wanted to).  That evening I had a horrendous episode of pain around 11 p.m. Between my sweet, amazing husband holding my hand and helping me through it, to a fabulous nurse (Terry) giving me morphine and Ambien, I made it through the night. 

We were at the hospital until about 2 p.m. (needed several rounds of antibiotics in the IV).  The pain is pretty much always there, but minimized by some pain pills.  Getting up and around to use the bathroom is like running a marathon :) 

Partial cast and ace bandage. This weighs approximately 9 million pounds.
 As for recovery, I see the doctor on Monday to get in a full cast for four weeks.  We'll have a better idea of the healing time after he looks at the foot then.  Originally he said "active and mobile after 6 weeks", so I'm still hanging on to that.

I can't express how much I've appreciated all the messages and visits and help from everyone.  Chris has been beyond exceptional through all this (and continues to be).  I can't so much as move from a lying to sitting position without supervision...let alone all the other things we do in a normal day! It's ridiculously humbling.  My family (including in-laws) and friends have just been outstanding.  I appreciate everyone's positive thoughts and prayers! They are working!

Amazing care package contents from my Grammy Girls.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Baby, First Bone Fracture, First Surgery

Here's the update after having seen my OB and a second orthopedic surgeon. I will say that my OB was less than sympathetic. She was very clinical and matter-of-fact.  I really needed some compassion!  Luckily, the 2nd orthopedic surgeon I went to was so great. His name is Dr. Keith Heier at Metrocrest Orthopedics in Carrollton.

Dr. Heier noted I broke my 5th metarsis (that bone on the outside of your foot) into a different zip code. On top of that, I've torn all the ligaments on the left side of my foot.  Dr. Heier never said I HAVE to get surgery. He did a great job of explaining my options.  The bottom line is without surgery now, my foot wouldn't heal. The bone is too far away. It would be come manageable, but the timeline is very grey (4-6 months, likely). Additionally, he said my ligaments would be jacked.  So, I'd have to have surgery eventually, but if it made me crazy uncomfortable to do it while I was pregnant, I certainly did not have to have it.

As for surgery, Dr. Heier is going to repair both the bone in my foot as well as my ligaments.  For the bone, he puts two little screws going sideways to secure the bone back into the right zip code :)  For the ligaments, he "anchors" them back to the bone. The screws are tiny enough that they won't need to be removed and the anchors dissolve over time.  He said the surgery should take about an hour.

I will get an epidural and something to "calm me down".  The doc described the my state of mind as awake but not really alert (thank God).  In any event, I'm still bringing my iPod and Chris's noise-canceling headphones.  As for pain meds, I can take narcotic-strength Tylenol (it's basically Tylenol with hydracodone).  Also, they normally have patients take aspirin to avoid blood clots. I get to take something called Lovenox, which is injected into my side twice a day. YAY.

Also, this is normally a day surgery done at a surgery center, but b/c I'm preggs, the doc is doing it at Plano Presby and I'm staying overnight.  They want to monitor my blood pressure and heart (and the baby's). So surgery is schedule for Thursday afternoon.

Doc said the recovery from the surgery is about 6 weeks, which seems very do-able.  So, the whole situation is not really ideal, but I feel like I"m in good hands and doing the best thing I can.  My goal is to be just like new by the holidays :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Walking is an Extreme Sport

What an insane 48 hours it's been at the Bruns household.  I've managed provide small tidbits here and there on Facebook, but thought I should chronicle the Great Walking Disaster of 2010.  It's a long blog, but a lot has happened!

It all started so very innocently as I was walking out of a Starbucks on Friday afternoon.  I rolled my left ankle (which I've done no less then 3,539 times) and teetered thanks to to the extra baby weight. I ended up falling (to the ground) on my right hip. When I stood up and couldn't stand I my left foot, I knew I had sprained my ankle (again, not the first time... and really not uncommon for me).  I should also mention there was a car coming out of the drive thru who drove RIGHT next to me when my pregnant butt was flailed on the ground. He/she didn't even roll down their window to check on me. Whatevs.

Besides a really bruised ego, I thought my damage was relatively minor.  That is, until I looked down and saw a GIANT egg-shaped knot forming on my foot. I found this bizarre seeing as I had twisted my ankle.  Here's what the foot looked like about an hour and a half after injury:

Seeing as I was to head out of town on Sunday for San Francisco (4 days for work, 4 days for fun), I thought I should have someone check it out.  I stopped by the CareNow by my house, where the staff was incredibly nice. After three X-rays, they told me I had a break in my 5th metatarsis (for the rest of us non-medical peeps, it's the bone that runs from your pinky toe to the middle of your foot). The CareNow staff busted their hineys to find an orthopedic doc that would see me on a Friday pushing 4:00 p.m.  At this time, I was still hanging on to the San Fran trip.

 In a very rushed visit to Plano Orthopedics, the doc took a few more X-rays and said he normally doesn't fix these types of fractures, but he probably would this one because I had snapped the end of the bone AND rotated it.  Nice job, Nicole!

I think Chris and I were seriously in shock, just going from a silly little sprain to SURGERY!?  Needless to say, I had to cancel all of our San Fran plans, which had me terribly upset on Friday and Saturday.  No one likes to cancel vacation plans!  We will be seeing my OB on Monday morning to get her opinion, and go see another Orthopedic, just to get a second opinion. 

For your viewing pleasure, here is the progress of my foot:
Day 1 (after incident). Notice the whole ankle and foot are ballooned up now
Day one - close up of where the break is. So colorful!  

Day two - look how lovely the colors are...and could my ankle be any fatter!?  It's hard to tell, but just below my middle toes is bruised too.
Luckily the little dude in my belly has been happily kicking away, so I know he's a tough one. I really truly appreciate everyone's kind notes on Facebook and all the sweet e-mails, messages and phone calls I've received.  If anyone knows me at all, you know that lying on the couch is not something I'm very good at.  But, the care and concern from everyone sure has helped me feel better.  Chris has beyond amazing. He's making sure I'm completely comfortable and well-fed :)  Speaking of food, I got some eggplant parmesan from my mom. I could get used to that :) 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Karate Kid

Somewhere between weeks 20-23, we went from little bubbles fluttering sporadically in my belly, to an occasional kick/jerk, to constant gymnastics and kung-fu moves!  Everyone kept asking around 18 weeks if I had felt "flutters". It never felt like flutters to me. It felt like gas bubbles. Just something else to be excited about :)

Around 20 weeks it progressed into more kick-like motions, but it was very rare. Usually it happened while lying in bed reading my book.  Something happened this past week, and I've grown a MMA master!  This kid is active.  What's probably most exciting is Chris felt the first kick earlier this week. It's fun to actually feel something in there!  Sometimes it's just wiggles and flips, but other times it's full on karate chops.  Just a couple days ago, I was lying on the couch (don't judge) and watched my belly pop and poke where he was moving. CRAZY! (and a little alien-like).

They (whoever "they" are) are totally on par when they  say that the 2nd trimester is the most fun.  Looking pregnant and feeling good, plus physically feeling the little peanut sure helps make it more real. 

Chris and I will be celebrating our "Baby-moon" (aka Baby-cation) next week in San Francisco. I' can't wait for the cooler weather, lots of walking and tons of food! 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

How do you like us now, HGTV?!

Phew! After a nice, relaxing weekend in Gilmer, TX, Chris and I decided to labor on Labor Day and make some progress on the nursery.  What a project!  What I'm learning as an owner of an "older" home, is nothing in this house is as easy as "we'll just paint the room."   Not to mention, we have beautiful high ceilings in every single room in the house, but it literally doubles the surface area needed to paint.

So, here's what we started with.  It used to be our "office".  More like a utility room.  The green is literally radioactive.  You could see it from down the street (that's not an exaggeration).  We could have kept the color, but we were afraid our baby would never sleep.

We had lots of grandiose ideas for this nursery. We thought an accent wall would be killer.  Chris is super artsy and loves color, so we both thought this would be great. Well, we totally chickened out.  We ended up with a camel color that is perfectly neutral and goes smashing with the bedding we have chosen. (The camera is not the best true representation).

Post-painting is when we realized the outlet covers were grotesquely out of date (back to Lowes).  And then the room just wasn't complete without the furniture, so we called up the neighbor to help us move it in. Everything but the crib...

Actually, we have the crib done now, too.  We put it together last night... twice.  We knew it was way too easy. Four pieces and half an hour...and apparently a fraction of an inch bigger than the door frame. We couldn't get it in the room.  We took it apart and did it again (this time in 20 minutes, so at least we're improving).

Next stop... decor! Can't wait to see some color in this room!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh elastic, how I love thee

It's really hard to beat the excitement of last week when we found out we're having a boy. It certainly has taken us from just lolly-gagging around gloating that we're pregnant into full-force planning mode. Last Saturday, my exceptional mother in law took me shopping for maternity clothes. I naively hoped that I could get by without true maternity clothes (at least for a long time) and shimmy my way into a handful of cheap Old Navy dresses. Well, a) my rotation of three dresses got real old real fast and b) the ol' hair-tie-through-the-button-hole trick on my pants is definitely NOT working. I found this out the hard way - on a business trip. My poor pants were on the verge of falling off every time I stood up. So, Ms. Janie took me shopping. Here's a look at the loot:

She is wonderful and I definitely feel like a new woman in clothes that actually fit like they are supposed to. I will say this much about maternity clothes: what is up with the sizing?!?!? Really? Small, medium, and large in a pair of pants. Honestly. Women are shaped too differently for this to be even close to accurate. Do the clothes makers think that magically women group into neat little size categories once they are pregnant? Dumb.

Also, I thought it might be fun to show everyone the growing belly. This first pic is me at 17 weeks (almost a month ago):
The second pic is me just last week at 20 weeks (the boy is GROWING!)And the lovely green wall I'm posing against is the future baby nursery. The room used to be Chris and I's office/utility room. We had fun with it and painted it this ridiculously bright neon green color, that could literally be seen driving down the street. That all changes in the next week :)